She's done. Right?

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Yep, question is who'll replace her?

I voted Corbyn but I'm fully expecting either a hung parliament or a slim Tory victory.

That said whatever the result she's out, she called a snap election when there was absolutely no need and lost the majority they had

are you retarded


yes she has a few more hours as PM


Annex us please

Are you? She called a snap election and will without a doubt lose seats tonight. She's finished, that's how UK politics are mate

Things are looking pretty good.

>who will replace her

bongs don't even know how their own parliamentary system works


What a fucking retard. I can't help but laugh

She will resign as her party will not want her as leader, but enlighten me, how do I not know my own system?

Lol. No. You did this to yourselves. You deserve everything you get and more. Churchill was a buffoon that cost you everything. Diana was a slut. Charles is bitch. The only reason you are still around is because of your moat. Fucking die already.

If she's no longer the leader someone else will have to replace her. What's the problem?

SHE HAD IT IN THE FUCKING BAG! All she had to do was repeat "hard brexit is the most important thing right now" and that's it! But no, she needed dementia changes, she needed fox hunting and, of course, she required to control and ban internet and porn! Why are women so retarded? Fuck it, I'll be praying for Corbyn to do anything correctly and I'll be very happy if he proves me wrong and is a good PM.

What the fuck is this fox hunting thing?
Are you guys not allowed to hunt animals or some shit?

Vewy wude.

>tfw Putin won't let you quit till hard Brexit

Who cares? I've got my bible, guns, and muscle car. Those pathetic brits can have all the muslims, suicide bombings and being splattered on bridges they want.

I don't know why or how it's a thing, nobody really cared. I don't know what lightning hit her to start mentioning it and riffling up pro-animal groups - there was absolutely zero need to do it.

decent peoppe frown on torturing little furry things to death with packs of dogs


him and donald can exchange hair grooming tips.

This is the result I both predicted to my family and wanted. She needs to go. Boris needs to take the throne. I want Mr Johnsons Wild Ride UK (tm)

David Davis, maybe.
He'd get back some of those voters scared away by the whole regulated internet/snooper's charter shit.

Wait, so it's literally just having dogs do the hunting work instead of hunting down the animal yourself?
Sounds retarded as fuck.

She's still the best female prime minister the UK has ever had

The concept of a PM resigning after they fuck up is rather foreign to us Murricans. Here you're stuck with a politician until the next election unless they do something criminal or scandalous.

She's definitely done for, she put her ass on the line calling for this election and the people rather soundly rejected her leadership. There's no way she'll have the faith of her party after this.

I almost want to join the NSA just to get paid to shitpost all day

Am I the only one here who really doesn't give a fuck about the UK? Seriously, fuck them in their fagget Jack toothed asses.

I hope so, getting someone who actually wanted to leave the EU in charge would be great.

Whoa. Why is she done, boys? I thought they were in the lead? Just woke up btw.

Sure thing bud, we'll do the old switcharoo and turn the motherland into a penal colony for yah and u can come to aus as a free settler


It's looking like they won't be getting a majority, even if they do manage to scrape enough seats it's an awful result for what should have been a huge win.

They lost seats, they'll have the most seats; but they may not keep the majority.

Its an indictment of her leadership.


dont you idiots get it merkel rigged the election to force britian to stay in and keep getting suplly of shitskin men kids

its waht brits destiny is

vote Labour boys

>Clegg out
Fucking hell what a shitshow.
I'm now fully down for a hung parliament purely for the chaos.

This. Thank fuck Clagg is finally gone. I hope he gasses himself in his car.

I feel bad for Clegg, I think he's a pretty decent guy.


Problem is there are very few replacements for Theresa May.


there aren't many tories left that are big enough to be pm that also voted to leave.

I'd think Michael Faron would be a solid choice. Conservatives need a strong answer to the demilitarization/isolationism wing of the Labour Party.

Tory majority? Gove!

m8 stop
the men in grey suits will come quietly take her by the arm

Fuck you, leave cunt.

His hair is a mess like Jeb's life

His wikipedia article says he left office back in May, could someone explain this?

back to r*ddit friend

>3 am in the U.K.
When is this shit over with? Jesus Christ, it's a tiny little Island.

How did May become PM?

Watching the BBC news coverage is giving me hemorrhoids.

The pig fucker dude resigned after Brexit because he was an EU stooge

No. Fucking No. Just fucking no

switch to sky senpai

This is your London now. Enjoy.

UKIP lost Cons Ipswich
Cunting idiots

I have no idea what any of this means. Explain?

Gove is your best pick, I think
He's a real Brexiteer and also strong on other topics.

God you guys are worthless.

Gove's a back-stabbing cunt desu, he's even more untrustworthy than May.

I wouldn't mind David Davis however I dunno if he'll get it

Had some of the worst terrorist attacks in recent history haven't you?


why are you in this thread then?