Considers himself a proud white man

>considers himself a proud white man
>doesn't lift weights
>is fat or skelly tier


>>considers himself a proud white man
>>doesn't lift weights
>>is fat or skelly tier
>78%white america

>Posted by an american

Mexico is fatter than America, juan

>missing the point
no, please ignore OP. I'd love to see your race die out

Peopele usually claim to be the master race when they have no other redemable quality

Same could be said about niggers screaming we wuz kangz. The difference is that there's a metric for white superiority

Whats disgusting op?

wholly agree with OP.

if you're going to be proud of your white heritage, make your white body the best it can be. why be a twig? why be fat? prove to yourself that you can change. if you are in bad physical shape, your intelligence will decline more as you age and you will have a higher risk of dementia.

a man hits his peak capacity for strength at around 30. don't let that age pass you up. most of you still have plenty of time to see how far you can take your body.

Also the limeys

Those are called "Liberals" user.

>Doesn't maintain a powerful physique via hard work and good diet.

There's fat conservatives too.

I cant stop drinking soda send help

Working for the betterment of my community does not get sex and children.

Lifting weights until I scare normies, then acting like an entitled nigger, gets sex and children.

The 19th amendment was a mistake.

God damn.

Actually for pure brute strength and muscle mass, it's more like late thirties. Speed and explosive strength decline by late twenties though. (I'm a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.)

I only do push ups every other day.

stop drinking soda user get rid of the liquid jew.
for real just don't buy it and you'll be good

>considers himself a proud white man
>works white collar job

>wasting your finite life energy on the heavy jew
Good goy

>heavy jew
That made me laugh

Been lifting for a few months now. Look better, feel much better and DAMN NIGGA WHY ARENT YOU DOING THIS SHIT YET?

If anyone's looking to get into lifting, or if you've just started and want to learn a good program to get on, I recommend Jim Wendler's 5/3/1. It's very simple, effective, and will cost you like $20 US. You can download it directly off the man's site in e-book form, or order a hard copy if you like.

Good to know.

t. 29 and started lifting again.

I'm 28 and the strongest I've ever been.

>heavy jew

Kek, but true. You're going to just fuck up your body long-term weightlifting. Stick to body weight exercises, running and swimming, and yoga for flexibility. Strength is nothing compared to stamina and the ability to use a gun.