Do anti trump people buy pet hamsters and touch them softly?

Do anti trump people buy pet hamsters and touch them softly?

they are probably niggers

im not a peru guy

They stuff them up their asses.

Do pro-Trump people buy Capybaras and scratch them vigorously?

Based cartel buddy.

if they're leafs they touch them sexually

>asks about hamsters
>posts guinea pig
Me and my pet rabbit are deeply offended

I have no idea what's going on ITT.

But that's a Guinea Pig, no?

Hooknose man come to cave, tell Grog that 6 hooknose tribe die in Holobunga.

6? That a lot. Grog think Holobunga fake.

>Buy guinea pigs
>drown them
ugly rats LMAO

spotted the shitskin

yup, trailer trash buying rodents
neck yourself

Yes actually

I'm contemplating buying a hamster. I lost my job recently and I'm getting lonely at home. I'd get a dog but nobody would be able to take care of it in the long term when I get a job again. Thoughts?

Posts an chupacabra, calls it an hampstar.


That's a guinea pig you worthless faggot.

Get a damn cat.

That's a guinea pig but I don't know. They are super cuddly tho

Forgot pic

>getting a pet that infects you with a mind altering disease
Just get 2 dogs, they'll keep each other company, or two guinea pigs, whatever you get (except for a cat) get 2 of them so you dont have to worry about them getting lonely and going crazy while you're out.

Rats would also be a good alternative. They're smart and social, so you need at least 2 but they can be super friendly and love to play.