Do not die on the toilet

I refuse to shit without a gun. I refuse to die with my pants down. No nigger or shitskin will kill me in the bathroom. Where do my fellow Sup Forumsacks carry firearms?

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This man is a hero

AR15 with a roll of toilet paper slide on to the barrel is a better option.

I got 2 in my glovebox nigga. That way I can arm a friend if some sort of Zombie shit happens.

Just dont point it at your dick and pull the trigger. Quality thread tho.


I don't think a gun would've helped Elvis.

I unironically fear dying on the toilet

Woulda looked cooler when they found him tho

If you don't want to die, then why do you have a 9mm? Unless you shoot yourself with it, then I get it.

Elvis killed himself, So it would have helped him greatly.

Go buy a gun belt and hybrid holster.
I like alien gear.
Get concealed carry permit.
Gun now literally never leaves your side.

Are you retarded?

since rifles are expensive in Australia you just go to the toilet with a beer, someone breaks in and tries to rob you, you just glass the cunt

stop data mining

Hmm made me think.

I'm going to move one of my stainless pistols to the bathroom, and I can keep my Makarov next to the computer from now on.

You may have saved my life OP, or made my suicide a little more convenient.

We'll see :-D

>not carrying a Desert Eagle at all times

>he doesn't take his pants the whole way off when he shits so he can properly defend himself without tripping over his pants around his ankles.
Real rookie mistake kid

>not living on MRE so you never need to shit

But when you finally do need to shit though, holy fuck

You best be trolling.
Literally no one is this retarded.

Not to mention it ruins the crease line

>Implying The King actually died
>Implying he didn't become an undercover government agent and faked his own death to avoid exposure

Sup Forums really needs to take the Elvispill.

>not having a means of defense when you are at your most vulerable

Wait are there people who seriously don't have toilet or shower guns?

This guy gets it!

Who Is Really Behind Gun Control In America?

Mitchell, put back Carlos' gun before your mom finds out.

I carry a Sig Sauer P239 chambered in 40 Smith & Wesson, and since I have a Michigan concealed carry license, I usually carry strong side, covered with a 5-11 Tactical vest.

You'll probably end up shooting your dick off and bleeding to death in ur own shit then your widowed wife will shack up with some hit brown dick, faggot.

Wow. Someone sounds buttblasted about guns.

>Driving down interstate late at night, far away from home.
>need to shit real bad
>stop at dingy truckstop
>run in stall, unleash volcano
>1 min later, a pair of huge biker boots are stand direct in front of stall door
>"*sniff* Yummm... you smell real sexy..."
>stall door is about to be forced open
What is your next move?

This is a good post

>"You are not a man if you are controlled by your desires and lust. Sex is good, but civility is better. It is what sets us apart from the animals."

I have it now as I'm crawling through your window.

Get your pants up and draw down on the SOB with your gun. Threat of sexual assault can be met with lethal force in a situation where you have no place to run, such as a stall in a rest room.

They can't kill you if you're already dead.

can truck drivers going across state lines carry? like say a fella driving from Vermont to commiefornia

>Shooting through a closed door with nothing to back up your story.

>Be in army reserves
>Go bush for a week
>Sit down for dinner one night
>Yell out to corporal "Oi corporal, bet you cant finish off everyones mre fudge cakes in under 2 minutes"
>Idiot accepts challenge knowing that the cakes back you up for a good 2 days
>2 days later during a field skirmish
>"Uhhh PL, i gotta take a massive shit right now"

Long story short, his cams went full brown.

thats what i'm talking about #2 defense.

Never eat dinner without it

>muh 9mm meme
With the right rounds it's just as lethal against soft targets as any of the larger calibers, and it's easier to keep on target under stressful rapid fire situations. Niggers aren't typically wearing body armor.

Now if you need to penetrate something like a car door...9mm is not your gun.

You cannot!
Research the states before entering. Ignorance is not an excuse.

dont do it bro. we need everyone

Falling for the pulling your pants down Jew.... the better way is to turn your pants all the way around and poo through the zipper slot

Meant for
Why would a leaf need to know this?

As weird as it seems, I actually do carry my handgun to the shitter. Keep it on my desk while I work and take it to the bathroom with me because I'll be damned if I nigger thinks he can catch me if guard. Never know what could happen.

I've got one of those little smoke guns

I know I can't bring my funs across the frontier without ATF forms and shit, plus the factor of being non-resident alien. Just asking don't hate senpai

Not a bad option.

Depends on whether that state recognizes the concealed carry license from your state. Each state varies, which is a huge pain in the ass.

I said draw down, which means get ready to shoot if you have to, not "shoot through a closed door" you stupid mong.

thats good dont want people like

killing you

>Living in a state where you need a concealed carry permit
I don't want to call you a cuck because you went through the trouble to be able to express your second amendment rights, but come on man.

You're deluded. Progressives killed him and made it look like an overdose. You're right about the government agent part though.
TFW you try to be a smart ass and start a new conspiracy theory on accident.

This isn't a bad precaution OP.
It should be mandatory for 18 year old men to own a firearm, so no man will have to die on the can.

>Pun intended motherfucker

Chili-mac, anyone?

>tryina drop a deuce, but isis out here schemin

This thread is to reveal where each of you conceal your guns so they can raid your house. scary.

thats a bb gun. good luck taking down a chimp with that

>tac-tec plate carriers are ALL sold out
fucking chinese need to make more already

Dying on a toilet has got to be the most unglamorous way to go out.

>shitting without your riafu

now i see why you lost a war to flightless birds
and destroyed your own high powered laser projection station

What was prison like?

Don't die with your pants down!

Show me your shittin pistol, pol

I don't know about that. Celebs have a habit of dying in bizarre and stupid ways.

I own a .22 slazanger SMLE.
I Have no ammo for it, it was my grandfather's.

Its the best i can do in a gun cucked country like Australia.


Will somebody give me a quick rundown on this?

Your raifu is pretty shitty at defending you if it ain't loaded.

LMAO, now THIS is a thread m8
>puts M&P 45 compact on toilet every shower
>puts 1911 on counter while downstairs making food
>has a fucking gun everywhere

chris, get off pol

>Where do my fellow Sup Forumsacks carry firearms?
Texan with a CHL here, only time I'm not carrying is when I'm sleeping or when it's illegal in a location AND they have metal detectors.


this guy fucks.

>having a gun for the toilet and shower
>not having an emergency homemade burger and fries stowed in every room just in case