Why Are Young People Not Joining the Military Anymore?

Acording to recent studys young people are not joining the military in the same rates as the old. I think this is what is leading to the SJW movement. My Grandfather once said "you're not a man unless you've either been to prison, or been in the military". Now I don't agree with prisons but I think every young man should have to join the military for a year because it helped me a lot. I was really autistic and was too embarassed to shower in front of others but after bean in the military I don't give a flying a fuck about it. I think the military is also good beause it defends the rights that millenials take for granted.

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Pretty fucking gay post, my leaf.

>Fighting Jewish wars

I joined, got my clearance, and got out ASAP. I was only there for one thing. Could care less about shooting mudslimes for Jews.

There is nothing left to fight for.

becasue we have anime to make

because contrary to what the tinfoil autists on this board will have you believe the world has never been so stable in the last 200 years.

I would have joined if it were not for my pectus carinatum. Everyone would have been absolutely ruthless. Knowing what I know now, I would never join either way though.

I have a minor case carpel tunnel so even if I'm okay to join they still wouldn't let me



You have to cede away your rights and be government property for eight years for shit pay. In that time you will be fucked over by room temperature IQ retards.

To fight against who?Syria?Serbians?No thanks,fuck the military,ancap is best nowadays

but I am joining the military :^)



>dying for Israel

Gov't blew their capital on Vietnam and Middle East in power grabs. Nobody wants to die for CEO bonuses anymore...

I hate to break it to you user.

Your Grandpa was retarded.

You descend from a lineage of retards.

>destroy nationalism and civic pride
>push globalism and degeneracy
>wonder why nobody cares about their country

If somebody invaded I would probably help them kill canadians. You can take that to the bank csis.

I will not fight for feminists and Sunnis.

I'd say because most people don't have a damn clue what the Air Guard, National Guard, Coast Guard, or Reserves actually do and do for you. Go through the full training, come back, larp as a soldier one weekend a month and two weeks a year, take home a little extra money, take home more money at 64 if you go 20 or more. Alot more benefits, though I don't use them because I got a good technician job. If some kids knew they could be making $25-30 an hour, I'm sure more would jump aboard.

Yeah, supporting the system, way to go, mate!

Also no guarantee you really get to kill someone.

I like it


That's why the Royal Marines are the more professional and better trained force.

>fighting in pointless wars

This. I am so blackpilled. I have wasted my time in university, trying to contribute to a society that hates me because I'm white. Fuck this. I'm moving to the USA

If you're going to join the military it's important that you go in knowing exactly what you want out of it. Maybe you just want in to get into university or maybe you see it as a career but the absolute worst fucking thing you can do is join the military because you have no aims or goals in life. A lot of people think that the military straightens people out, it doesn't. Military life and discipline doesn't so much erase your negative traits instead of simply holding them in check. If you're a lazy or elitist fuck when you go into the military you're still going to be one when you get out, you'll just be better at hiding it. I've seen so many people who enlisted right after high school not knowing what they wanted in life and, because they never built upon their character themselves, they inevitably get discharged and still don't know what to do because the military life is all they've known and now they're without that crutch. So they drift from odd job to odd job both hating their time in the service because they were never a good fit for it but at the same time missing the only purpose they ever knew in life.

>unless you've been to prison
Your grandpa sounds like a dumb nigger
Any fucking idiot can go to prison, it's not difficult or a badge of honor
As for joining the military, the primary reason in the past was the desire to protect your family, home, and way of life.
But today I don't see a whole lot worth protecting


>fight for Israeli- I mean for your country goy
>spend your youth in a desert or in a secluded area in the US cleaning hallways

Not even the bluepilled normies fall for this shit.

lol dumbest thing ever. Educats on isnt about war

Surviving prison is hard tho

to fight in American(Jewish) wars?

strict tattoo policy and my army is small af so gotta be the best of the best also location, lots of training bases and bases in general are out in the sticks

Join thbe military no on e wants to live near your crazy selfs, go die on the ME or return all fucked up and go in a murdering rampage.

Air Force veteran here and a oldfag. I joined up in the mid 80's and got out 12 years later. It was fun as hell, got to work on multi million dollar weapon systems, golf courses of Air Force bases.
Once the wall came down and our mission changed from being a badass military to a huminitarian mission that's when it all turned to shit. We didn't have homos in the military then and only about 30 percent of the people who enlisted got thru basic military training.
It was pretty cool when we had a defined enemy and no SJW's...If I was a young man today, there would be no way in hell I'd join...

>Sign up for military
>Die in some stupid war Trump wages for Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Fucking hate authority as is why would I want some faggot barking orders at me

Only if you go out of your way to piss everyone off

this desu.

It's hard to want to defend french people, culture, and values when anyone can be french, our president says we don't have a culture, and our values are relative.

Considered serving in the guard but health problems would prevent me from enlisting at the moment. Also the shortest commitment is 6 years which I really don't know about. Back when the world was less stable they offered shorter enlistments so that's probably part of the reason too

>go die for a lost cause in the desert
>spend well over a decade hearing stories from countless veterans who fought these shithole wars
>realize that drone striking a bunch of shepherds whilst you clean up the mess isn't even a fucking war anyway
>realize that unconventional tends to win against conventional in the long term
>realize that the west is making a critical error in the middle east, can't beat the guerrillas
Yeah, why the fuck would we join?

This user nailed it. Nice post mate.

But what if your Military is cucked too

Spank you for your cervix.

because no one wants to die for no reason?

No one to kill.

Because they're either slack jawed faggots or don't want to die for jews

I'm in the military. Don't join the military. Only reason I did was because I had literally no other option and was 24 hours from homelessness (my recruiter helped me maintain tolerable housing until I could get shipped to basic).

Yours is not the only one...

-the pay is shit

- don't want to die for Israel

- to many niggers and idiots in the armed forces. Its basically like daycare for retards that failed at adult life

The US Military is a shadow of its former self.

I'm not signing up to die for a cause I don't believe in when they can't even run the fucking military properly.

There all to chicken shit to do anything. Look at this npr.org/2015/12/10/459111960/millennials-want-to-send-troops-to-fight-isis-but-not-serve A bunch of pussies.

So basically they allowed 9/11 to be used as a recruitment drive and now just pick up anyone willing to maybe shoot a shitskin?

Fixed the unrachived clickbait

People here join the military. I see soldiers every day on the streets. But desu most go there for not dying of hunger because of very high unemployment.

Not so much in Canada I've heard. There's articles online about people's experiences and they say it's nothing like what the media portrays it as. They say you'll only have a rough time if you intentionally piss people off, bring up politics, or are a rapist. Even then the rapists are usually sent to a mental ward instead so if anything prison is uneventful.

your grandfather fought for kikes

been to jail, agree with your grandfather

Thanks mate keep up the good work.

Exactly. That's why I got out in the 90's. You nailed it man.

>Obama and his generals allowed this


Are you at least getting skills that will help when you rotate back to civilian or is it just fucking meaningless?

Broofs people aren't joining the military? Just a few years ago they were having to kick people out for tatoos.

Ignore this cuck. MOS formerly known as 81W here.

To be fair they were once more manlier than you or your countrymen.

8 1/2 year Navy vet here. The military for sure became ALOT more PC/liberal even in the short time I was in (I joined in 2008...thanks Obama). That said, I get to go to school now and not have the pressure of NEEDING to work. That is a huge benefit that most college kids wish they had. I also joined a technical branch of the military (not as technical as the Air Force, though) and my job came with a clearance and extra training, so if I had no other choice I could go get a contractor job if I really want. All the other posters are correct when they say to know what you want before you join. I did, and even though I didn't get the exact job I originally enlisted for, my plan was to only stay in as long as it benefited me, and I came out way ahead of where I would be if I had just gotten a job after high school. You get out of it what you put into it. That said, be prepared to have to deal with alot of bullshit, political correctness, and lack of logic.

because theres no wars?

What's wrong with shooting shitskins?

I did 4 years and chose infantry like an idiot. They're better off actually enjoying their youth instead of hanging around doing fuck all every day being treated like a child and not getting blown up in a desert. I had to live with complete fucking mongs and only ever enjoyed it when I was in the field. Only worth it if you want to jew a trade out of it.

Ya but almost noone gets pulled in for those 2-4 extra years on their contract

Fat numales can't pass the minimum P.T. standards.

Because they don't want to die for a fucking jew

Because people aren't stupid enough to take the bait anymore.

In any society, joining the military has always proven one thing and one thing only: you didn't make the grade. You couldn't contribute your mind, instead you were only able to contribute your body. It is the lowest echelon on the social ladder and one of the most wasteful things I can possibly imagine, to surrender your life for the political ambitions of others.

Military is the ultimate beta cuck move one could ever make.

I did to Shitcanistan no less.

Fuck you, nobody should on this site should join the military.

Skills no but I am about to get a lot of opportunities to network and land a cushy federal job when I get out if I want it. Right now I'm just stacking cash and waiting for the stock market to crash again so I can buy in at the bottom and live as an investorNEET. I want nothing to do with the government once I get out.

Absolutely nothing.

Would you want a fatass on your shitskin shooting team though?

Found the faggot who's too chicken to go to the military.

I tried to join the marines, even met with a recruiter but they never called me back.

if you want to recruit for the military, comrade, then go open a shop in a strip mall and hand out pamphlets

The US Military started to suffer a slow decline in the 90s thanks to Slick Willy's fucking around in the Balkans not having any idea how to actually run a proper war.

It further accelerated under George W. Bush because the Defense Department got a blank check after 9/11 with zero oversight/quality control on what they were buying. The they had to drop their standards to find recruits willing to fight two deeply unpopular wars as well.

It hit the event horizon under Obama which included all of the above, plus repealing DADT and other general faggotry.

TL;DR we're fucked if we have to fight anyone more competent than illiterate Afghan villagers or put down an internal uprising (something Antifags just love to circlejerk off to, I wouldn't be surprised if there's an armed confrontation with them in the next year or two).

Were redpilled, and we wont fight for Israel in a military which decreases the standards for women, so they dont have to be able to load grenades into the launcher, because women dont have enough arm strength etc.

There should be plenty of non-white women, and trannies to keep you safe.

I've only been in for 5 years and the difference is amazing, I can only imagine how it used to be. I can't even yell at my troops when they fuck up.

Different paths to success for different people. I do not recommend joining the military for most, but if you absolutely have nothing else going on, then there are many benefits to be had from serving. I am a believer in the form of government outlined in Starship Troopers...only those who serve get to vote and decide how society is run. Someone who signs up to potentially give their life for society, including jackasses like you, will always rank higher in my book than someone who believes serving a greater good is beneath them.

All that said, does the military have problems? Yes. Is it in decline? Yes. Is it too politically correct and off-course? Yes. Can it be fixed? With the right leadership, absolutely. Hopefully Trump can at least begin to undo the damage Obama and others have done before his term(s) are done.

Enlisting this year, 4 years, then going full 1488 and radicalizing the youth. Going to take extensive notes while in service of its systems and organization. Above all else, I want to make America great again. From these posts it's looking like the military is not where I could best utilize my life for this cause. Too late though, this is my punishment for indolence.

I did mandatory service about a year. And I wasn't even deployed in the middle east. Now I can quick reload or field strip in 5 sec an AK or take a dump in the forest.

Not feeling any more manly tho, it was after I got pussy.

How dumb do you have to be to think you need to enlist to learn military systems and organization? Almost all of it is easy to find.

only about 30 percent of the people who enlisted got thru basic military training
former Marine here and this is laughable BULLSHIT
i went through MCRD in the 90's and like 95% came through
the fucking SEALS have 80% attrition rates and air force BASIC ISN'T THE FUCKING NAVY SEALS
sage this fake news

The military is a stepping stone. You will come out as a veteran, which carries weight as far as education and job markets are concerned. There is also a positive view of veterans, which is also a benefit. Look at it for what it is. Go in, do your job, don't fuck up too bad, and get out and go live your life. Which branch are you joining?

And how the fuck would you know this? Have you ever served?

Reading books and the internet is entirely different from firsthand experience. The two don't even compare.

Because I am unsure who I can trust, and there isnt one enemy we are aligning our military against a la Nazis or Soviets etc.

I physically and mentally train every day to surpass pt tests should my country need me to stand with my countrymen and defend her and her people, but until that point I will not volunteer to destroy for reasons I do not understand. I think a decent amount of us here realize now that we made the wrong allies in WWII, leading to the bullshit we see today.

Captain America always carried a shield as his symbol after all. America first. My countrymen first.

>fighting for this

Fix the country if you want people to fight for it. As a right-wing white male, this country does not serve my interests. In fact, it does quite the opposite.


>join the military so you can shower with men

You sound like a tard. Get a cushy federal job eh? You're a fat fuck I'd bet...kys

no follow up by you, then you weren't really serious.

Except of the greatest statesmen and innovators of all time were soldiers. 2/3rds of US Presidents served in the military/militia to some capacity.

Take a look at the list of West Point grads and see how many went on to be businessmen, lawyers, judges, politicians, and even astronauts.

found the coward who never joined the military

Yeah and thats what they said about high-school too