What do we do about white women getting sealed?

What do we do about white women getting sealed?

White is a meme, there are only different tribes in this world.

This is easy, just be everything about seals that makes seal so sexy to girls, gotta slap that sand and grunt like a real masculine seal does, while doing a belly flop onto the ground

Club them like we leafs do.

Better start building my seal shed now.

so its agreed we let the cool seals marry our women, but only if they're good and honest soldiers for our nation

Wtf I love sealclubbing now

Why do seal worker grills fend to have top tier titties?

If you get Sealed, it's no Deal.

Heidi Klum

High estrogen levels by being pumped by seals

Once you go seal, you can't resist the feel.

I'm still kinda bummed she burned coal.

White women cant resist the BSC (Big Seal Cock)

Seal got cucked by the white bodyguard, the story of Heidi fills me with optimism desu

as a Canadian i know full well the dangers seals pose, i suggest a mass culling. a popular joke around here is "a baby seal walk into a club..."

>Bitch I know you're hiding that tuna from me...I'm gonna eat that fish whether you like it or not!

Those broads are just there to receive advanced blowjob training.

Yeah she also had a kid with the Ferrari F1 team captain or whatever but it still kinda sucks.

Extra briney

dolphin pussy is the best pussy


>Yo bitch! Gimmie those digits so I can holla at chu later!