May and Corbyn

What's the U.S. equivalent of these two?

Bernie Sanders and Carly Fiorina?

Sanders and Clinton

Harry Truman and Bernie Sanders


this is what I was thinking, wanted to make sure

Corbyn = Sanders
May = Something between Hillary and Trump

This, dark times.

there is no equivalent of corbyn. Sanders whole point was to be a fluffer for hillary.

May is roughly a rubio style cuck. Maybe even a obama style cucked whose hand was forced to BREXIT

What the fuck? Are you memeing, or is this actually the case?


May is 95% Clinton.

The main difference is that May has never said "vote for me cus muh bagina", but in terms of policies they are pretty much identical.

>socialist vs neocon

pretty much

Its true but the media here hates Corbyn much more then they hate sanders, probably because sanders is really good at insulting the media

Sanders and Susan Collins (R-Maine)

Theresa May doesn't actually have an opinions on anything, she changes like the wind so in that mind she's the equivalent of Trump.

Corbyn is a more left-wing Bernie Sanders, who hates the EU/NATO and supports Assad and Putin.

Corbyn is like a counter-semitic Sanders, if you can imagine such a thing.

May is a Hillary with the SJW identity politics dialled down quite a bit.

Comrade Corbyn is Bernie
Theresa May is like George W. Bush (cuckservative party mouthpiece)


Bernie and some generic cuckservative

Bernie and Hillary

Is British Bernie going to win? Please tell me no.

nah. exit polls said Tories was just off the majority however exit polls been completely wrong.

Bernie Sanders and John McCain.

This is actually the case.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Thanks, mate...cheers

Clontin and Jeb Bush

Bernie Sanders vs. Dick Cheney

Burger King and Wendy's

What are the Tories stance on the Muslim problem?

Bernie vs. Romney

Yet people want May to win.

Sup Forumstards disgust me desu.





May is more like Elaine Chao, or Condoleezza Rice. Unfortunately I don't know any other Republican women. But she would be like one of them.

>Clinton is considered liberal in America and May is considered conservative in the UK so they're nothing alike.

They are completely fucking different and if you can't see that you're a fucking moron

Clinton is a progressive. May is the FURTHEST FUCKING THING FROM A PROGRESSIVE EVER.

Here's a picture of Elaine Chao, I don't really know much about her (or anything), but she's Republican, so she's the closest analogue to Theresa May I can think of (because I don't know any other Republican women really)

What's not progressive about May, user

She's in favour of multiculturalism and diversity, believes we NEED mass immigration for the economy, and actively condemns the "far right"

I'm really not seeing many differences here
She's just another socially liberal, fiscally conservative establishment tool

political illiteracy right here, no wonder corbyn is succeeding

Corbyn is Bernie Sanders and May is John McCain

May could also be one of the Bushes.






Clinton is a neo-liberal/neo-conservative. Clinton is not a progressive. She just pandered to them last year for votes. Clinton was against gay marriage until just the last couple of years. And she's always been a warmonger. May is not a conservative by American standards. She'd be considered a neo-liberal at best.

Why didn't he save them?

centralist democrats=/=centralist conservatives

plus May wants to bring down net migration

She's had a year as PM to do that, and several as home sec, with her party having made the exact same promise, and hasn't done shit.

She's just pandering to voters by saying that, and will toss it out with nothing more than a flimsy excuse the moment she gets elected


Clinton definitely is a progressive. Always banging on about racial equality and gender equality and all that shit.

There is no way on Earth, in a million years, that May would ever hold a victory event in a glass venue as a visual metaphor for smashing the glass ceiling. No chance at all.

May wants to be tougher on immigration, tough on crime, tough on the internet, tough on terrorism. She doesn't really care about young people, she's a very reserved old person really. Very, very, very different to Clinton.

Also of course May has shown in this election that she's willing to reject free market policies, and actually be a bit more collectivist and almost socialist economically. Which is different to Clinton.

They're just completely different. May is equivalent to an old, traditional, reserved Republican woman in your country. The only person I know who fits that description is Elaine Chao - if you know any other examples please say.

Corbyn is Bernie, May is Hillary.

But Nigel is Donald.

May is not Hillary, she is nothing like Hillary in any way whatsoever. May is not a progressive. And she's clearly not a ruthless free market person either.

She's a conservative. A social conservative, and an economic nationalist. A member of the right-wing party. Clinton is a social progressive, a free marketer, and a member of the left-wing party. Completely different.

Just look at the people who voted for them! All the progressives voted for Hillary - all the progressives in Britain voted AGAINST Theresa May.

I agree with Corbyn being Bernie though, of course - they're almost exactly the same.

Press S to spit on the grave of European democracy.

>May wants to be tougher on immigration, tough on crime, tough on the internet, tough on terrorism.
Literally Clinton, except now it's politically incorrect to be against immigration so she has dropped that.

they are both neo liberal shill the only reasons why corbyn was against brexit is that back he was pretty much unelectable and he knew that brexit with the tories would be shit.

Who are we hoping wins?

Jesus christ, are all poltards this fucking stupid

Absolute bullshit because Clinton is all about standing up for illegals. May isn't. Has Clinton ever said "American jobs for American people?" Has she ever proposed that companies publish lists of how many foreign workers they have? Has she ever proposed an increase of a financial penalty on companies that hire foreign workers over American workers? Maybe she has, but I don't think she has.

May is the furthest fucking thing from a neoliberal, she's a one-nation conservative, but whatever, distort the facts if you want.



All the retarded polack morons think that the left-wing neoliberal Clinton is exactly the same as the right-wing one-nation conservative May, just because they're both to the left of Adolf Hitler.

how are Corbyn's identity politics? Will he ban Muslims if they/you keep blowing up? does he think traps are gay?

That's why I said she dropped her old immigration stance so she could appeal to what is "popular" now.
Get fucked, ignorant newfag.

Yes, yes they are.

You believe the Conservatives are actually conservative so I think that says it all about your political knowledge

"Democrat" and "Republican" are vague titles meant to create the illusion of choice, a false dichotomy. Democrats are still right-wing, just slightly to the left of Republicans. Even Bernie Sanders is just center-left. The only real leftist in the election was Jill Stein.

>Corbyn wants UK to go full USSR
>May ignores warning signs and lets terrorist attacks happen so she can push even further government regulations on basic rights
Pretty much, thank fucking Christ I don't live in the UK

There is no problem to them.



came here to say this

>how are Corbyn's identity politics? Will he ban Muslims if they/you keep blowing up?

No, he will triple the numbers, for example, if it comes to the point where 20% of muslims in the UK are radical, he will import 3-5 million more so that the percentage as a whole goes down to lets say 10%.

Pretty much this, yes.

Chris Burke and Niki Haley

What a great "argument" you fucking moron

Oh look it's the same old vapid, baseless Sup Forumsack "arguments", what a surprise. I've said multiple times why this narrative is bullshit but whatever, keep screaming in your echo chamber if you like.

>the city of UKIP

Sounds about right. You could pretty much pluck any groomed neocon Republican too for May, be it Jeb! or Little Marco.

Absolute bollocks. Firstly Clinton and May are political opposites.

Secondly Chuka Umunna is the British equivalent of Obama.

>Has Clinton ever said "American jobs for American people?" Has she ever proposed that companies publish lists of how many foreign workers they have? Has she ever proposed an increase of a financial penalty on companies that hire foreign workers over American workers? Maybe she has, but I don't think she has.
Classic goal post moving, newfag.
Hillary was vilified on Sup Forums for years for being pro-censorship of the Internet, film, tv, video games, etc.
She has historically been tough on crime, even specifically targeting black areas.
She is constantly described as "Hawkish" in foreign affairs and military engagements.
Supported mandatory minimum sentencing(along with Bill).
Supported the Bush-era Border Fence.
Hillary has a muslim killcount that May could never dream of achieving.
There is a very clear reason so many people describe Hillary as Center-Right.


Trump and Hilary

That's not bad at all.

I don't know. Ted Cruz mixed with Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders?

Clinton and Jeb or marco wouldn't be all that different

> May wants to be tougher on immigration

As others have said, May only panders about this but essentially does nothing. Plus, the Clintons were tough on immigration in the 90s and early 2000s.

> tough on crime

Hillary had the Suprepredators comment and again was all for this kind of policy in the 80, 90s, and 2000s.

> tough on the internet

Just watch the Trump and Hillary debates. Hillary has mentioned many times she wants to regulate the Internet. Hell, even after she lost she gave a speech about this issue and regulating "fake news".

> tough on terrorism

Hillary is a warmonger. One of these most hawkish politicians right now. I don't think she gives an actual shit about stopping ISIS or anything but she certainly supports any military interventions in the name of "combating" terrorism.

> Also of course May has shown in this election that she's willing to reject free market policies, and actually be a bit more collectivist and almost socialist economically. Which is different to Clinton.

Uhhh what? Clinton is very much for expansion of the regulatory state. She loves the alphabet soup agencies the US has as did Obama. Clinton is very anti-free market and pro-globalism and coincidentally May supported Remain as Clinton would have if she was a UK politician. The parallels are clear here user.

user I think you are just confusing the type of pandering May and Clinton have to do for their respective bases with what they actually do in policy. In terms of pandering, yes Hillary has to appeal to a much different crowd than May does but pay attention to Hillary's own words where she says she has a public face and private face. Her private politics are that of the Establishment center-left to center-right. She herself has said this in the Goldman Sachs transcripts. She occupies a much similar position to May when you look at the policies though their public faces may be a bit different.

As a character she's completely different from May - May is a meek, reserved individual, the daughter of a vicar. Hillary is a shameless self-publicist and ladder-climber. Very, very different individuals.

And you keep describing old positions, which has no relevance to today - in the 2016 election, Hillary was THE EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE to what May was, QUITE LITERALLY THE OPPOSITE POLICIES, THE OPPOSITE POLITICS, THE OPPOSITE VOTER BASE, THE OPPOSITE IN EVERY SINGLE CONCEIVABLE WAY, YOU FUCKING IDIOT

>socially liberal

are you trolling my friend?
: ^ )

The Del-i mean Leadership, Theresa. Hand it over, only i can be the true constitutional monarchist.


You are just fucking wrong, newfag.
Get over it.

Anti-Semitic Sanders vs Less Charismatic Clinton

Corbyn is like an Anti-Semite Sanders.

May is the bastard spawn of Jeb and Hillary, with a touch of Merkel.

>butthurt neo-nazis get butthurt that their ridiculous narrative that a conservative politician is the same as a democrat politician is getting shown up for utter hogwash

Fucking idiots, like always. You fucking utter idiots. They're complete fucking political opposites.

Hillary campaign 2016:
>gender equality
>racial equality
>love not hate
>love trumps hate
>amnesty to immigrants
>accepting to muslims
>lovey duvvy left-wing

May campaign 2017:
>british jobs for british workers
>punish british companies for hiring foreign workers
>social conservatism
>tougher on immigration
>tougher on crime
>tougher on terrorism
>sensibleness, not "love"
>end freedom of movement
>shut out migrants apart from skilled ones
>sensible, hard-headed, hard-nosed conservatism

They're literally fucking polar opposites.

You keep bringing up positions that Hillary held TEN YEARS AGO OR MORE as if that has any relevance to today. HAHAHAHA. How pathetic - you clearly have zero fucking argument and are getting desperate. Fuck off and go masturbate over Hitler like you alt-reich cunts always do.

actually a bit more collectivist and almost socialist economically"

do you mean in comparison to clinton or do you actually think that May is borrowing from the left in terms of economic policy?

you're privileging hillary's marketing over her track record.

So 2008 Hillary?

Who cares? Europe is fucking done.

got it

nader and jebra

May is Clinton.

Corbyn is OUR TRUMP.




"Europe is fucking done"

Whatever man..

Like dude.

Chill out.

Allah is Kosher.

Here's the facts of the situation user.
We are pointing to things Clinton has actually done.
Indisputable evidence of actual political positions she has carried out in her career.
Not her words, not her promises.
Her actions.


>Europe is fucking done

Says increasingly nervous inbred for the 12th time

M8 May is a neo-con shill, you can't trust a word of that manifesto.

Corbyn is the only honest man in the room.

Theres no such thing as an honest communist.