If Sup Forums were to write a book

what would it be about?

da jooz

"You should have Died in That Car Crash"

- A memoir of failure by user y. mios


>pol writes a book

It would be about 14 words long.

>spending time on dead entertainment
There is nothing philosophically substantial in my brain that hasn't been said before in different words.

Mein Kampf, but with more interacial porn.


Any other topic than /x/ would write a book about

>I'm rich, privileged, white, male, born in the most prosperous country on earth during an age of technology and innovation, but I'm still a butthurt loser who bitches about minorities and issues that never affect my life, because I'd rather scapegoat other people than admit I'm just an autistic loser with no real motivation or character: the book.

Pretty much sums it up I'd say.

This white girl is fine.

I'm writing a parody of 1984 where the SJW world takes over and the main character is a WHITE MALE who was only allowed to live because he was born with a crippled leg that makes him not able run fast enough to rape anyone.

He makes X amount a year and 50% of it goes to reparations for women and minorities. His job is to monitor and mark thoughtcrime on the internet.

One day he gets kidnapped by militant Redpills.

>butthurt loser who bitches about minorities

As a white male living in a blue state, I am the minority.

Can I read what you have so far?

Our culture. It would a story about our struggle for survival as a race and as a culture, against literally every demographic on this planet trying to wipe us out

I would write a better quaran, with blackjack and hookers

It's all hand written notes and 3x5 card chapter alignments at this point. Nothing committed to the keyboard yet (I'm finishing a novel about something else right now).

Hell, My Winston Smith doesn't even have a name yet.

I would create a new religion for white people. These would be my ten commandments:
1: Go to your ancestral homeland.
2: Murder everyone not from your ancestral homeland currently living in it. Also kill every disabled person and person with an IQ below 100.
3: Marry and have a shit ton of children. Kill the failures.
4: Build a massive fleet of warships/planes/drones/etc.
5: Annihilate every non white person on the planet except maybe the civilized gooks.
6: Annihilate every person not of my religion.
7: Recolonize earth.
8: Stop fucking like mad and stabilize the population to about 1 billion.
9: Take care of earth and it's people.
10: Abandon my religion and start focussing solely on science.

How to lose your life blaming the jews because they ruined your life.

Where can I buy it?

Im game

"Here's why we should exterminate all non whites"

Forget the "why."
Most whites are ready for the brown purge.
Write a book about the "how"

It's still in the plot development stage. I'll probably self-publish it to Smashwords (I'll get Red listed on Amazon for being "Hate Speech") and sell it for $0.99.

I want to write my own book one day. Something about a political revolution. A real big one like Ayn Rand's books, so people can live by it. It will be like a blueprint for humanity so they can make it happen irl and save us.

You can start with a "Primer" like "The Fountainhead" to give readers the gestalt of your philosophy and expand it in the follow-up book.