Lindsey Graham: "It's now a criminal investigation."

>Based on the facts that have presented to us, it's safe to say this has moved from a counterintelligence to a criminal investigation"


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lmfao grahm was talking about clinton and the doj

Yes. The Deep State and The Establishment do not want Trump and they are gonna remove him from office. Pence signaled he was willing to go along with the soft coup back when Gen. Flyyn was fired.

Those are the brakes.

More likely he'll have someone like Flynn soak up most of the fallout.


Literally no one has been charged with any crime. Not even Flynn.

Also Comey said no one told him to stop the investigation.

CNN is enough to know it's fake, but it's honestly amazing how much nothing shills can scream about

This. Fuck off OP.



surely this is the end drumpfkins

Nope its about Drumpf

Hahaha yeah former trump supporter here not gonna lie it's hilarious watching him crash and burn but seriously we can't let this guy be the nuclear 2 scoop president anymore

>deep state deep state deep state

I love how you all take after whatever comes out of Alex Jones' mouth.

>new world order
>deep state

What comes after Deep State?

You know those crazy people on twitter who crave attention or excitement in their lives so much that they make up knowing people inside the FBI or CIA or in the Navy Seals who "tell" them all this secret stuff and dates that shit is going down?

You know, the type that used to go on about how the UN was going to take over the US, and concentration camps were being built and all that shit?

I'm starting to suspect that Trump has brought out the leftist version of those people. Journalists and bloggers and just random left-leaning dipshits who literally make shit up about sources and investigations and all these conspiracies about Trump being a triple agent and a dumbass and a traitor and a sellout and a tax evader and god knows what else might come next.

I think we might just be dealing with people who have literally lost track of reality, and would rather make up their own.

Who did you vote for in the FBI elections?

I voted for orange Hitler but the evidence against him is too much

>Alex Jones

You mean Rick Wilson

I hope they try and bag him and Trump goes full fucking Pinochet.

shills are trying to reverse the tweet on trump. ho shiiii you guys are ass-bent stupid.

Clinton. Ya ya HURR DxS SHILL. Suck my balls.

Was that who originally came up with the term?

Not one of your read the tweet. Sheesh! Read the fucking tweat. It is about Clinton!

You completely missed the point of

Nah, he'll get tired of the bullshit and resign. Mike 'More Faggots For The Fire' Pence will take over.
There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

yeah i don't believe any of this russia bull but i hope it's true so he feels reason to feel threatened and purge them all

Trump will not be impeached

Trump will not resign.

There is no criminal investigation.

Hillary Clinton will never be president.

Trump will serve two terms.

>I think we might just be dealing with people who have literally lost track of reality, and would rather make up their own.
cough....Birther movement...cough
Enjoy the payback trumpcucks :)

So which one is true? And given that it's Lindsey graham, does it really matter?

I hope they hang him from the washington monument and skin him alive on national television while airing live reaction from his cucked supporters :)

>we can be twice as crazy- TAKE THAT!

Wow u rly showed me

Is that the reason why you people push this shit to oblivion despite the news coming out? Because you *think* that's how the process works... Trump resigns and Clinton becomes president?

Is that even possible if it was shown that the election was rigged?

lol you think Trump is the kind of person who would quit in shame? He's already gearing up his cult to die fighting for him with the whole "MUH DEEP STATE" bullshit

>trumpcuck chants to himself while rocking back and forth

kill yourself shill rat

LoL. You are literally pulling this out of your ass. You have NOTHING but speculation to base your statement on. Fuck you.

Calm down spaz, nothings habbenin

Good goy. Shill harder for your dollars.

Man, if Trump goes to prison I'll shitpost in his hellhole like I've never shitposted before.

What you accomplished in 8 years with the birther movement, we're doing it in 8 months.
Congratulations, you hicks played yourself :)

Unless Trump can sort out his approval ratings he is fucked. Trump supporters will fall in line for Mike Pence in 2020 so its no biggie for them to dispose of Trump.

stuff that orange cock back in your cunt mouth trumpcuck

>USA is most powerful country in the world
>Somehow we don't have bought unelected officials that we can't do anything about

really makes me think

real edgy pal, stay in school

I think most liberals are too blinded by assmad to understand the ramifications of this. If unelected elites make up shit and smear someone out of office because they wanted to overrule an election, we've reached Civil War 2 status.

Cough...not even close. An all out assault by the press, MILLIONS of stories about this made up shit. Like comparing a fucking atom to an elephant....cough, cough...

Cool story, bro, tell us again!

Isnt that at what an impeachment is? A criminal investigation on the president.

Based user.

Just borrowing the colorful language you trumpcucks use for Obama and Hillary.

>assuming trump isn't a moron digging his own grave whenever he opens his cunt mouth

No. Look up the definition. It's calling into question the integrity of the Potus

That's what you get for the last 8 years trumphick. You started it, we perfected it.

Looking at your posts in this thread, its hard to imagine being this assblasted. But thanks for outing yourself as underage. Take care, kid, and don't skip school.

Maybe that's what he wants us to think. That WE tweet was telling

>Its a "neo-Sup Forums think the movement falls with Trump" episode
You newfriends have no idea what this all was really about, do you? Let them have their coup and we'll see what happens when the last attempt to play "by the rules" fails and a new game has to be started.

>Always accuse your enemy of doing what you do

Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary's Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims

Even if Trump did "collude" with Russia (which is false):

Trump has violated the constitution far less than other recent presidents and Hillary. Trump has colluded with forerign nations far less than other recent presidents and Hillary.

Tell me why I would want him impeached? The ones calling for impeachment seem like foreign operatives wanting to literally tear this country down.

what if both clinton and trump are bad

>oh no a trumpcuck called me SHILL / NEWFAG / KIDDO. What will I ever do now that he pretty much admitted he got BTFOd and is trying to save face
See ya cuck :)

Posting in green text won't save you from eternal shill hell, faggot.

i'll just keep anime posting like i usually do

Except he didn't say that. He said Mueller may be considering calling it that so congress members don't fuck with his investigation.

You really don't understand what's about to happen.
Hint: nothing good for HRC or the DNC.


No matter how much you tell yourself that, it won't make it true.

It's about the Trump-Russia investigation, you sad piece of shit shill.

>okie dokie trumpcuck

God, I hate that faggot. Ain't no politician more obvious than him..... Ok... May Michelle Bachmann's "husband".

>$0.02 has been deposited to your account.


>trumpsters nervous af
>like 4 months in we're already discussing criminal charges in his campaign

weeeeeeeeeew. the best part is, trump is far too stubborn and proud to resign so this is going to draaaaaaag for months and months and months and the GOP is going to get ruined. it's pretty disheartening and stressful, whether you support trump or not.

also, this is obviously the ultimate goal of Russia. trump, whether or not he's collaborating with russia, is just a tool. their ultimate goal is unrest.

>trump mired in controversy
>impeachment begins
>weeks into impeachment hearings
>russia invades Ukraine and the Baltic States

wat do?

>Deep State
you mean jews?
because yes... its always jews

public enemies #1

Isnt that literally every post on this board?

Maybe if your source wasn't the biggest Soros shill in the US government people might take you seriously ShariaBlueFag.

Graham is a joke who says what his donors tell him to, you might as well use a horoscope as your news source.

>+5 mins has been added to your nightly cock sucking session with Donny

The shill says, for the fifteenth time in 4 months, growing increasingly aggressive and nervous that this "DRUMfU BTFO AHAHAHA *BRETH* HAHAAHHA" might be bullshit like all the others.

Special Prosecutors are never appointed to make a President look good or prove they did nothing wrong, this is likely permanent as long as Trump is in office.

He's not guilty of anything and this is a meme, but it won't stop the powers that be from using something, anything to make him toxic, make him resign, not run again or impeach him.

Two of the most butt-blasted people over President Trump, both of which Trump mocked relentlessly during the campaign.

Little wonder they do their parts to setup these narratives and expectations, literally both of these guys are poster children for everything wrong with Republicans.

They aren't republicans. They're Soros puppets.

I think Flynn probably will go to jail. I really doubt Trump is guilty of any collusion, maybe some other aides will be, but I would really only bet money on Flynn. The fallout from that is that the Trump transition team was LITERALLY STRAIGHT UP TOLD DIRECLTY that Flynn was compromised, and they hired him anyway and kept him for almost three weeks. It might not be a crime but it will Trump and co look stupid.

But what about clinton's emails?

>And given that it's Lindsey graham, does it really matter?

No. And this is what this pozzed thread needs to understand.

Yeah and Sasquatch is pulling the strings the whole time. I can just say things too, maybe if you had some proof I would take you seriously. All you conspiracy fucks talk all day about logic and reason being what allows you to see the truth, well needing proof to believe something is more logical and rational then just being like "woah I think I can see a pattern here, must be what's happening for real"

Please tell me there is sauce.

Lindsey Graham is fuckin retard, he's been wrong since the beginning of time.

>That's what you get for the last 8 years trumphick.
I'm sorry, WAT.

Obama being pres for the last 8 years is Trump supporters fault and they need to pay?

Fuck me, it's high time classical liberalism took back the left from you fucking snowflake spastics. Your days are numbered.

he hates everyone not named bush

Remember when Trump gave out Grahams number on national tv? Wonder if Don still finds that funny.

Pathetic and very low energy. Come on! make those Soros Shekels count girl.

Comey Says He Was Never Pressured By Anyone To Stop Investigations

graham wants more hillary investigations too

hes just being consistent desu

rly makes u think

The "controversy" exists solely in the minds of liberals and neocons. You are saying that they are the problem, whether you realize it or not.

you think im reading all that shit? draw a picture jerk

Leave it to CNN to completely leave out context.
was right. Lindsey was talking about the Clintons.


Fucking hell, how were you not fucked into the bin instead of the afterbirth...

It means that Congress will now be less involved, and that their probes are about to become obsolete, meaning that the investigation will be less political.

How can the democratic party recover from this? Are they done for good?