Is she dare I say it /ourgirl/ ?

>Be Aboriginal
>Find out Aboriginal people given first preference for gov. jobs
>Find out White people claim race is a spectrum
>Find out White people with 12.5% Aboriginal blood take all the positions
>Explain how race works
>Get called Social Darwinist

how do you get them to talk like that?

They should all just have a sniff and stop fighting.

How does that bitch have the audacity to call herself black in front of this lady lmao

>12.5% aboriginal blood


That is not human. Kind of sounds human but looks like a different species all together. Also what kind of person could sleep with that thing?!?!

Aboriginal genes are extremely recessive

well she isn't white

she's mixed

>what kind of perso
a shitposter

Sorry user. 12.5% aboriginal is not pure white but its sure as fuck not aboriginal either.

one drop m8

White liberals have actually managed to surpass abos in stupidity.

Is the abo in this vid some kind of abo super genius? Sup Forums has led me to believe abos were mouth breathing retarded apes with ~60 IQ.

I don't understand what the argument is about desu

That's the average IQ, so yes she is around the top 1% of abos.

It's a bell curve like any other race. There are a few smart aboriginals.

I feel bad for her. All these white 1 drop abos are making a complete mockery of her people in the worst way possible. Real Abos are in the outback in complete poverty, while mixed cunts are the ones begging for special treatment and more gibs and first hired,etc.

crazy to see at the end the idiot liberals shouting her down for being perfectly reasonable and just stating what everyone could see with their own eyes. That's a white woman pretending to be aborigine with her 12% blood. She doesn't look black, and it doesn't go both ways. If that lady had been 12% white, she sure as hell doesn't look it and nobody would let her get away with calling herself white.
People are so fucking stupid pretending they can't see six inches in front of their faces.

First fatty speaking was right though.

Wait, she's married to a white man? kek, I'm well aware that there are white men who fetishize niggers and asians, but abos too...kek. No one wonder why I always see so many mixed race abos out there, white men over there are actually seeding the pure breeds up.

White men are the ones who racemix. White women are the least likely people to racemix in the world.

Aboriginals are clever enough to reverse-cuck whites

>Be Aboriginal man
>Daughter fucks a white guy
>think We must secure the existence of our people and the future for black children.
>force daughter to give child to white christian orphanage.
>force Australian Politicians to say sorry ‘stealing’ my children
>collect reparations
>celebrate National Sorry Day

I can see why he married that Abo
Sensible one.

Many of the actual Aboriginals are not as bad as Pol makes you believe, they mostly keep to themselves and in some communities that are not ravaged by alcoholism and domestic violence they are quite kind and welcoming. Its the ones that live in the cities and are 12.5% that cause a ruckus, as demonstrated by the videos they refuse to even listen to the point of view of an actual aboriginal women and drown her opinion out when she begins talking about actual bleck fullas because it contradicts their reality.