*sips tea*

*sips tea*

Let me know when Westboro decapitates children.

westboro baptist church is literally like 30 inbred hicks. no one takes them seriously.


I clearly remember those Westboro attacks on Bataclan, Nice, and Charlie Hebdo.
Fucking psychopathic Christians.

When Westboro starts making LiveLeak videos of decapitations and stonings lemme know

>roasting fags literally
>roasting fags metaphorically
Pick one

>comparing some backwater church that performs peaceful protests to terrorist savages that will execute you and your family




Really? Comparing the loonies of WBC to the barbarian killers of ISIS? Really really?

>Westboro baptist
I heard about them a lot and always thought that this is some terrorist organization that kills people and thats why they compare it to ISIS, but then decided to learn about them and they turned out to be just a bunch of men who yell at faggots sometimes. Seriously?


I don't think Islam is bad because of ISIS
I think its bad because of Muhammad

Nothing wrong with the crusades

WBC are five lunatics with signs to hurt your fee-fees.

ISIS are a huge military force with the aim to behead you.

Actually Christians almost unanimously condem westboro.
Also you should find Christ before you go to hell OP

can you just stop

Let me know when the Westboro Baptist Church breaks a law. They're literally a family of lawyers who know their rights.

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Ok now its time to go

please dont ruin a relatively decent animu with straw mans and improper analogy

Difference is those were hundreds of years ago.