Our defense minister

Our defense minister

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he's based as fuck though, probably the only good cabinet pick from Trudeau

but lol Sikh, right guys





He's based, read a history book dumbfuck. Get the fuck out of my country you Nazi piece of shit.

Send him back to India we need a defense minister who doesn't sleep on the job

I like him you idiot

I'm pretty sure this website ends in .org, not .leaf

fuck off you dumb piece of shit

Sikhs have always treated CF members with greater respect than white canadians do

get out of my country you low IQ fuck


You guys have have a somali nigger muslim as your immigration minister

He's cool


Holy fuck you dumbass

go back faggot


He's dreaming about shitting streets

Choosing a Sikh to take out muslim countries is a good idea


This one before him; He fainted during a ceremony. India really can't seem find an appropriate candidate for the job.

Is a cool guy. Met him once and can confirm that he's a cool fella.

Srsly, Sup Forums memetics aside he's s great guy.

He's actually more tough on immigration than the previous white ones

our defence minister


oi lads, should've kept your british government tbqh


Literally the only decent hire Castro Jr. has done for us. The liberals must have overlooked the fact he's actually qualified for the job or they would've found somebody else.

they probably thought he was muslim, and not an honorary white

I dont know if any of you guys really know this but the indians came when we started allowing in europeans so yeah. im not indian btw




How does he not get sacked?

looks like he's already hit the sack

>be me, liberal MP from bumfuck Ontario
>decide to fuck over stupid racist homophobes
>pick a fucking Muslim to be our defence minister
>lmao fuck Harper, fuck kkkonservatives
>months later
>discover Sup Forums
>nazis literally love him, what the fuck
>call me an idiot for thinking a guy who looks exactly like a Muslim would look is actually the opposite of a Muslim

This. Sikhs were bravely fighting Mudslimes centuries before 9/11.

He's a POS Liberal Party hack

Brian Lilley reviews some of his concerns about Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan after hearing his remarks to a progressive group where he cited climate change and grievances for the emergence and success of ISIS


the guy served, unlike some other porker i know of

Our secretary of defense



The little dagger they carry at all times is representative of how violent and unpredictable muslims are

thats Amin Yashed's brother, Amin Yatank

Why is the guard's hand so damn big? Look at his hand.

Its somebody elses hand that probably looks big because its closer

Or maybe he just has a giant hand

The Russian defense minister looks 115% percent stone cold killer. He has Siberian ice in his veins. What a mug.


nah he's a based Sikh poo, actually like him even though I hate Trudeau. Most people like him actually even the right up here.

According to russians here he knows nothing about the military but Putin put him in charge because hes loyal.

>hasn't over thrown PM Cuck.
Seems like he is a bull prepper with a lot of tacticool gear.

This guy is a bad mother fucker , so bad infact he'd probably have you in a chokehold while wrecking your wifes hungry cunt ..... read a book newfag cuck

Ah this is great, thank you.