So can someone tell me what's going on?

So can someone tell me what's going on?
It looks like Sup Forums has gone left leaning. I've been lurking for a few years and was just wondering if this is how it always goes.

It's called shills
They are getting paid 0.12 cents per post to shit up this board and try and drive the narrative in the opposite direction.
There's so many of them that I even suspect that you are one.
They'll be gone once Trump arrests the entire DNC/CTR/ShareBlue network though.

I just want to wake up in a world with an active travel ban and no sanctuary cities

Mods have been completely replaced by leftists and spambots are running rampage

A few years ago people would have gotten banned left and right, now nothing happens

professors at liberal universities are giving their students assignments to post here and shill as well

We'll get there eventually. Lotta obstructionist garbage right now. Soon.

Disgusting bullshit. But not surprising considering that our University system has been hijacked and is being used to destroy us from within via a variety of methods.

>They'll be gone once Trump arrests the entire DNC/CTR/ShareBlue network though
posting larp/fantasy shit like this makes it pretty fucking clear, that you're indeed a shill trying double down the narrative.

fuck off.

Trump will be gone before Christmas little faggot.

obvious shill using hyperbole to make trump look bad, get out

Sup Forums ALWAYS had a ton of left leaning people. If you don't know that, you are new as fuck. This place was rather balanced before Trump shit started.

That wave has ended, and many regular posters here are tired of Trump posting and want some new shit to look at.

I would say at least 1/3 of Trump "supporters" here are just shit posting and don't actually care about him at all, and would even see him hanging from a tree if it brought more lulz.

I'm unironically left-leaning desu

however I hate the SJW left and political correctness and communists and upper middle class virtue signalers who hate the white poor

I think trump is showing signs of dementia but I would still rather he be in charge of the western world than hillary or bernie

Sup Forums for the most part has been left, then trump happened, now trump kinda sucks and most of Sup Forums got all the lulz. time to move on.

Sup Forums is nothing else except contrarian. If you were old enough to be here during the Bush years, you'd know this.

>I've been lurking for a few years
No you haven't

All of these are shills

Sup Forums has ALWAYS been contrarian.

During the obama years, being a democrat was the new meme so obviously Sup Forums shifted to the right to counteract.

Now that trump is in office you still want to be a right leaning sperg lord? wheres the fun in that?

Its always been about making people salty, and the best way to do that is to shill liberal positions and make conservative cucks like yourself rage muh conservatism and b-b-b-ut muh seth rich.

At some point it has become funnier to watch conservative dumb fucks like yourself rather than retarded liberals.

That's the internet pal, get used to it.

Except pol was never pro Trump (also, Hilary won the popular vote).


I do wish someone paid me just for posting though

as long as it wasn't just 2 cents

What's occurring now is the death of a meme. Looking at the Google trends and places like the_donald's subscription rate, the attention of Donald Trump is getting is at an all time low for the internet. The memelords who were able to keep up the energy for their emperor are now too tired to continue.

If you want a safe space for drumpfies T_D is always there for you.

0.02 shekels have been deposited to your account

literally democrat operative shills infesting the board

Yep. Sure has.

Sup Forums generally goes to shit leading up to and a few months after major elections. It really doesn't help that were also being flooded with summerfags as well as ShareBlue shills.

Not pol. Shills in droves.

Left leaning? Nah.

We /nazbol/ hegelian synthesis nao!

> This place was rather balanced before Trump shit started.

It was way unbalanced before Trump shit, even merchant threads were more common then now

get back under your truck.

Except right now both liberals and (normie) conservatives are really easy to piss off

It's just people trolling idiots like yourself

millions of dollars in social media activism
this is almost as bad at some points during the elecion

>This place was rather balanced before Trump shit started.
Not really.
Pre election, Sup Forums was overwhelmingly either libertarian or NatSoc. Hell, Rand was /ourguy/ until Trump announced he was running, which, (((coincidentally))) was around the same time Chairman Pao cracked down on the edgier subreddits and we got flooded with refugees.

forgot mah pic!


It's full of shills. Guess they're all pissed that Hildawg didn't make it. I guess if you strap a brick to a jet engine it won't fly.

The_Donald's the most active it's been in a while. Over 23k people browsing it right now. Just a while ago it'd be 12-15k but the recent Comey thing and revival of the Seth Rich meme has people coming back in droves.

It's worse than during the election. They must have doubled down on their budget. It's ok though they will be gone soon.

Reddit now shows people who are logged out in the active user count, so all numbers are higher than before.

don't forget newfags from sargon and the likes.

Moot never had the balls to kill Sup Forums cause he knew if he did, you would see 1488 threads on every other board.

he's prob the one driving it m8

Sup Forums will eventually become leftist once its breed of conservatism goes completely mainstream. However, we're not at that point yet. Right, there's just a bunch of shills and trolls shitting up the board.

Where can I get paid because for the moment I'm doing it for free

Literally lying. Sup Forums used to be mostly natsoc and unironically people who wanted to follow in the footsteps of hitler. Libertarians hoped on the train later and now it's full of young and normie conservatives. Just look at the amount of Holocaust denial and skeptic threads we have now, less than 1 a day IF that. We used to have several active threads in a day

Mmmm hangs the DNC. Tastes good man

Some of them just like the taste of giant forehead's cock.

You have to be a black tranny jew

Implying pol won't go so far right Hitler will shit his grave

>It looks like Sup Forums has gone left leaning
back to autismchan cuckboy

And many of them will end up just like Laci Green.

Also, part of the reason why Sup Forums jumped on Trump early was because, besides the libertarians, a bunch of autists believed Trump was out to get the jews or Israel because he was angry over 9/11, where allegedly many of his good friends died.

>see a bunch of shill posts
>WOW Sup Forums is left leaning
>implying you're not a shill yourself trying to test the waters to see if the shilling is influencing people

Go fuck yourself nigger. Saged.

shill trying to "call out" shills, a known shill tactic -gtfo shariablew, you've been exposed.

Counter is left nor right this day and age you fucking idiot. When half the country votes hildabeast and the other half votes drump why would going left be contrarian? Kill yourself shill

>implying politics aren't a circle

If you go far right enough you become left

>Some people on Sup Forums dare criticize Trump, looks like it's leaning to the left.
Just downvote Mr Reddit

I don't see radical traditionalism becoming mainstream any time soon.

>concern trolling thread 22

If you actually believe that, I have some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you.

No, moot ran the 9 steps of cuckolding and invited all board to rape Sup Forums with no captcha, which they did. Sup Forums ran away to cripchan, tried to run their bullshit 'samson option' on the ponies but got raped, and then cried for a week while the board smoked and a lot never came back. Their eventual trumpo replacements were nearly all reddit. learn ur history.

f-FUCKING SHILLS g-g-GET OFF MY BOARD REEE ( :( why wont women have sex with me)

Probably because you live in Europe. But don't worry, your silly continent doesn't actually matter.

Im glad. Conservatism is pure cringe.

Kike shills flooding the board, astroturfing, brute forcing, consensus cracking. If you werent a shill yourself, youd know what the JIDF is.

The majority of the leftists here are clearly bots or trolls. They haven't had much of an impact on the core values here but they have managed to dumb down the discussion considerably. Newfags who aren't red-pilled all the way are the more serious problem but they are gradually improving. Biggest issue now is the mods seem to be censoring good threads while shill threads are endlessly bumped.

Reddit niggerlovers working overtime with their shilling.

I've been laid for times than years you've been alive my boy, was widowed and am now engaged again. Kek you fags are so desperate to construct a narrative but you can't pin Sup Forums down, you can't get a read on us, you don't understand our motivations, but we understand yours and worst of all for you, you can NEVER understand us because the moment you do is the moment you join us :^)

just a bunch of rervisionist commie shills saying it was pro hillary all along

this is a trump board sharejew is working overtime to try and get trump impeached

Oh no! I too am greatly concerned. We are clearly losing to communism. They are just too strong and have too many girlfriends.

90% troll posts, dont get lured in, stop replying to shills, stop bumping stupid threads, dont be IDIOTS!

explain yourself.

Not true every poll ever made on pol was heavily nat soc and liberatian

Lefties never made more than 8%

>why wont women have sex with me)
probably because you work for .25 cents a post in David Brock's basement

Its actually a National Socialist board that chose Trump because he had the most extreme policies that would slow and hinder white genocides progress, and for gun rights etc which must not be stripped, under any circumstance. Trumps for National open carry.

We are not bound to Trump and the moment he becomes a liability, we start blaming the kikes behind him, washing our hands of any negative association between him and White Nationalism in general.

>rand Detroit republican
Rand might have been /ourguy/ but we wouldn't have cared one way or another he was a do nothing

When trump said Mexicans are rapists and they have to go back he had us won over in a second

It's hard to explain. But basically if you keep following political ideas in either direction you eventually will start holding the "other sides" ideals. If you value nationalism very strongly, you will eventually get to the point where you are intentionally obstructing the nation in order to make it stronger. Extreme left patriot.

Obviously shilled to death

Through out the day pop on and post a few pro Trump threads and take note of your replies. They all follow the same exact path of replies.

It is what it is.

Just hang around until it all blows over.

>It looks like Sup Forums has gone left leaning
Another way to say it is "I'm retarded"

Hate to sound like share blue but t_d is actually at fault for this. They got no self controll and wont filter trolls and just continually bump their threads

Dont forget he said the confederate flag was racist and belongs in a museum, not in the open... something else about muh painful memories.

>you must be 18 years or older to post here

So lets turn their entire board into /stormfront/

It's the dumbest version of that dumb horseshoe meme I've ever read.
Stop filling your head with anime garbage and maybe you'll stop spilling trash.

Trump was always a tool. He is disposable. We knew he might be a shitty president (though hoped he we do well) but he pushes the overton window due to his bombastic nature. That was reason enough to vote for him. Everyone else complete cucked out to liberal values and tried to fight them within their own framework. So he accomplished his primary task, from our perspective, if we get a border wall and stay out of wars for Israel I'll be quite pleased.

Sup Forums has always been about evenly split between NatSoc and Hoppean libertarians with some other nrx minarchist types thrown in.

It's just being raided almost non-stop by hobbyists larping as shills and regular govt funded shills.

Boards are owned by particular people, and thus tightly moderated in general. You'll be banned quite quickly. It's not like here m8

I know their goal is to destroy cohesion on this board and to make it unusable, but god help me I don't want to come here anymore because of it.
I can't use a board that's 90% shillwar. A space of discussion has been destroyed by ideologs who did it purposefully and will shriek with glee that other people don't get to have a nice thing anymore.

I hope those monsters give in to the hanging urge eventually, not a one of them is worth breathing our air.

If it provides you with motivation; they are paid to do it. So while you fight with a shill, you waste David Brock et al's money. It's what keeps me going. And if it gets too bad I just go to 8pol kek

>tranny jew
The goy doesn't even know. Degeneracy is exclusivly for the gentiles.

BTW has anyone been keeping track of shill thread timings? I notice they tend to start around 8am EST and then again at around 11-12


Maybe, but we have way more money and big bombs than you, so you'll probably wind up doing what we say.


But if I just stop coming here, those fucks will be wasting money regardless, AND I won't have to deal with the endless transparent shitposting on a board I used to come to for news updates and political talk.
I hate to say it but the shills got what they wanted, Sup Forums is now a dumpster fire and oldfags do not want to stay anymore. The worst part is the people doing this love it, they love that they get to inflict pain, they love that they can deny us a place to hang out, they love when anons break and legitimately REEEE them out, they're children who only love misery. I should stop posting here for a few months and see it if dies down any, it hasn't recently so I have a bad feeling it's going to be like this forever.

Noon my-time seems to be a time when half a dozen or more obvious garbage-threads suddenly all pop up at once, within seconds of one another and all fill with shills and bots within minutes.
What faggot is that quote from? He sounds like a pretentious douchebag who thought he sounded smarter than he did.

user, stop.

hey france, how does the negro dick taste?

Just go to 8pol m8. There's lots of oldfags there. You might get randomly banned, and don't admit you're from 4pol lol. But at least it has active moderation


Italians are great at shitting on Americans.

>Italians are great
If you like pasta and losing

Italian philosopher. He did a bunch of drugs and was into Buddhism.

So my previous assessment of him being someone who thought he sounded smarter than he actually did is accurate as fuck then.