I posted this the other day and it got slid hard

huh? but it's suche a greate vid

could it be?

wtf... that's gotta be him

Of course, had to make room for those drumpf threads

why are mods such normies

fucking niggers blaming mexicans for their coke and crack addicts. Niggers no one force you to buy that shit! Just like how the Italians sold drugs to them.

"They're animals anyway, so let them lose their souls"

>A-And that uncle tom nigger right there!


the semen poacher narrating the video is sexy

The goyim are awakening.

idk most niggers who do that shit vote left, I dont think these guys are happy about their niggers either

the only reason this niggers are butthurt is because mexicans are taking care them and removing them. Wait till chinks take over they thought mexicans were bad? those chinks are fucking soulness.

no fucking way....

im a chink tho

well then you know whats going to happened.

I'm not privy to the plan. There's a lot of "hot money" and fu er dai involved. But yes the chinese elite are on a mission to claim these lands as their own in a way, starting with Canada.
(frankly though canada fucking deserves it)

you from cali?

yeah. I know a chink based in LA who was responsible for 1/5 of all of the US's walnut exports in 2013 ish. I don't think he's in the scheme though and his kids are pretty cute.

oh ok cool. I live in Hawaiian gardens. I agree we need to do something about immigration cause most of the time i cant stand these beaners (mexican american) but when i see niggers using immigration as an excuse to target them or blame their fucking problems it fucking triggers me.

Just like that nigger father who son got killed by some illegal knowing damn well his son was a member of the bloods. Stupid father said he was trowing star track signs up.

i recognized him too

idk though these guys seem pretty based

I was actually at berkeley and saw the guy up close, I knew there was something familiar about him when i saw the vid.

first guy she shows is the black stick man from the Berkeley riots

>didn;t get much recognition but he was in the thick of it.

>too high and lazy to find it but there is a video of him bashing some fag

>he is also seen in the famous modlylocks clip

Could he be, dare I say, /OuahNigga/?


so you are saying he's a based black man with a trump hat?

I say this regardless of the content posted:

Fuck off, Israel.

Stop bringing drugs over brown pedro

Oy vey! B-but those brown people shouldn't be against us. (((We))) thought we had them wrapped around (((our))) finger.

Welp illegals would be easier to get rid of in this political climate, so le based trump hat black guys can be of some utility.

kids are stupid. it's perfectly reasonable to want to not have drugs even available.

That man didn't just follow the train he got aboard.


chinks don't murder, rob, rape, or leech welfare

>implying lefties even care about the working class

when he started calling that guy out as an "uncle tom nigger" haha my sides