Who else regrets voting for trump ?

who else regrets voting for trump ?
>inb4 shills
fuck off back to T_D

not my president!

Haha yeah former trump supporter here not going to lie it's hilarious watching him crash and burn, but seriously we can't let this guy continue to be president

>tfw reddit is now more tolerable than Sup Forums
shareblue wants to chase all supporters of the president out of Sup Forums and into reddit where they can be isolated





I don't.
Still better than Hillary.
We're still lumbering in a bad direction.
At least we aren't sprinting.


are these unpaid shills now? What is wrong with the world?
Do they really think a commie utopia will happen if trump is impeached? (and Pence is president)


Haha yeah, former trump supporter here, I'm gonna be totally honest it's hilarious watching him crash and burn, but we seriously can't let this guy be president any longer

Why would I regret it? The FCC hooey is the only prob I have. Still better than Rodhamz.

Hey George!

I'm a sort of selfish /r9k/ type and while I'm upset he's gone back on his policies I still don't regret voting for him as like a spite thing. As long as he's being attacked by libshits and normans and is hated mainstream, I will not regret voting for him. I'm so glad those fucking shitbags lost.



I'm certain this message right here is just copy/pasted. I see it everywhere word for word on this board.


>inb4 shills
I guess we're done here.

They don't think.


why doesnt this align with the C

>Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC

Fuck of back to plebbit, shill

Op can't "/thread" their own thread, you fucking newfag.


I voted Trump and I will defend Trump against anyone who says he's a bad guy.

I was devastated yesterday when Sup Forums was down and I had to go back to T_D but I'm excited to be back and defend Trump from these shareblue shills. Praise kek!

actually i am seeing the opposite. its fucked up!! all my liberal friends are starting to support trump!! wtf is going on? everyday, someone i know says, i think i actually like trump, or i wish i would have voted for trump. i dont know whats going on anymore!!


Remember to sage

You young folks are just plain pussies.

It's because people are getting sick of stuff like this.

It would be hilarious if he gets impeached for real.

I'm pro Trump but the damage control would be so funny to watch from the usual suspects.

ya, thats the type of stuff they point out. i guess for now i am on the fence but leaning towards supporting trump. all my friends and family, who have always been dems, switched to supporting him. its a strange world.

>reddit is more tolerable tha-
Fuck off. CTR, Shareblue, and other shills are only powerful here because of newfags and redditors falling for their bait threads and not saging. The shills try to get us to fight with each other over redditors, the redditors get us fighting over shills. How about we just get rid of any t_d posters and then problem solved. They can't slide stickies, so always try to get mods to sticky important thread topics.

>inb4 in the OP
leave, faggot

fuck off shareblue

I promise you goys just believe in everything I say just like any other politicians