Daily reminder that Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel

>daily reminder that Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel
>daily reminder that Israel is behind international islamic terrorism
>daily reminder that ISIS has never harmed Israeli interests
>daily reminder that Jews create muslim refugees by fucking up their countries, then funnel them into Europe

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You're right. It's all a plot for the jews to make Israel larger by swallowing other lands near them. Europe takes the shitskins while the kikes grow an empire in the middle east.

>daily reminder that Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel
Wahhabism was created before Israel.

>radical islam wasnt a thing before isrea-

what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

That map has a lot of mistakes. Just saying.

>imperialism is terrorism

>daily reminder that Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel
I mean, technically you're correct, but not in the way you think.

Daily reminder Jews burnt down a Church Jesus visited.

anyone old enough will know that this shit started right after 9/11

>anyone old enough will know that this shit started right after 9/11
Maybe 9/11/570. If you mean modern Islamic terrorism, try the 1970s.

>Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel
No, they only tried to take over the world through straight military force since they were created.

Nigger before Islam the Middle East was at peace and Christian. Now it's a shithole.


It was always a thing, it was just always in its own place and was its own problem, not everyone else's.

Ahmed proved Ahmed wrong? What timeline is this?

Christians, Pagans and Jews seemed to live in relative harmony in the Middle East. Until Mohammed came along.
They simply weren't prepared to deal with a fighting force. And Islam gained more and more strength as they murdered their way through the Middle East.

The middle East used to be a somewhat "peaceful" and non threatening place, until (((they))) showed up and forced them into our nation's.

Who were the moors? Islam was founded on terrorism. Deus vult


Let them have the ME.
Islam is shit and the faggots have already tried to kill all white people before.
Instead of being friends to violent psychopathic retard shitskins we should be hostile and keep them out. Shoot them when they try to enter other countries. Fuck the UN.

Your history is selective. Kebabs shouted Allah ackbar during the Armenian genocide, it's always been a thing.

>Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel

The Barbary Wars were in the 18th century.

Can you imagine what would would happen if you took a Koran from a Muslim man?

Shlomo it's not what you think. The map undersells us. Why is kike intelligence even a meme?

by a 33rd degree freemason.
pretty much a gentile-jew.

And the amazing thing is that Thomas Jefferson was so against getting involved in foreign conflict. Even TJ felt that he had no choice but to deal with them.

I figured this out years ago. Radical Islam and Islamic terrorism did not exist prior to 1948 and the formation of Israel. In the early years, Islamic "terrorism" was directed only at Israel as a response to Zionist terrorism. Indeed, jewish terrorism predates Islamic terrorism. The jews were blowing up hotels and trains and shit and were commended for it. Terrorists groups got folded into IDF and terroist leaders became Israel prime ministers. Lehi, Irgun, the stern gang. Menachem Begin. Yitzak Shamir.

Even the Wikipedia article on Islamic terrorism more or less acknowledges that it is a recent creation. It cites a historical example of an odd Islamic sect called Kharijites but does not get into the history of this sect and it's cloudy confused origins which split off into a Russian branch of non-Talmudic "judaism" called Karaites (who are related even though they deny it and have the same origins).

To be fair, in the early 20th century, Britain and the US backed the Saud merchant class royal family as the rulers of the Arabian Penninsula in exchange for unconditional access to the oil. The Saud family are crypt jewish wahhabists and nearly all Islamic terrorism comes from the Wahabbi branch of sunni islam

>Radical Islam and Islamic terrorism did not exist prior to 1948 and the formation of Israel
>Even the Wikipedia article on Islamic terrorism more or less acknowledges that it is a recent creation
You should actually read into Islamic history. Islamic terrorism has been a thing since Muhammad was still walking the Earth. The reason that Wikipedia doesn't cover it is because one, it doesn't fit the narrative, and two, it's focused on contemporary Islamic terrorism which actually has its roots in the Sykes-Picot agreement, not Israel.

>>daily reminder that Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel
tldw: islam is radical since the beginning.

Traditionally the Islam is no other thing that a pollitical and religious system based in terror and submision. Created by an illiterate to fight those who mocked him. Built with blood from fundation to roof.
Now we have this Islam radicalized by Israel and equiped/trained by USA. Pawns used to destroy the western civilization while are sacrificed at the same time.

Terrorism is a political weapon and sometimes it comes from the Government to the Citizens. In fact it was named this way in that circumstances...
So yes, Imperialism can be terrorist and YOUR nation uses terrorism as a political tool.
Or we already forgot why and against who was fighting Al-qaeda in Afghanistan?

>visiting a church

I know more about it than you. Islamic terrorism is a modern invention. Islam is a shitty religion of fanatics with backwards traditions. And Arabs have a history of being savages. So do a lot of Asiatic groups. I'm not an apologist for it. Arabs were savage and backwards before Islam even existed. We are talking about terrorism. Mass killing civilians often an act of suicide for no reason. This is new. Jews invented it in Palestine. Then they trained their pet Wahhabist muslims to do the same.

If you disagree that jews are the root cause of the problem and have no interest in utterly exterminating the jewish race, all I have to say to you is death to you. You are an ignorant fool. We have a muslim problem because of jews. The muslim problem can be easily dealt with when we kill all of the jews. If you stand in our way, you may as well join them. You will finally understand at the very end... of a noose. Good night, blue-pilled newfag r/the_donalad kikebart/drjewfge report circumcised cock-sucking jew-loving philo-semitic Shannon good goyim shit. We will kill you and your family for your ignorance if you continue to stand in our way if you are not already a jew yourself


>I know more about it than you
>proceeds to delve into schizophrenic ranting because he was called out for being wrong

>Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel

Nice try Achmed, but the kikes didn't invent Jihad, your goatfucking prophet Mohamed did.

>Radical islam wasn't a thing before Israel
You had me up until this point.

Also, that kike is shouting at that sand-nigger because she snatched his book.

> radical
> islam
those are redundant by Western modern standards (at least 100 years)