Your accusations of the Jews in dominating the world are ridiculous

Your accusations of the Jews in dominating the world are ridiculous.
Have you ever even met a Jew irl and case confirm any of them are true? Not!

no i haven't met a jew. seem to be not many of them left here...

I'm a Jew and it's all true.

It's not really organized as they say (except for perhaps the very top); we are as they say we are, though.

>we are as they say we are
And what do they "say we are" that's true?

>Have you ever even met a Jew irl and case confirm any of them are true?

While I don't believe there is a jewish conspiracy. this argument is retarded.

>you have never met Stalin so you can't know how he was

Seems to me a black muslim (Obama) and christian woman (Clinton) fucked this country over more than any jew. The worst you can pin on jews is being smart enough to dominate certain industries like hollywood, simply because if jews hadn't others would've.

It's just a chance for contrarian little larp faggots like Sup Forums to hate on someone while a real man fucks their pretend girlfriend so they jack off to animated tits instead.

All science. All true.

Stalin was an individual, not a group of millions of people.

Even without Sup Forums's ramblings, every left-wing extremist blog post is mad by a jew. Get a handle on your diaspora fucking schlomo

its common in humans but
a poor man tricks steals and even hurts to get what he needs to survive but if he ever manages to become stable his taste of blood/survival becomes a nuisance to him and soon trades it for easy living.
>>the world is ran by those that have no intention to ever get rid of that blood thirsty hunger for survival even tho survival is no longer a problem. they lie cheat and steal even at the very top like if they didn't make more profit the world will fall around them.

greed is ((you))

and not to make excuses for anyone but we all have our faults.

i'm not surprised that there's tons of left wing jews when right wing retards are constantly calling for their deaths and blaming them for everything

It's a testament to the innate willpower and intelligence of jews that even with all the bullshit they have to put up with, there is still a sizeable population of right wing jews trying to actually fix this fucked up planet no matter how much its population virulently hates them

didn't Obama go against Israel a lot? Trump talked non-stop shit about Obama for his "disrespect" to Netanyahu and the Israeli people. Even if he did fuck over this country, he went against the zog way more than any cuckservative or Donald ever will, I can respect that.

why are American presidents always zionists? Why when referring to Israel it is always 'Greatest Ally'. I don't agree with the theory that a centralised group of jews are running the world. However the heads of media corporations are Jewish and Zionist and of course they're going use their influence to sway public opinion to protect Israel. And a closing point why is it only America that refuses to acknowledge Palestine?

I know one Jew and he is an old child molester, literally. He diddled a kid at some point. At least he's slowly dying. I can hear the old heeb hacking and wheezing and struggling to stay alive sometimes.

Are you mentally retarded? They were here long before Sup Forums. Go read huffington post or some cuck articles without seeing a jew.

>your mean to them that's why they push degeneracy and lies

YA OK durrr, fucking troll.

You're right, plenty of us may have never met a Jew. There's not that many of them across the world

Which is why it stands out so much when they're dramatically overrepresented amongst the elites of media, education and politics.

Because of the huge Evangelical lobby.

Why are there so many degenerate jews pushing autism all over the populace?

Why don't you just mossad them for making you look bad?

>Why don't you just mossad them for making you look bad?
Because then you'll mossad us.

how does that even make sense, why would evangelicals support Israel?

What people don't realise is that your struggle with a social class, not with abstract jews in general. That's ridiculous.
It's just historically happened that jews are major part of the ruling class of bankers.
Your average working jew is not different than you.

lmao, nobody would give a shit if you started killing gay retards.

I like israel, but american jews are dogshit and dumb as fuck. They are the reason everyone hates jews.

case in point

They believe the Jews' return to Israel will bring the end of days which is the last step before the Second Coming.

>american jews are dogshit and dumb as fuck
All Ameriguns are dumb as fuck, not only the Jews.

Nice to meet jew

i'm a jew but i am poor, what i am doing wrong?

A jew full of shit whats new

Hating all jews and ignoring actual threat = bankers. This is a bluepill called """nationalism""" that you swallow.

Whatever mang, just keep killing muslims. Who cares what people think. Israel is similar to North America in regards to being a colonial country so I wish you luck. I totally get why you guys hate Palestinians, that isn't the problem at all. It's just leftist american jews being insane that makes everyone upset.

They are communists and retards, if you start killing muslims, watch they will all pipe up and start bashing israel, even though they are jewish.

Commies... gotta gas em all.

It's not the Jews to be worried about, to fear or to beckon death for.

It's the kikes.
Even jews hate the kikes.
Jewish guy's gonna be a little conservative with their spending, gonna maybe capitalize on business selling you their watches for a little bit marked up price.
That's normal; unhealthy, but normal.

Kike's gonna put out a spread of apartheid, blood-ridden diamonds and jewelry and scold you if you do not give them their shekels to 'finally make your life better again (goy)'.

you keep being poor.
you are a sacrifice.
you are welcome.


we dont need to meet the filthy scum to know that they are posinous, go die in pain bastard

I have one jew friend, nothing special about him except that he use fallacies like mad when you debate him into corner. I don't talk to him much lately as I can't stand his rapefugees welcome and fuck borderz and sheit attitude

about 1,5y ago I met a classic black clothes fedora jew on a street and I said "hi, how did you like you last blood libel?"
For a split second he was scared af then quickly recovered and asked me where did I hear such terrible lies about jewish ppl...

1 dose of gas and next one please

>Have you ever even met a Jew irl
We wiped most of them out but I did see two Jewish kids on the street one day.
Hands down the ugliest fucking children I've ever seen in my life. Even burn victims don't come close.
They looked about 11 but they had that bald head with long hair look like the peasants in Seven Samurai.
Ugly teeth too. How does the rest of the world put up with these hideous creatures?

Crazy thing is... it's true. The International Bankers. The Media... All of it... It's all true.

>Jews own the banks and the wealth
>Money buys companies

So you are saying that we need both nationalism and socialism???


The situation is a bit more complex then its normally made out to be. When Sup Forums leaps to blame everything on jews, they aren't really correct.

The problem isn't merely one certain malicious ethnic/religious group, and it's not even just greedy bankers. Perhaps in the past it was. But today, what we were really facing is an out of control priestly caste of society that constantly throws itself into massive holiness and other purity spirals.

All of these bloggers, celebrities, academics, and others that create both culture and context have risen to fill the void left by the collapse of more formal religion. These people who make their living through talking (or don't need to make a living at all) rather than direct work, have different incentives from the rest of the population. Their value, and often profit, comes from how virtuous, holy, and pure they can seem. And so they compete. This turns them into sanctimonious virtue signalers that are happy to sell out their cultural heritage (and everyone else's) to look a little bit more progressive, and send us all down slippery slopes. We understand financial greed well, but this sort of holiness greed is a cultural blind spot.

The people that fall into this new priestly class that is currently destroying our society are going to be upper middle class sorts that go to college. The optimal IQ is going to be 115-125, where they are just smart enough to play more complex games, but not quite smart enough to have become a high end programmer or physicist. Due to this, most Jews fall into this class with their average 115 IQ (mostly that high due to speech and language), and the rest is made up of liberal whites.

Pol is wrong to blindly blame Da Joos, but they are correctly identifying the problem, and they are mostly right about the demographics. But the details are a bit more complex, and we need to be pointing more fingers at slightly above intelligence shitlib whites.

i met a jew once. nice guy. was real "omg hillary is gr8" but was low key about it, also he lived in seattle

had some dark shit happen to him in his childhood but he was a pretty nice guy and never got the impression he was "jewing"me, even bought me a beer

> "even bought me a beer"

Lol dumb murican sold his soul for a beer

Nobody actually thinks that 100% of the jews are in on it you know?


Yes I have, a family of Jews lived 2 blocks away were I used to live. Somehow I got know their kids, the older one which was 2 yrs older than me was pretty chill and I kind of made him a friend, one day he asked me to lend him my game boy colour for a night, I did, he then never returned it, when I asked the next day he said, he had lost it. His feet stank all the time, we were pretty young and sometimes we used to go to the park and play there. Believe me when I say this but his feet had the most disgusting smell, I couldn't even grasp how they stank so terribly bad. I almost puked on 2 occasions sitting next to him when he had his shoes off. Had to run away from the smell literally.

I asked around his block and was told he sold the thing for $30.

This was back in 1998, I was 8 years old.

From that day on, I learned to hate the Jews.