1/3 to 1/2 of all women have rape fantasies

>current research indicates that between 31% and 57% of women have fantasies in which they are forced into sex against their will, and for 9% to 17% of women these are a frequent or favorite fantasy experience.

What the fuck is wrong with women?

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big surprise, its not like we already knew that or anything

In other news, water is wet.

I sometimes have fantasies of raping women.
Do I do it?
What's wrong with me?

You don't. Immigrants do.

That's the problem.
Women like being raped and immigrants like to rape. That combination will be our downfall.

I girl I was hooking up with told me about her rape fantasies, and asked if I would break into her apartment, tie her up, and fuck her.

I noped the hell outta that.

Of course women wants to be raped, it's like sex but they can get legally paid after in court!

>Implying the EU won't fall apart like Yugoslavia and we'll have Guerilla Warfare in European streets against Islam

And the other 2/3 to 1/2 of women lie about not having those fantasies.

They ALL do. Women want dominant men and that is dominance ramped to 11.

And its ok. Its a *fantasy*. Just because a woman has a dominance fantasy does not mean she wants the holy shit beat out of her in real life and sodomized so hard she requires medical attention.

I fantasize about shooting every third person I interact with on the road because you're all a buncha driving-dumbasses. Doesn't mean I'll ever do it. But imagining it is fun enough.

And now they have the vote!

>carcuck detected

then why dont you protect your women you scared little faggot? cant make an ommlette without breaking eggs and you my friend are a classic grade A eggy.

Germans are cucks.

>"Oh no, this rich and handsome businessman knows what he wants and won't take no for an answer!"

that's the kind of "rape" women refer to when they're polled about fantasies
it's misleading and nothing like real life rape

Of course they do.

They've been bred to do this for hundreds of thousands (or millions, probablly millions) of years of males trying to get some booty by force and succeeding. The more often you get someone pregnant by force, then the more often the rape genes spread.

Which is why it is so taboo, and why you can't trust women at all because it's a very grey line when it comes to these things. Because we're trying to breed it out of humans.

Doesn't mean you should start raping everyone you meet, but yeah you have to be a little pushy when it comes to sex otherwise chad's gonna steal yo girl because he knows what's up.

It is actually pretty simple. The fantasy is that they get to have sex with a powerful man while still maintaining their innocence since they didn't have a choice. Having their cake and eating it too has always been the core female desire. Every romance novel reflects this.

it's hard wired into their genetic fabric
evolved that way to increase reproduction and guarantee the survival of the species in the early stages

That's like saying nobody really wants to commit suicide if their heart is still beating because it takes a conscious effort to beat it
Our bodies are literally built to encourage and take pleasure from sex, that doesn't mean that makes it okay
Most rape fantasies are really just wanting rough sex or some light bondage, something along those lines, they just want to be dominated, they would be scared shitless if they were actual being raped
Some of them don't think like that though, I guess it's comparable to how kids daydream in school about beating the fuck out of a school shooter when that's not how they would react in a real shooting

>evolved that way to increase reproduction and guarantee the survival of the species in the early stages

It's more like the fantasy of giving up all the control to the larger man, who is overwhelming but still the girl's dream. And the act itself simplifies commiting yourself to someone, by eliminating the process of picking up a boyfriend and finding out, if you're compatible, since the "rapist" is already that someone.

Also, think about STDs. Ain't that a horror-fest. Sure, I might be a little dominant but that I don't go out raping people.
>Can I rape? Yes.
>Do I want to rape? No.
>That's what makes me human.

It's nature

Protip: most reproduction that occurs in the animal kingdom is done through rape. Look at Lions for example, When the new alpha of the pride defeats the old one he goes around killing all the cubs of the old alpha and rapes all the females in the pride.

C T-cock here with over 100 notches.
Bitches love weird forced sex fantasies. My current girlfriend literally makes me act out her weird molestation and rape fantasy where I pretend to be one of her OLDER SISTER'S FRIENDS WHILE SHE ACTS 14.
No fucking joke.

That being said, people in this thread probably jerk off to nip cartoons, so that's not really any better.

Yes. But you're also making the case that it's natural for animals.

I'd agree that it's similarly instinctual in humans to a lesser degree. It doesn't make it right to force sex upon someone who doesn't return your attentions. We're humans, not animals.

Exactly, just look at the difference between the Soviets and /NatSoc/ialists
It's easy to tell which one is the side of actual humans by looking at what the fucking reds did to Germany when they occupied it

Well, duh. Not raping is a relatively newish cultural thing.

>what the fuck is wrong with women
KEK the age old question

In south africa? lol

>It doesn't make it right to force sex upon someone who doesn't return your attentions.

Of course not, but it is what it is. Mother Nature is a cold bitch. Only in the past couple of hundred years or so has rape become a no no thing.

>We're humans, not animals.

Humans are half animal, half divine. But the Animal side is still prevalent, and in some people unfortunately it's the stronger side.

One of the main reasons why I want to kms. The thing is a lot of them are proud of it too.
>I love it when a man takes what's his ;)
>Why do people slutshame me when I tell them I like to do rape play? :(
I don't understand how a sentient human being would WANT to be degraded that much.

You're talking about forcibly conscripted soldiers who to a man, lost people in their families and more than a few friends to an invading enemy. They're out for vengeance with the ability to take it on their enemy's people in any way possible. In that case and others like it, man becomes animal.

Yeah, Cunts!!!

>rape gene
New meme spotted.

Literally two flies flying over the same pile of shit: statism and socialism.

Copying the fucking reds is what ruined Germany.

Most of the Wehrmacht weren't even Nazis. They were just patriots who loved Germany. Ideology is fucking cancer.

>Chad T

My primary objection to this image is that the reason we have these election stats in the first place is explained by an unnamed (((variable))) which is left out

I think this is hardwired into women.
The same way that selfless altruism is hardwired into men.
Women are booty / treasure for bad men.
On a longer timeline the women capable of dealing with this will survive.
They will be the ones who end up going with it.
Similarly, men are biologically useless once infant conception has happened.
They turn to helping the community because biologically there is nothing else to do.
Feminists say they want good boys.
They do not.
They are women.
They want bad men who restrain themselves.

>I guess it's comparable to how kids daydream in school about beating the fuck out of a school shooter when that's not how they would react in a real shooting
I always dreamed I would be the school shooter. Alas I was born in united cuckdom.

Eh. Fascism does share qualities with Communist Totalarianism. But in no way were all German troops innocent. They knew exactly what they were doing in Poland. Near the home front, they watched the train cars filled with gold fillings and jewelry pass by and knew what it meant. They knew when their neighbors were taken and said nothing. Ideology flows down from the highest place. All is tainted.

As you said, Ideology is fucking cancer. And Nazism was a strong ideology at that time.

These days I actually do think women's suffrage was a mistake.
They are literally taking away my rights and theirs.
It's a kind of suicide pact that I didn't agree to.
California is going to blow up at some point.

Uh where's the rest of the comic?

Plus, the roleplay gives the girl a sense that she's desired. Maybe so much that the man is willing to risk raping her, even though he is aware of the repercussions and the forbiddance of the act.

Is this the real reason why women don't report rapes? Srs question.

Someone's interested, clearly for research purposes.

It isn't really a rape fantasy, its a lack of responsibility fantasy.

OP is clearly a virgin...

Not sure of the pic, but I think fansadox will be your cup of tea.

FIDF Incoming

It's probably close to 100% really if they were honest. Hell even I've had fantasies of being raped and I'm a man.

There's a strong culture where the victims are shamed.
"She's a slut"
"She was wearing that dress around those guys, she deserved it."
Or, sometimes.
"Boys will be boys."
In some cases they have to go to court and are forced to come out with a statement that they were raped by so and so, which is a humiliation in and of itself.
Other times, the police won't have any sympathy.
There's also no guarantee that the perps will be punished.
Rape is in general, a shitty thing to do to someone who doesn't want to have sex with you. Please don't do it.

But just like in your sexual fantasies it's some hot woman, in their rape fantasies it's some hot guy.

They want to be raped.

Just not by *you*.

>Hell even I've had fantasies of being raped and I'm a man.
Dude you might be gay

Explain a little more?

>The nazis were socialists
YAWN. Haven't i heard a retarded fucking lolobertarian say that a few times too much now. National-socialism is not marxism.

Next up we have the classic "The wehrmacht wuz patriots not nazis n shiiieeet". 7% of the german population was members of the NSDAP, but the majority, though they were not members of the party, was positive towards national-socialism and loyal to the F├╝hrer. 15% of Wehrmacht soldiers were members of the NSDAP. The Wehrmacht was national-socialist, and you're a fucking patriotarded civic nationalist cuck to face that.


I got a cute 18 year old girl to suck me off in my car after being pushy but friendly. Smile and be playful and they fall into your lap, literally.


>female "rape" fantasy
>Chad 10/10 thundercock takes her by force because she is so irresistible that he can't control himself
The power fantasy is that her beauty controls the man, not that the man controls her.

Thanks for the reinforcements. Some people just live in a fantasy world where the facts just don't matter.

It's only so you can LARP and jerk off to Wehrmacht aesthetics, while not being labelled a """nazi""", by people who hate you and wants to genocide you. Fucking pathetic.

And that's why you're still a virgin and a beta cuck.

This has been typed by either a feminist cuck or a female herself. No sane straight male would type such garbage.

But I'm not :^)

I know the first person to schedule for a five man gangbang. Let's see who's laughing now boi.


>Denmark and Amerifat think they know about Germany. Go back to your shitty leftist reddit/turmblr where special snowflakes like you belong.

>What the fuck is wrong with women?

Sigmund Freud of Vienna believed human behavior was motivated by unconscious drives, primarily by the libido or "Sexual Energy". Freud proposed to study how these unconscious drives were repressed and found expression through other cultural outlets. He called this therapy "psychoanalysis".

While Freud's ideas were sometimes ignored or provoked resistance within Viennese society, his ideas soon entered the discussions and working methods of anthropologists, artists and writers all over Europe, and from the 1920s in the United States. His conception of a primary sexual drive that would not be ultimately curbed by law, education or standards of decorum spelled a serious challenge to Victorian prudishness, and his theory of psychosexual development proposed a model for the development of sexual orientations and desires; children emerged from the Oedipus complex, a sexual desire towards their parent of the opposite sex. The idea of children having their parents as their early sexual targets was particularly shocking to Victorian and early 20th century society.

According to Freud's theory, in the earliest stage of a child's psychosexual development, the oral stage, the mother's breast became the formative source of all later erotic sensation. This new philosophy was the new intellectual and cultural underpinning ideology of the new age of sexual frankness. Much of his research remains widely contested by professionals in the field, though it is has spurred critical developments in the humanities.

Anarchist Freud scholars Otto Gross and Wilhelm Reich (who famously coined the phrase "Sexual Revolution") developed a sociology of sex in the 1910s to 1930s.


Yeah we know that you're a faggot, my dear reddit/tumblr piece of shit.

Not unless it's rape... Don't find men attractive.

Too bad you've learned nothing from history. Why don't you take our your swastika armband and march in Berlin? We'll see exactly how well that's received.

This is old news. So old its not news to anyone. And the percentage is high some just haven't figured out they like it yet.

First its like an amusement part. All the excitement none of the actual danger. Its not rape if they are fantasizing. Also its a fetish to play rough or even do safety word shit because again all of the excitement none of the downsides.

Second women have been raped for most of their existence on earth. Until we decided it was bad tribes would wipe each other out and the women got raped. And they needed to be able to both go on and bond with their new tribe.

The real scary thing is women might have no loyalty beyond what it can give them in the short term.

>all these beta cuck virgins in this thread
Reminder that Sup Forums is a traditionalist board that promotes traditional family values. You idiots just don't know how to be a real man, so you complain that life is unfair. Life is supposed to be unfair for mean, you are meant to sacrifice yourself, that's what it means to be a man. It's good that unfairness exists, it means you get to express your masculinity. Grow some balls, you pathetic weasels, and find yourselves a woman.

They're like...cats! Pussy got no loyalty!

We've stumbled across the great scientific truth! Quick, we must organize a study!

>Learns that people don't adopt cats, cats adopt humans.

That was a flop.

It follows that female sexual fantasies are idealized exaggerations of the ways men an women differ. Women will fantasize about dominant, strong men, taking what they want, but actual rape is something distinctly different, when the women genuinely does not want it. In the context of sexual fantasy, the women ultimately wants it.

according to (((researchers)))

Much in the effect of, I don't think she factored a broken nose and a concussion into her fantasy, nor how she's saddled with a pregnancy because the rapist was too stupid to use a condom. But at least he's going to prison now.

Hitler himself said that National socialism was only needed because the nation was in crisis, and because outside propaganda weakened Germany's immune system.

After the world war was won and security from outside threats restored (race mixing is one of those threats) it was planned to gradually abandon this ideology and return to an earlier Germany.

You fucking morons need to understand that Germany adopted NS not for fun or because they are so edgy. It is literally the last resort and a state of emergency. It is NOT fucking normal.

Your fat, isolated nation never experienced the existential threat which Germany had experienced with enemies fucking everywhere. You have no idea what you are talking about. Germany was a fish in a lake full of sharks and had to change itself to survive.

Real rape vs dominant male fantasy. The crazy compartmentalization of feminists who refuse to believe in the dominant male archetypal fantasy, and that dominance is just a meme created by men to oppress women

So you want to be raped by a chick?

Still sounds gay to me.

>implying all of the west is not facing a similar crisis now or in the near future
>also implying Germany wouldn't have retained some or most of National Socialism's ideals after the war was won and the nation secured

I spotted the Nazi! He's already gone his spiel about how Hitler was right all along, the Jews totally had it coming, and how Muslims are stealing his women. It's a pity that you never learned that Germany really should've held back on the Austrian Empire's leash before allowing WWI to happen. The punitive measures taken out on the Weimar Republic were excessive, but your ideology whitewashes all the atrocities committed in the name of Nazism.

>I fantasize about raping people
>my gf fantasizes about getting raped

Honestly it just makes things more fun in the bedroom, what's the problem?

The ideals of NS aren't anything new. They should be instinct and work automatically. Word is should. And you can find them in all nations across the world. Japan is a good example. Despite being isolated for so many centuries they still retained the instinct of racial hygiene.

NS was simply an attempt to get this instinct BACK. Not invent something new. The instinct was never lost, but the propaganda of Weimar Germany managed to brainwash people. Just like today where race mixing is pushed in every major hollywood film.

NS can be compared to a vaccine to save a dying organism. If the organism is healthy there is no need for a vaccine.

Not like you whitewash the actions of the allies in both wars or anything

I agree with you that it should be instinct. The fact it isn't shows how far we as a species have fallen.

>Schlomo detected

Go actually rape her. At 3am or sometime when she's sleeping, just start fucking her.

>What the fuck is wrong with women?

They're women.

Dude I already said that ideology is cancer. The question is what is necessary or not? It maybe was.

Imagine you are a German in the 30s and every time you open a newspaper there is a new atrocity commited by the Bolsheviks or a new type of weapon they created. And they are your fucking NEIGHBOR. And then they come to you and shamelessly ask you to give them your newest military tech blueprints. And you can't even say no, because the West raped the economy in your nation to such a degree that you need money just to not need to starve to death. Germany endured more than any nation possibly could.

Of course you can't behave like a hippie and sing kumbaya. You have to get strong yourself. Psychologically and militarily.

I'm a national-socialist myself. Don't get too uppity now. Also, i really have a hard time believing that. Hitler talked about a thousand year empire.

but then it wont be rape anymore will it?

you know it's true burger

>What the fuck is wrong with women?
Because the kids of a rapist are more likely to spread their genes than the kids from some beta faggot

This is why your women are overwhelmingly supporting migrants. They want the thrill of knowing they might go out to grocery shop and instead be gangraped by sandniggers.

Women are by their very nature traitors and should NEVER have been trustes with an equal say in the direction of our countries. They are going to destroy thousands of years of civilisation and progress because they let their pussies and hearts run the show.

Hello Abdul Mustafa Iwn Sayid Al-Jazira

Well, if you want me to go into detail, the US made out of WW2 like a bandit after sinking its costs in loans, investments, and providing arms for the defense of the "Free World" Yay Military Industrial Complex.

Coincidentally, the Soviets were really fucked up by Nazi Germany and took their own revenge on Germany and any other nation in their path that had citizens that even seemed like they assisted the Germans. Everyone else regretted not stomping out the Soviets as well.

I feel bad for Europe in general after WW2. The USA doesn't understand what it feels like to lose 50% of its male population after years of war. It's led to a culture that glorifies US exceptionalism from the fact that we're simply isolated from all the world's problems. Bad things don't happen to US! Bad things happen to other nations! Especially bad things happen to nations that cross the US.

I never said I was for it or against it
It is just basic biology
Women who are impregnated by strong men are more likely to pass on their genes than those impregnated by week men
It was in a womans best interests to be raped by some strong warlord

Why is everyone so butthurt about this

one in five is nothing. I bet one in five prison rape victims "like it" too


That doesn't necessarily mean forsaking basic human decency, creating scapegoats for a nation's ills, and slaughtering a minority by the millions. This scapegoat was central to the idea of imposing racism (of a fictional race) over the world in a megalomaniac scheme to rule everything with an iron fist. The ends don't justify the means.

Look at what they do at every turn... Its illegal to utter any unkind word about migrants, no matter how true. Slaps on the wrist for violent rapes and assaults for migrants when they would CRUCIFY the perp if he were white.

These whores beat western men into submission and now they are cucking us on an enormous level. What they are doing is effectively genocide. They need to be subjugated and put in their place by white men, for their own good, before this shit leads the entire world off a cliff just so they can get off.