The most prominent American white nationalist says Jews are white. Butthurt much goy?

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Someone asked him about this and his response is pretty good

Wait a minute. If Jews are white, and Israel is a Jewish state... Then we already have our white ethnostate!

I consider Ashkenazi Jews white. I've seen blue-eyed Jews, blonde Jews, and very pale Jews. If you don't consider them white, you can argue that Irish and Slavs are not white either. They just differ with regards to culture.

Israel is not an ethno-state. More than 25% of the population is Arab.

hwhat kind of accent is that hwhere you add an h before a w?

you could do it using phyletic (cladistic) definitions (vs. non-cladistic definitions). You'd just have to choose a common ancestor and say "everyone past this furcation is white".

oh nice does that mean i can move to israel and be with my ethnic brothers

You think Muslims with Israeli citizenship identify with that proudly Jewish flag?

Jared Taylors refers you to go check out Duke's work and others.

he is strictly concerned with preserving White America and stopping non-white immigration

You can if you convert to Judaism.

This. I don't know what he's fighting for, honestly. Must be controlled opposition.

That would make you co-religionists not co-ethnics

Only ashkenazi, but then again, they are the only ones that count

The fact is 1488'ers bitching about Jews is EXACTLY the same as niggers bitching about whites.

They have a higher IQ and have more power.

Don't be a white nigger victim to Jews. Grow a pair and compete against them.

>I consider Ashkenazi Jews white. I've seen blue-eyed Jews, blonde Jews, and very pale Jews.

Those are Jews heavily mixed with White Europeans. That is why they look White. Unmixed Ashkenazim are immediately recognizable as being non-White.

>The fact is 1488'ers bitching about Jews is EXACTLY the same as niggers bitching about whites.
>They have a higher IQ and have more power.
>Don't be a white nigger victim to Jews. Grow a pair and compete against them.

They are outsiders destroying White society.

I used to think like you. It's not the same at all, because black people need whites to live in a first world country, and Jews need us to funnel merchandise. White people dont need either. We're trying to get them to leave us alone, while they both want to infiltrate and living amongst our creation.

It's not about being a victim, I wish blacks and Jews all the best luck, as long as they stay in their own countries.

It's always a battle between groups except whites convinced themselves to hang themselves for hispanics, blacks and Muslims.

We need to compete with every race and come out on top. Not turn to destroying any race or focusing all our blame/energy on one race/ethnicity.

Wasps in a nutshell. Anglos and jews bad news.

Go away goy. Being jew on /pol is tough. You cry everytime they say "kike" at you. You yell "Oy Vey" at every Nazi related post.... this life is tough... you also must fill your quota of whining.

>it's another antifa/idiot/shill thread shitting on our greatest man

Scientifically, he's white. That doesn't mean their culture should be preserved. It's the rotten culture of an oppressed people who adoptee various ugly traits in order to survive.

>It's not about being a victim
Jews are all the problems in the west, gtfo newfag

You're full of shit, though. Quakers, Wasps, Unitarians, etc all outscore them. They're overrepresented due to nepotism

Additionally, Jews have an indisputable disproportionate amount of power in the government, media, and academia. While that me be fine, here is the most important thing: you are not allowed to notice that or question the wisdom of the arrangement. You can question if the Oscars are too white, but not if they're too Jewish. So we have a system in which 2% of the population, which pursues its own self-interest (which is perfectly normal) but whites are declared evil for even recognizing that whites are a group, let alone that they may have a collective interest. And finally, you are not allowed to criticize the Jewish interest (which can often be at odds with white interest) because muh evil whites, muh Holocaust, muh "1488 are the same as nigger" faggots like you.

You're blue pilled my friend. Read culture of critique and return here enlightened.

Hm, on the one hand ashenazim mixed heavily with europeans, on the other, don't they have a problem with some genetic diseases becasue of inbrreding? Tay-Sachs, mucoviscidosis?

>Jared Taylor spent his first 16 years living in Japan


Durr hurr

what exactly is wrong with conservative jewish culture

I look at a Ben Shapiro type and I think hes probably doing alright in terms of raising his family and all that

meant at

>appeal to authority
no thanks.

Nothing as long as they stay out of the West

more like weeaboomer

I'm ok with this. Jews are white if they want to be white.

Ben Shapiro is a loyal Jew, but he also makes good arguments against commies so he's an honorary white.

"Jews are Whites" is an excellent meme to drive a wedge between the Jewry and take the battle to them instead of being on the defensive. Sometimes they actually believe it, and it makes their rabbis pretty butthurt, which is always funny (if anyone has examples, they should post 'em).

If you could snap your fingers tomorrow and all Jews vanished into thin air...

The non-Jews with the same agenda would be at 90% operation power and recoup in no time.

It's emotionally rewarding to see 1 problem with 1 solution. Jew = destroy, it's so much easier. That is why people do it.

The fact that it is foreign and belongs elsewhere

theyre part of the western world and have been for hundreds of years

Shuddup faggot. Trust me no one would be 1488 gas the kikes race war now if there wasnt some fucking dogshit agenda.
>open borders
>anti white
>pro black
>destroy Christianity
>pro islam
>pro refugees
>pro globalism
>destroy white culture
>college niggers asking for gibs
>Sodomites everywhere
>dykes on bikes
>white Knight faggots
>liberal media
>Hate free speech
I can list shit all day. You're a fucking tool and deserve to die.

Yep, pretty much. Doesn't mean people who go full retard about it aren't cancer though (e.g., Milo/Gavin/Richard/TRS/etc. is a shill concern trolls).

Your emotional response is telling

A reasonable guy. We have like 6-ish million jews that take up all social ladders out of 8mil people. Pretty homogeneous. You have 6 million middle-class liberals and progressives who think they are jews too. Multiculturalism is not a jewish value at all.

six-ish gorillion you say?

>what exactly is wrong with conservative jewish culture
Zionist have done arguably more damage to America than progressive leftism and conservative Jews in America are almost exclusively hard core Zionist who'd fight in the Israeli army before the American.

"Against our better judgement" is a must read for every American who is serious about fixing our nation's government

doit! Our doors are always open to get the good engineers, doctors, lawyers. You can keep the black wearing fucks from NY for yourself.

pretty significant subsaharan admixture, even for askeNAZI.
SURE, accept them as white if you want your kids to have kinky hair and dick-sucking lips.

Don't allow for dual citizenship. Allowing dual citizenship is the definition of being a cuck.

Then how can they have a homeland in the Middle East?


Forgot the crooked teeth. A reminder of the cousin fucking 5 generations ago. My kids got it too. At least I know they are mine.

they are white. they're white arabs.

I don't like playing devils advocat, but because their origins are in the middle east and only european jews look white because of admixture.


you think I don't know about haredim?

surely you must be joking

There are tons of white arabs. Lebanese for example. Crusader did a wonderful job once.

Jews are parasites. They need to be eradicated. Name one Jewish accomplishment. (Hard Mode: the accomplishment cannot be related to caucasoid success.)

i don't see how jews aren't white
israel is jewish nationalist

>you think I don't know about haredim?
>surely you must be joking
Haredim don't work here. They sit on the government dime and do nothing (study torah) and have tons of kids.
Don't need any more of them here. Got a country to improve, enemies to kill.


since the alexander and the seleucids. and if europeans are mad about jews in the west they shouldn't have invaded 2000 years ago and ultimately dissolved the only jewish polity and expelled its inhabitants to disperse throughout their other territories.

euros wish their identities were as strong as the jewish one, to endure a 2000 year exile without a homeland and not disappear. how many generations does it take a euro to lose his identity when he leaves his homeland, two?

jokes on you, jews are literally caucasoids. so are arabs and pashtuns for that matter. read a book.

Not all jews are white. But the non white jews are mixing with the white jews in israel of two or three generations now.

question israelfag

have you seen much mixing with the eritrean population

He is wrong about that.

How can jews be white if they aren't even human?

so they aren't semitic? Thats good news, now we can't be called anti-semitic for telling kikes to fuck off.

I have long thought that there should be a different term for this

These hebes would like to have a word with you.

White isn't a race. It's not even a mere skin tone. It's an idea and culture associated with the skin tone. Jews are shapeshifters. When it suits them they are white, otherwise they're not. This is why the Jew prefers everyone separated by skin color instead of actual race.

Jews are Hebrew.
"Whites" are Indo-Europeans.
Indo-Europeans are Aryans.

they don't work here either, see Kiryas Joel

face it man, Israel will die a painful death of its own making, when the fundy haredim out populate the seculars and turn you into their actual goyim slaves. you will live to see adulterers stoned in the streets just like any other arab shithole.

>afghans are aryans

those poor kids
being told to ignore their skin color

Semites in our land aren't Aryan.

Obviously the West's problems aren't solely caused by da joo. It's just that they play a role, and right now noticing that is unacceptable. I think you may be misrepresenting my argument, as I never said getting rid of Jews would solve everything. Of course their are whites with the same agenda. But to bury your head in the sand and pretend like there is no Jewish Question is only lying to yourself.
Trust me, I get it. I fought the JQ for so long, years. I didn't want to believe it. It's the hardest pill to swallow, for those that consider themselves free of the shackles of victim hood.
Just read Culture of Critique with an intellectually curious and open mind, and get back to me.

>pashtuns are semites

lol you're actually just a dummy.

It is not there. All about setting court dates and why women who is late for her court case is fucked and men can weasle their way out.
Also alot about how to treat a customs representative. Like you can't take coins that sat at customs payment box for charity because customs is considered thievery and extortion money. Can't see nothing about lying to goyim. Which is fine by me. Just not written there.בבא-קמא/קיג-א/

Arabs in our land aren't Aryan.

As for the Pashtuns see pic related. Guess what "Indo-Iranian" means?

Come at me when you've educated yourself.

Yes very much so there are white Jews. Jews=friends I don't care what anyone says

>implying you can trust books