8values thread

8values thread
Post your results

i'm fucking boring

i identify as a nationalist libertarian though.

Facism kek



>Progress is the opposite of tradition

What did (((they))) mean by this?

commies btfo


Wishy washy moderate here.

I'm a liberal I guess

>13 guns in my collection, including multiple scawy black assault weapons
>voted for trump

I think the problem with tests like these is that, for a lot of questions, I agree with them (because morally agreeing with them is the correct answer), but that doesn't necessarily make them true - like the question "Should all races, genders, sexual orientations, etc" be treated equally. I don't give a fuck if the person I'm working with is black, I only care if they're incompetent or lazy.

>because morally agreeing with them is the correct answer

All larping aside, unless you've got a legitimate reason (like you're near a fucking ghetto or something) being a dick to a nigger, gook, or a spic is just being a dick, famalam

I guess they put right wing populism and Fascism pretty close together.

>Libertarian Capitalist.

As expected.

The weak fear the strong;



>helicopter rides




Omnes supra singulos



I'm a filthy moderate, goddamn...

Kinder, gentler fascism.

Centrist, still want dor though


fellow centristfag

Holy shit quads! Fellow centristfag acknowledged!


At least im not a centrist

>Middle ground in all areas except for Economic Axis. All about free market


It's that the same as being a faggot progressive? Who made this fucking website?

As a NatSoc, I'm reasonably satisfied with these results.


centrist fags learn how to politics

the advancement of your people is the only legitimate reason you need

whenever someone outside of your peoples benefit from something, they are stealing potential wealth from your peoples

all others must suffer for the good of my people



No hope for that shit m8.. you're fucked


Yeah, I can see why you'd be at home in Venezuala.

Pretty much what i expected

>TFW someone else gets clarified as fascism but you don't.


Say, does anyone have the one with a black background that gave a result with like a hundred adjectives?

Not surprised


Fuck off

Can't post it

Right Wing Populism

The wording on these questions sucked ass. I don't want to abolish religion, but I think it's fucking stupid and it should be mocked and it's influence reduced in society. Abolished is some authoritarian shit.

Tons of the questions were worded shitty resulting in me not being able to answer.

>a fucking centrist

Some of you are alright.

Don't go to the democratic society tomorrow.

I'm ok with these results.


No, you're worse

Neoliberalism encompasses pretty much all of mainstream US politics to the right of Bernie Sanders. I would say those particular values make you a moderate Republican.

here you go



This was really interesting to do and makes sense for me.

Did I win?

Checks out


I expected as much.


Wtf am I?

Who else here is part of the autocratic masterrace?


THat one was funny

>helicopter ride
You get into the helicopter too.

Hello friend.

Ended up under liberalism, which I assume it means classical liberalism since I see they have neo-liberalism as a separate category. Have a feeling I only ended up this centrist cause some of the questions were loaded.

Roast me

wtf im with her now

Apparently I'm a liberal.

Always thought of myself as a libertarian

Does this mean I'm blue pilled Sup Forums?

congratulations you're lindsey grahamnesty

Mushy centrist, checking in.

Right-wing populism.

>desecrating adi's sacred numbers on his birthday
get the fuck out of here leaf

Also wondering how all these burgers can so strongly support an authorization government when they live in a country with the most liberties possible and call others cucked?

Why would you morally ever want an authoritarian government?

Answered questions as a communist and received liberal

Test needs some tuning, I didn't agree with that many liberal ideas

wew laddy

Things like this abomination flourish and are encouraged

So mush fucking nu-pol...

>thinking that children should be raised with traditional values and that religious values should inform the government makes me a theocrat


I liek this test

Took it again to see if it would be about the same
but answered with only Strongly Agree/Disagree this time. I always thought myself a
fascist/authoritarian, I guess autocrat is similar
to fascism.

Yeah so? You have your right to bear arms to overthrow a tyrannical government, yet want them to have the power to rid of what they deem as unfit? How does that not set a dangerous precedent in your eyes?

Because you realize that a society cannot maintain itself without a strong, guiding authority. You aren't some selfish prick who cares about himself over his civilization. Not something you would understand you fucking leaf.

Strictly speaking, libertarians are a type of liberal, in that they subscribe to classical liberalism in most of their beliefs. Hell, their name is derived from liberty in the same way the word "liberal" is. Though if you want to get really technical, like 99% of all US politicians subscribe to some form of liberalism, that includes the so-called conservatives, who are really just less progressive liberals than the ones who openly identify as liberal.

I very rarely visit Sup Forums.


Much like the market, should a society not decide and ultimately self determine what is best for itself? Having an authoritative figure doesn't mean they will do what's best for society or do what the society agrees with. A free society is a successful society.

Gas the fas


I r8 8/8

I'm kind of a fag

strong does not necessarily mean tyrannical, leaf

when a leader starts acting in a way that is detrimental to the country he leads, that's when the guns are necessary



shit quiz

Much worse

>maximize the freedom to dildo your anus
what the fuck does a mong like you live for

Can you guys think that autocracy
is a acceptable form of government, judging
from other posts I think that it might be a
different form of fascism, I've noticed that the only thing different from other graphs and mine if the economic policy.

Fascism is pro corporate autocracy is neutral