Pence is an obvious plastic surgery patient

It's pretty funny that people here LARP as if Pence is some sort of crusader against degeneracy.

Oh well, Sup Forums BTFO again.

Yep he's probably secretly gay too.

>stabs his lapel pin through his lapel instead of in the lapel hole

Does Trump's weave count as some sort of cosmetic surgery?

He looks that way because he's a time traveller. I thought everyone knew.

I always had a feeling he had his nose done

Using Force Lightning tends to age a man.

Seriously what the fuck

Also, can I wear an American flag lapel pin to my regular job? I wear suits but it's not govt related so idk if it'll look weird

The only thing Pence has done was a reduction in the size of his massive balls, you homosex.

Lapel pins are tacky, it was meant for a boutonnière

That sounds super faggy

You wouldn't wear one every day dingus



what? what plastic surgery has he had?

>cosmetic surgery is degeneracy
what's the reasoning behind this?

you should accept your flaws or factor them into the you you define yourself as. You shouldn't pursue a route to magically make it go away (which it doesn't, it just hides it physically, its still there genetically to be passed on to your kids). It reinforces bad decision making and ultimately skews your entire worldview into "If I spend the money I can make any problem go away" instead of of working toward something better, you half ass it and sell yourself short.

It breeds a weaker mindset, but only works on the weaker mindset to begin with. Instead of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, you grab your bootstraps for something to hold onto as you insert your head into your ass.

A femanon like you wouldn't understand why the notion of it is so revolting.

>you should accept your flaws or factor them into the you you define yourself as.
this is reasonable for the everyday man, but for someone whose aesthetics are so central to their occupation, like a politician, i think slack should be cut.
the man could have a very high self-image and accept his looks completely, but he still has to be concerned with the opinion of the voting public, who are very, very vain.

>allowing outside influence your SELF WORTH
failing on all fronts. I understand where you come from, I just don't hold a similar opinion. The man is the VP of the united states, he shouldn't care. Conversely, the populace shouldn't care. The single moment I think of when I think of Pence is his shit eating grin holding back tears of satisfaction as Trump thanked him for being his VP when he won. The genuine satisfaction and inner glow the man had was magnanimous. THAT is how you should try to perceive someone, when they reveal their inner person. Not how hot they are.

>Pence took the Bogpill
This is disturbing news.

i thought pence's poker face during the debate with that guy hillary was running with was excellent.

that guy was being as faggy and annoying as possible, like debating with a 13 year old, and pence just sat there stoically, occasionally smirking in a condescending way, like a rock. what they said was insignificant, it was all about appearances, and pence dominated without doing anything but sitting there.

Cause civilized people don't value their looks so much that they would get surgery done to change them just because of the wear and tear of aging. Doing surgery to fix stuff like deformities and injuries is understandable, but doing surgery to fix normal aging is just vanity, or perhaps the desire to continue using one's appearance as a status tool.

Yeah, Kim Taine really brought nothing to Hillary's table.

Of course, this is easier said than done... I'm still young, so I'm probably underestimating the psychological pressure of one's looks slipping. Damn... women deal with that when they're in their 30s-40s. Men are luckier in that regard.