90% of Puerto Ricans in favor of statehood

>90% of Puerto Ricans in favor of statehood
Say hello to the 51st state

I remember when the majority where opposed to it.

What the fuck happened?

its because theyre broke and looking for a proper bailout

1) people opposed generally refuse to vote in these elections to remove legitimacy from them since the US doesn't really want Rico to be a state
2) they went bankrupt which means they want gibs

As an American I'm actually excited for Puerto Rico to become a state. I'm a little confused on where this poll came from but hey, we can dream 90% want to be a state.

>Where do you see US doesn't want 51rst state?

The island spics will never become a state. They are an economic bomb to real Americans and the American economy. Puerto Rico brings nothing good whatsoever to the table.
>fix your shit commie beaners and beg again in 50 years


>add a spanish speaking country full of poor brown people to america, maybe it will become a red state

this is your brain on civic nationalism

Not happening, Republicans will never give up their electoral advantage of empty land.

Doesn't the congress have to approve this? that will never happen given it's current makeup. Even if they do ever vote to become a state

They actually have good beaches

The best way to stop illegal immigrants is to make anyone who would come the the us automatically a citizen.

[black guy with "now you're thinking" look]

They want more gains.

Are you kidding? Trump is going to jump on the offer to prove he is not racist.

It'll never become a state. If anything we'll kick its ass to the curb due to it costing the US tax payers billions to bail it out.

>Instead of taking Puerto Rican immigrants, we'll make it a state, thus preventing any immigration.

We're taking into the economic fold a collection of people will take more from the welfare system than they will return, and essentially a new Democrat voting bloc.

Fuck this.

Puerto Ricans already cannot be immigrants, they are citizens by birth.


There are actually people that believe this kek

Socialism. PPD fucked us hard the last term.

Is there anyway we can kick out Puerto rico and force them to be independent or would the UN intervene?

lol. Offf courrsssee. Now watch some commie come in and say it wasn't real socialism

No chance, both Republicans and Democrats believe "Puerto Rico gets to decide what happens to itself"

Even though it's just a tiny island it would leapfrog like a dozen smaller states in electoral count. It would honestly be a huge shock to the electoral vote count in this country. It's not gonna happen but if it did, I highly doubt the R's are retarded enough to agree to it. Although they did agree to let DC have presidential votes so who knows how fucking stupid they really are.

I swear to god if the republicans let this happen I will never vote for them again

So now you're a red state
or do we need to nuke you?

PR will only be a constant state of poverty. Island niggers lookin for gibs.

No idea.I just want a job.

>Being part of the most powerful nation on earth instead of a little third world land
You can't blame them, is not nice to be third world,no happy days.

>some shite country wants to leach off us and get gibs

Of fucking course

they can already come to this country no questions asked. They are already protected by us, so they've got nothing to worry about there. I think they just want some gimmedats

My man you know Puerto rico is a part of the US right

Annex them to florida state

Wasn't DC supposed to become the state of New Columbia? Anything happening with that? If we have to change the flag anyway....

>user doesn't know they already get gibs

Are you retarded? Is this the power of liberal education?

They already are citizens. It's a territory, not a country.

fuck off we're full

puerto rico you are welcome, join

Fuck off spic. No electoral votes for your island.

You're excited for millions of dirt-poor south americans to gain american citizenship, and vote for people like Hillary Clinton?

the opposite is true, peurto rico gets the full benefits of US citizenship, without paying federal taxes

them becoming the 51st state would actually be a sacrifice

I'm against it. 51 stars would look stupid and fuck the flag all up.

Send them some niggers. Welcome to the United States enjoy some dindu culture.

shit skin detected. To the gass chambers.

trying to get some free shit from the gubmint.

they'd get two senators, moron

I'm a 6'3 White Eastern Euro you faggot cuck. Learn what the fuck you are talking about before spouting shit you idiot mongrel shithead. God this nation is falling apart because of morons like you constantly needing to express their uninformed retarded opinions.

Yeah, but they don't currently get senators or EC votes.

PR will be a permanent blue state

fuck. me no want it

Fuck off we're full.

Still dont want to give them 2 senate seats and EVs

We don't say we didn't do nothing, in Puerto Rico the expression is "Fue sin querer queriendo." which means "It was without wanting to."

Fucking shit, do you not understand Puerto Ricans are already moving to the states because they're US citizens? They'd go back to Puerto Rico if they didn't have their shitty "commonwealth of estado libre asociado" status. The only option is statehood because independence will most likely bring up another Fidel Castro. Fuck that shit.

Vote red and jobs will come
vote blue and they'll give you just enough money to be poor forever

They already have citizenship and can vote in Presidential elections, retard.

They can vote in the primaries but not presidency

I thought they didn't want to pay American taxes?

More incentive to annex more territories to get a nice even number of stars.

They didn't but they need a bailout.

51 states would be stupid. We need a 52nd to balance it out so that it's an even number. I wonder how the flag would change though with 51 or 52 stars.


Welcome to the island niggers I guess. Now we'll see if they're worse than the real niggers.

They actually buy tickets straight to orlando because its the cheapest flight.

I've met more Puerto Ricans in the Army than i've met people from any particular state save for Texas.

I hope this happens, that way getting people on board with the New England unification plan can get some support. It is constitutional and makes a lot of sense.


LARP, not even a 50% majority are in favor


Which flag looks the best to you guys? I like the bottom one desu. I think we're due for a bit of a change-up.

If Puerto Rico can join the Union, then Jefferson should be able to as well.

Nah it actually pretty dope. It's a big circle with the outlines of a Jewish star.

>gun laws dictated by massive two shits and connect a cunt
Yea nah how bout you go fuck yourself

Every Puerto Rican I've dealt with has been a psychopathic asshole.

We have Hawaii for that, retard.

do one with 46
>subtract 6 , MA, NH, ME, VT, CT,RI
>add 1 for PR
>add 1 for New England

>Puerto Rico becomes a state
>NYC separates from upstate NY
>California becomes Northern and Southern California
>Texas becomes Lasso and Yeeha
>Idaho reforms state borders to finally obtain a proper potato shape

It's happening guys.

Let me leech off your country fags.

Take back your shit colony please


you realize there would be more people who support no gun laws if all the rural areas were unified?

here red are the commies.

Blue is conservative in Puerto Rico, Red is leftist.

Please take us in next America.
We promise to be a red state given how conservative we are, I swear! Save us from Duterte please

Yea except Massachusetts and Connecticut have more people and money than NH VT and Maine they would inevitably be dictating this hypothetical states political policies


I don't like there being a special middle star.

I wonder why can't we just give them to Mexico in exchange for keeping their citizens in Mexico?

I'm finally going to be a full American.

Can we just fuse the dekotas? They're irrelevant anyways

ok, so when does america get to vote on it? do we really need another perma liberal state full of people who dont speak english and are broke as fuck and in debt?

We hate mexicon except the women they love the novelas for whatever reason.

t. meth cook

Make them part of California.

Seriously, though, it's time for Jefferson.

About time we become a state. I love gibs

I don't think CT would be in favor of uniting, they would probably ask to join NY or remain CT. They have little New England spirit or will. You know Bernie was reasonably protective of the 2nd amendment.
Think user, your voice will ultimately have more power when your state has 26 electoral votes compared to what you have now.
There are some ways to deal with the gun laws from different states. But I think overall it makes a lot of sense. As long as a new political party forms in the process that removes establishment R&D.

52 looks better than 51

Mexico can have them. They're in debt by billions of dollars.

You know, I yesterday I thought this would be a bad decision. Maybe it is a short term poor economic investment. But adding a new state is something we haven't done in a long time. Hearkens back to another era. One that people would probably associate with a "Great America".

So I like the idea of adding them to the fold. It adds to the idea of America as expanding. Back to empire crushing and land acquiring days. Its paltry in comparison, but just the idea maybe..

Who cares if they can vote or not, I got a nice place to go on vacation and watch the shit show.

Fuck Puerto Rican statehood, this country has enough stupid poor brown people voting for handouts. I would only consider it if we also got to carve out the state of Jefferson from Northern California and Southern Oregon.

AKA they've completely bankrupted their island and instead of austerity they want federal gibs.

They know damn well that the vast majority of the island doesn't earn enough to worry about federal income tax and instead will get refunds for shitting out kids.

I would be cool with VT NH and Maine forming their own state because despite fiscal differences we are very much alike in most other respects. MA CT and RI can go fuck themselves I'm not paying taxes to the AR banning sodomites in boston