Walking zombies are really scar-

>walking zombies are really scar-

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What board were you going for?

Gonna take a lot more strength to pierce a skull user I know by experience

What did the deer mean by this?

I voted for Hillary

What are those skulls made out of?

This seems scary to me


Im quitting Sup Forums guys. Ive been here since 2009 but its getting time for me to leave

Hold me. We will all make it anons but im simply too old now to be watching chinamen being spiderwebbed at 10am on a working day

Fucking why.

>make movies about being trapped in civilization surrounded by the braindead

he's middle-aged man with poorly treated cerebral palsy. I believe it's in Thailand, they don't have the money to provide him any proper care, not like there would be any decent care available. They constructed this contraption, on a steel frame and foam padding to stop him from hurting and scratching himself.


whats even going on? it looks like a horror film is it real?

That aint right

Why is Walking Dead so shit?
What the fuck did they do?
Compare the new episodes to the first episode. The zombies were intelligent, they could open doors and use tools. They wanted to stay the fuck away from them. Now they're a mild annoyance that dies when their skulls are touched.

Did jews do this?

what the fuck?

It's a shit show run by a shit network who wants to cut costs at every opportunity. It hasn't been good since season 1 since they fired the original showrunner, who incidentally was the one that brought most of the actors together for cheap rates

My guess? Underground Illegal Chinese Science trying to see if they can connect nerves with one limb to others on a human subject.

Mans arm is where his leg is suppose to be.

Utterly unrealistic. Skull is one of the hardest thing to break.

Also, has anyone in this fucking show ever walked in a woods? It's impossible to walk without getting stuck in tall grass and bushes. You need to step over stuff otherwise you trip and fall over. So zombies can't just roam around. One of the safest places to be are the forests, zombies would get tangled in bushes and you could easily kill them.

Fuck this faggot show.

That cant be real though, wouldnt the government keep it hidden. Why would it be on the internet, its probably just a horror film or something.

i'm usin my American proxy now. meant to go to Sup Forums but i have the board in a different theme

i was going to have my once a day fapski until this

what did I just scar myself with duders? fucking what the fuckski

The crazy chinaman in a web - webm is not from a horrormovie. That man has some strange disease and the people in his village made this webthing for him so he doesnt hurt himself when he gets the spasms.
At least thats what some guys said yesterday in /sg/.

that dayz 3d engine

its creepy as hell his feet look like hands

no its not its a

is this supposed to be a deer? the cgi is so terrible i can't even tell.

see you tomorrow

its written and produced by women.

thats why it focuses on family relation ships, instead of problem solving.

middle age women needed something they could watch with their husbands so they could claim to be hip and totaly not useless meat tubes.

anyone that watches this shit is litrially a cuck.

>Utterly unrealistic.

Said the guy about a Zombie scene. Not the Zombies themselves.

>they fired the original showrunner
Explains the decline in quality then.

I fucking hate TV shows because of this. They always get rid of directors. These morons believe that its the actors that they need the most, but it's the directors that are D I R E C T I N G the show.
Once you get rid of them it all falls apart.
It's not the fucking actors that keep a show going.

>middle age women needed something they could watch
Makes sense, considering the old cunt appears to be in a relationship with the crossbow guy from what I've seen.

it is literally a faggot show though. is it now 5 openly gay main characters? they made a character named jesus (not hay-sues) to be a cock sucker? it is horrible and more leftist than any other tv show on atm.

What's happening here???

I doubt China's government is aware of it.

It's pretty Orwellian, but it isn't All-Seeing.


>NA signs kek

>i'm usin my American proxy now.
Pretending to be retarded IS being retarded.

wen u nut bu she keep succ

kek, just kill it.

Fuck u I shipped them since the first time they met

So you are here since 2009 and you never seen this before? kys asap

Fucking shit, money should be going to this guy not those fucking niggers in africa

This is now a gore thread

Just another day in China.


>Treating muscular distrophy in SEA

Imagine how poorly he would be treated in Aus or Europe or the US where all the WHITE PRIVILEGE would conspire against him!

It's just a dude with cerebral palsy in a homemade restraint you dumb niggers, go back to /x/

kek'd and check'd

>your money
>going to savages
>going anywhere but your local area

fuck off

It's cerebral palsy. Spasming and/or ataxia results in muscle malformation and, in turn, skeletal malformation as the bone grows under abnormal stresses.

Does it even count as CGI? It looks like they just chopped a deer out of stock footage and superimposed it, hence the shadows on its body.

wrf sauce?

he doesn't look too good

Recent beheading of what IS says is an 'FSB agent' Russians say that he's not theirs, he got beheaded Dagestani style.


You want the video or?

Fake ass deer

What, did the quality of skulls deteriorate really fast or did they just become a bunch of fucking stupid niggers?

Yes post the video plox

If this guy is totally aware of everything going on around him hes probably begging for death every single day.

>Surprised it's not canadian healthcare

Hope I don't get banned again.


Necksnap is pretty hot.

What the actual fuck

shitty way to go.

This one is also a cool beheading

What if you were this guy?

>skulls made of play-doh

the necksnap seems like a sound effect

>his name was ouchi

What did you mean by this, Kek?


I work as a police reserve specialist, I've picked up necklaced bodies before. It's like a mess of rubber and melted flesh.

Wonder how one lands up editing for the Caliphate.

US armed and supported group, Al-Zinki

Trade mark of the Kavkaz Islamists.

This guy was lucky, usually they stab/slit the side and leave the face down to drown in blood. Takes around 5 minutes.

This show is pure fucking garbage. Stopped with S2.

lol, these motherfuckers killing kids live online yet people parade refugees welcome, i fucking love it, this shit should be posted everywhere on social media, how ridiculous.

I really really hope reincarnation is not real.


The dude that took the famous picture of that boy covered in dust in the ambulance is real tight with the dudes in the beheading video.

I think one of them was captured after the video and the rest were killed in bombing/fighting.

Was worse than getting necklaced, user.
He was a nip who worked in a nuclear plant or some shit that melted down. Fatal radiation poisoning, it took him like two months to die. The doctors kept reviving him so they could study him while his skin and muscles slid off his skeleton.

Not only is it real but it's endless. Your soul reincarnates as every living being, you have to experience them all.

Be kind to each other =)

>preexsisting condition
pull it.

The idea is that as time goes on the dead become stupider

>quitting over something so shit-tier

Can I have your stuff?


That's a kak one. You got a source that I can read about it?

Why were they allowed to keep him going?

The shit thing about necklacing is that sometime the fuckers survive. If it's done right the smoke kills you before the meting starts, if not then we have to haul them to medical, not much care be done and they're often blinded and all melted around their necks.

jesus mother of god the end can hardly come soon enough

Does anyone have the video of the boy in the ambulance? More people need to see that scared kid getting posed.

Nigger-tier spelling, sorry lad... I worked night shift.

meting = melting
care = can

it looks like one of those things you get when you put an image through the dream filter

>sign says 'one way'
>points to the right

Look up Hisashi Ouchi
And I don't think Japan cared about cruel medical treatment or anything like that back then. I'm sure we must've done some bad shit with them after Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

Thanks man.

Go ask around at /sg/


This one?
I have another of that drowned kid washed up on the beach being posed for a photo-op too, tryna find it

oh lol it's already in that webm