Be me

>be me
>23 year olds college boy and still virgin
>a weeks ago i just got first gril friend who is 25
>i feel that now is the happiest moment of my life
>yesterday, it is revealed that she had sex with over 10 guys
>to make matters worse, she has also the experience to be bleached

why my girls friend such a slut?
this is literally from heaven Straight to hell
should i just end it up?
now days almost all of our women are sluts
it's pretty normal for our women to have sex with over 10 guys and to get bleached
all of these are because of fucking usa
beefore ww2, our women never got bleached and were married as a virgin and there was no feminism
after ww2, all has changed thanks to usa

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>Be Japan female
>Been dating since 14
>Had 10 bf's over 11 years
>A spirt during highschool of 7 guys in two years because I felt lost and noone fitted me and I was young and dumb
>Two lasted for over a year
>Last one lasted 5
>Meet user, great guy
>Finds out he's bothered by some random dude I can't even remember fucking cause he's autistic

>Onto the next dude :(

It really depends of course, she could be a ho, but women do have complex lives you know it's not all black and white.

can't believe I fell for this conman

i can confirm, i was clorox

Women were always like that. its not because of USA. They were hold back by family and tradition but now everyone is allowed to do what they want so women do what they want. In the past all women without family or some oversight were sluts don't fool yourself they were all "pure", theres a lot of stories about slutty women in royality and peasant women were all sluts if their dads dind't hold them back.

Just go fuck 11 guys yourself, then you have her beat and she'll be the one whose jealous


Are you retarded? If you play your cards right you can guilt-trip her into some threesomes. It takes some skill in emotional manipulation, but it can be done.

It's the Jews, not us.

Split up with her if you are so concerned

You know what you must do.

>yesterday, it is revealed that she had sex with over 10 guys

You're dating a fucking prostitute.

She's not going to be your actual wife so just enjoy the sex brah.


This guy's riding a village bicycle with a worn out seat.

imagine being a stupid faggot english teacher RPing as a chink on a political forum on the internet

Just because you're a kissless virgin doesn't mean the rest of the world is.

That or she's a succubus draining energy from idiots.

It's ok to bang sluts, just don't marry them.

They are trash. Use up her pussy and throw the remains to the hungry beta buxs. If you can trick the beta bux into raising your kid, even better.

Girls are like that they want to fuck every chad because they can, until they realise that are getting old and try to settle down with a estable guy. You are that guy.

Btw she is going to cheat on you at the first sign of weakness.

The logic here is inescapable, OP. Best pluck them eyebrows and shave them legs.

Bust a nut, if it bothers you that much, just tell her that and dump her.

Fuck her in her smelly cunt then dump her. Don't make it weird, nip, you never wife up a whore.

Go to Korea and find a Christian girl, then you get a loyal virgin and your kids will look like you. You need to accept Christ first though.

The Japanglish isn't even close to real. Im no fucking linguist but my wife is Japanese, and I'd bet dollars to donuts OP is neither currently in, nor has ever been to Japan

She sounds like a complete whore.

Don't worry, it won't matter when North Korea nukes you tomorrow.

this is what you get for eating Christmas Cake
but no seriously it hardly matters dude
better to actually have kids of your race than not have them
at least fuck her for a while until someone new comes around
you don't need to be emotionally attached to the hoes

He's probably an American soldier in Okinawa

nice bot

Don't torture yourself over things that you cant change, Its easier for women to get sex and that number is not that high just do what you can now have sex and enjoy the relationship while it lasts.

This. Fuck them all in one fight. Hell add 1 more and really make her jealous. Just go to a gay club known for bears. Tell them you are a virgin and need 12 dudes to settle a score with a women. It will all go down so fast OP you won't even know wtf till its all over. Tell you bitch the story for the win.

>be japanese
>have any waifu you want
>choose 3dpd

You brought this on yourself.

True, in this case its white and yellow

Don't be sad user. It's natural for your women to want to experience the big white cock. Superior Caucasian genetics are like crack to oriental women. I suggest you let her follow her biological desires and get pregnant by a white male then you marry her and raise the kid yourself. Let's be honest it's better for everyone if you just remove yourself from the gene pool and let your nation get genetically altered by whites.

Remember user every time a man cums inside a woman their DNA is actually absorbed into her body and becomes part of her DNA.

If you have children with her you'll be raising the genes of ten other men including a superior more attractive white male

be happy jap bro u got a gf good for u dont listen to these faggots who cares.

You have to KAWAII girl friend.

>woman had sex with over 10 guys

She was probably a prostitute.

Somewhat underrated

as a white guy with a thick 8 incher i love abusing asian women with my dong. slap em in the face, make em hold it while i piss etc

Reee stop bleaching pure innocent nip girls.

USA fugged yo beeeiiitch nigga.
Should've stayed away from Peral Harbour then, shouldnt've you.
Just try not to let the fact you're a disappointing fuck get in the way of things.

>>A spirt during highschool of 7 guys in two years because I felt lost and noone fitted me and I was young and dumb

Women who do that are called "sluts".

Now that population density is increasing and resources are plentiful women suddenly get the power to only fuck Chad and only allow Chad to impregnate them. They all want Chad but they will settle for getting knocked up by Chad and then finding a beta provider or more likely hold out too long and settle for a beta provider once their eggs are aging and no Chad wants them anymore causing tons of autism babies. The world is becoming more selective again because humans are a plague that needs to be cut back a bit so that life can continue on harmoniously. The age of the purging of the betas has begun.

Surely you should know that jap women are total sluts right?

You should get out of your mom's basement sometime

OP your women are sluts. When I went to Japan I banged like 6 girls and I was there for less than a week. Shit was too easy

If you're happy, see if it lasts.

Don't worry guy

Americans destroy everything beautiful, look what they did to the mid east and are now gearing up for an invasion of utopian Korea.

I'm sorry OP. I feel bad for you.

Jesus though, do I love visiting Japan. I gorge myself on Christmas cake every time I go if you catch my drift. Even the married women.

The best thing I can recommend to you is to act more like a westerner with women. They love the assertiveness more than our taller frames and giant BWCs.

Meme has gone stale, now it's just used by redditors.

If she had 10 boyfriends then the happiness you feel when you are with her was felt by her 10 different times. Its called living life. Go get nuked you recluse nip faggot

You're next faggot

>whites act like niggers and muh dik in front of asians.

>gets butt devastated by coalburning.

whites confirmed most butthurt autistic omega faggets

Japan is full of virgin women. Get some Super Male Vitality and build some muscle, then go find one.

genuinely keked i wish this got quads

10 is too many. 5 is pretty much the limit


>women do have complex lives you know
there's nothing complex about sucking 15 different dicks you slut

Get over it. My first was a used up meth girl rape victim. Still a good fuck even if she was fucking crazy.

If you think thats bad, take a vacation to Sweden then get back to me cuck.

>should i just end it up?
do you want to be with a whore? that makes you a cuck


Muh dik ooga booga

Wher al da yelo wemon be?


We can't save Western culture at this point, we must rebuild it anew and stronger than it ever was before. As long as she's clean of STD's and can be morally straight she's good. We must make the best of what has been given to us, if we take action we can save our children from the world we live in and restore traditional values to them.

was gonna post this


Oops. Didn't notice your flag. Looks like you're going through the same shit we are. Replace "Western culture" with "Japanese culture" and the message remains the same.
After all you did help fight at the cultural Alamo along with the noble men of the world against the forces of depravity, hedonism, and Jewry. Stay safe, Samurai

So what exactly do you do? Fuck her, smell her asshole every now and then, introduce her to your parents, go on dates, and then just break up within 1-2 years? Do you just fake it all when the "I love you" phase sets in?

>smell her asshole
Who even does that? Is that a legitimate sexual act people do? What ever happened to the old fashioned parking your car in her baby garage?

It's a slight fetish of mine. I mostly threw it in to be funny, but the question itself is completely serious. I'm 23 kv and realize that life is passing me by. I know that most girls have been with a few guys by now so I'm wondering if it's worth playing the game with the ultimate goal of finding a fairly wholesome woman.

>to make matters worse, she has also the experience to be bleached
how is it a dealbreaker, japanon?

Dont you mean squints

Race-mixing is wrong no matter the combination. I understand the Japan man's disgust. I wouldn't want a woman who was pounded by a black, Asian, or Jew myself.

i think he should be glad he's woman experienced Stable White Cock desu

Why? I only want to be with one woman and don't want sex until I'm married. Why do people just casually partake in such an intimate action that should be reserved for a man and his loving wife?

Fucking genius. OP you must listen to this man!!

What do you mean by "to get bleached"?

Lose your virginity and then get out of there.

Wear 2 condoms.

What's with you and all these people? She'll be a lot better at sex than someone who's never done it before, and she'll probably help you get better faster than an inexperienced girl would. Sex between two virgins is pretty dreadful. You'd end up hitting her, and she'd not know what to do so you'd be pretty underwhelmed. As long as she doesn't have any STDs, this is probably a good thing for you.

Also, you're probably no going to marry the first girl you ever date or marry, so even if you worry about shit like how many guys a girl has been with, which honestly doesn't seem like a big deal to me, you probably won't end up with her forever. Honestly it sounds like a good opportunity for someone who has managed to spend 25 years not getting laid.

>be woman
>realize you have control over sex
>fuck anything and everything on a whim to find yourself
>confused that there are consequences for these actions later on
It's almost like our decisions have repercussions. Sorry nobody wants a partner who makes risky decisions.

You'll be okay. It's normal to be disappointed by these whores.

Just become guy number 11, get as much sexual experience out of this relationship as you can.

Christianity is not a Japanese religion. Stop pushing this kike theology on everyone. You've already got me and my ancestors believing it. I was afraid to go outside when I was a kid thanks to your (((merciful god))) and his swarms of locusts and plague. Growing up as a fundamentalist Christian is by far the worst childhood you can have. The kicker is that no matter how stupid it is I can't just start not believing in it. Don't throw this curse on anyone else.

Anyone wanna answer this for me? I'm trying to improve myself and get a better outlook on life.

>spot the turbocuck

Christianity is for all mankind.

Why did you leave the faith anyway?

wrong all thanks to the EW's

sounds like you were raised in a shitty church, sorry to hear that
the Christianity I go to know is, though strict, forgiving and all about mercy.
If you don't want it, that's totally fine, but this is not what it should be like


How difficult is it really to just not suck a dick? Is it some great challenge to not lay back and let some random guy stick his penis in you?

Basically all women have to do in order to have a successful life is to NOT eat too much, to NOT let people have sex with you, and to NOT be a bitch.

Instead, they're doing all three and panicking when they turn 28 and notice that men don't care as much about them as they used to. Now there's even a bit of an epidemic of single 30 year old women killing themselves in desperation.

No it's not. Different races/cultures that were created by their environments will develop different religions. It's only natural. I do not claim to have the one true religion. People just need to support the future of their own people while abiding by laws that keep them from becoming violent savages.
But if you are wondering why I left Christianity it happened on a Christmas dinner that went South when I was asked to lead the prayer and thanked my mom for making the dinner instead of God and his magic food making powers. I was practically disowned after that. To this day it is shocking how many people put religion before family. I don't want anyone else to learn this the hard way again.

pump her and dump her.

I know how you feel

Why should something like religion be limited to one people? Should technology, medicine, political beliefs be?

>Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.

God should be before family

this pic man. I literally can't breath because my sides hurt so much

you are a cuck, woman sense that
you should fuck her angrily right in her a hole
but you wont

10 not to bad. f you did, never ask how many people someone was with.

God is not technology. He does not build your space ships for you. He does not cure your sick and dying, if you believe in him and think the created all things then he is directly responsible for the illnesses they have.
Your the people you care about and your family should always come before God. God is meaningless. I would rather bear an eternity in hell to save them. I would sooner spit in God's face than sacrifice my son in the way Abraham did, or praise the man who slayed my kin as he did in the story of Job.

oh wait she had sex in her life span with that much? oh come oooon

watch this you fucktard.... then KYS