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(Thread censored , please repost here and on stormfront...)
Post pictures of BLOND TOP MODELS who you think would be good sperm and egg donor for the purpose of REGENERATION OF THE WHITE RACE and to give as a gift for other (willing) races so they can UPGRADE THEIR RACE so we can have OONE RAACEE FOOR AALL humans eventually so we can end up JEALOUSY(inferiority) , THE CAUSE OF RACISM and have a real equality by sharing what is desireable and so we must share the blond dna wich we believe is a gift from the gods or nature to mankind to be spread with LOVE. All man desire a white women that's why we must clone them and give them to men of all race or we have to make the sperm available for womens of all races who wants to be part of the white world. Money can also be given to non-white women for having white baby. Many non-white are just non white caucasians but are still caucasian if they love the white race , supports it, help propagate it , defend it. Also you can post image of black/brown women/men who are in fact of caucasian ancestry (50%-75%+ caucasian genes)
All the blonds model that we elect (1000 to 100000) Could be the kings and queens of the white race with the mission to assure order and a return to independance and an uncorrupted democratic system for the white people and all races who wants to be part of the AWO (the other races or nations not interested to join should be left in peace. Ideally every city would work similarly to an ancient Greek city/state/democracy and a blond king would serve as backup in case of chaos and guardian of the direct democracy.
A team should after research the psychological the background of the peoples in the pictures and then offer them the title of kingship in their area. Does kek and pepe agree ?

go worship a tree somewhere else why don't you

Hail Brother, Hail Perkwunas!!!


This is a good channel if you want to learn the norse language


Welcome home, Aryan man!!!

Svenskanon, du behöver inte följa honom. Du var inte alltid sådan du är nu. En gång var du en av Sveriges män!

Daily reminder that Spear Amendment > Second Amendment

Where is CIDF at? Any questions about paganism?

How does magick fit in with paganism?
I can't seem to find any clear answers to it

>En gång var du en av Sveriges män!
Sverige blev ett enat rike tack vare kristendomen, Sverige var en stormakt tack vare kristendomen, Sverige ÄR tack vare kristendomen

Utan kristendomen existerar inte Sverige

Idk what you mean, this isn't Wiccan stuff.


>Utan kristendomen existerar inte Sverige


Like burgers are any better

But we are

A fucking leaf. Everytime


śmh at the niqqas whom entire concept of paganism is runes and larping as scandinavians

>crying about it but not using sage
This is decent, would be better if you used the painting of the WH burning in 1812 as the grill though.
>captcha: Tim Hortons
Also that fattie is missing a poo stain

>śmh at the niqqas whom entire concept of paganism is runes and larping as scandinavians
?????????? read the FAQ

that meme doesn't dispute what you quoted though

How is that an argument? Pic related, a sign???

Neo-Paganism and Christianity are both derivatives of pre-Roman Aryan spirituality; they are not Semitic in origin:

>Joseph Atwill's theory of Christianity as Roman in origin
>(not strictly esoteric, but often referenced by neo-pagan esoterics, here for reference)
>Mythicist positions (for reference)

>Sven Longshanks' series on Aryan Esotericism (takes a more Christian-Centric view)
>1 - Aryan Esoterica: Odin, the Runes, Gnosticism and Christ 010517.mp3
>2- Aryan Esoterica: Lucifer, the Black Sun, Angels and the Green Thunderbolt 011217.mp3
>3- Aryan Esoterica: Archetypes, Avatars, Hitler and Sex 011917.mp3
>4 - Aryan Esoterica: Jews, Judeans and Josephites 012617.mp3
>5 - Aryan Esoterica: In The Beginning 020217.mp3

>Neo-Paganism and Christianity are both derivatives of pre-Roman Aryan spirituality; they are not Semitic in origin:
Christian doesn't resemble at all the Aryan spirit whatsoever, Christianity was made by Semitic Jews. It was the SJW movement of its day

>How is that an argument?
It's not an argument, it's just a fact that Sverige (Svea Rike) would never have become a great power without Christianity

Watching Vargs playlist on Paganism now.

He got some interesting theories on goblins and elves etc. I wonder where he got it all from though

>Christian doesn't resemble at all the Aryan spirit whatsoever, Christianity was made by Semitic Jews.
Ironic that it doesn't resemble anything from Judaism at all then. That's why they reject it. It doesn, hoever, resemble everything Aryan:
>Thulis of Egypt
>Crite of Chaldea
>Atys of Phrygia
>Hesus or Eros
>Bali of Orissa
>Alcestos of Euripides
>Wittoba of the Bilingonese
>Prometheus or Æschylus of Caucasus
>Quirinus of Rome
>Horus of Egypt
There are 46 similarities between Horus and Christ alone (listed here):

There is, however, no precedent for Christ within Judaism; none of the prophets or patriarchs in the line of David resemble Christ at all. He is not a semitic trope, just a Roman imposition on a rebellious Jewish minority to force their assimilation within the empire.

>It's not an argument, it's just a fact that Sverige (Svea Rike) would never have become a great power without Christianity
How did Christianity make Sweden a great power? It's not the Swedish people or leadership but a Semitic text that was written by Yeshua Bar Yosef which made Sweden a great power? It's sad that you believe that.

>the best ships ever built at the time before the renaissance

The ships served their purpose but that's horseshit. Leif Erikson was a Christian you retard.

It's the same gods as Judaism, Christianity is just a sect of Judaism made for Goyim. Hence, the Marxist ideas.

>Swedish people or leadership
Christianity united the Swedish people, and gave it leadership as well (one God, one Reich, one People)

He later converted but it doesn't disprove my point.

You just keep repeating yourself. Can't you reply to my argument and examples? There are far more similarities between Christ and every Aryan figure before him. He's an Aryan spiritual trope, not a semtic one.
>the same Jewish God
But he isn't, not at all, that's why the Jews hate Christians, because to them the Christian version of Logos is an insult, the opposite of their Godhead. Do you understand my argument here, or no?

Varg knows latin

What isyour excuse?

>You just keep repeating yourself. Can't you reply to my argument and examples? There are far more similarities between Christ and every Aryan figure before him. He's an Aryan spiritual trope, not a Semitic one.

Give an example how he is an Aryan spiritually, he doesn't resemble the Aryan gods at all, he was a Semitic god worshiped by the Jews. Give me reasons how they're similar.

He found Vinland accidently while on his way to introduce Christianity to Greenland

For the amount that you pagans fetishize the ancient norse you could at least read the wikipedia article about their history

Here is what I think

>See elite worshipping Moloch and doing totally b-movie tier shit like pic related
>Oh Lawdy praise be to Jehovah!
>now everyone is worshiping the same kike egregore

Christianity is the biggest spiritual Trojan horse imaginable

Is that about right?

>Give an example how he is an Aryan spiritually
Every link in this post provides hours and hours of reasoned examples:
Then I listed several examples here since you ignored the previous post:
Then I had to summarize the argument and evidence here, because you still didn't understand the previous posts:
What's your problem, leaf?

They were Celtic Christians, which was Christianity only in name for political purposes, they still revered the gods.

DAILY REMINDER that Varg is a crypto-commie leftshit mudslime apologist, and has been for decades since he was an edgy teen:

Bill Warner BTFO's Varg on the crusades:

>celtic christians
>ancient norse

>What's your problem, leaf?
You haven't provided an argument on how Yahweh is an Aryan spirit. All you mentioned was comparing Jesus to other Semitic gods. Want to debate?
Discord Code: w68tguT

Celtic Christianity is a type of Christianity, it's not just limited to Celts

He's not a communists, why would you make up such a lie?

He's no capitalist either. He's just a tribalist.

He was not born Christian, nor was he even by the time he had his first child (whom he named after Thor).

His father was pissed at him for being a Christ cuck

Hello my pagan friends

Have a good weekend

Spend some time with nature

>be Australian
>connect with your ancestors
>go to find spirituality in the forests as your forebears
>everything there wants to kill you
Are Australian pagans doing Paganism on hard-mode?

Remove Abo

>wannabe witches and fake vikings the thread

"muh tribe" isn't good enough of a mindset to achieve greatness, or anything at all really

This is Aryan paganism, not Wiccan bullshit. I covered this in the FAQ were not all Germanic pagan.

I don't know where this idea that Australia is dangerous comes from.

Europe and North America are much more hazardous. You have bears, wolves, coyotes, migrants, ect, on top of the spiders and snakes we have.

REALLY happy this is becoming more common of a thread

>REALLY happy this is becoming more common of a thread
Yeah someone had to do it, your welcome to join the social media as well.

Why should we fight mudshits or for the jews again

I though there is a shit ton of poisonous creatures in Australia?

>Why should we fight mudshits or for the jews again
Muslims are the problem it's made out to be, all Semitic religions have been poisoning Europe. I'll stay out of this fight, why should Aryan lives be lost for the benefit of Semites.

They're called Melbournites

So long and the christians actually tolerate a lil more this will be an even better thing. Grew up christian, went to church, prayed, always felt wrong. The way of the old is right.

Jesus Christ


>(((Jesus Christ)))

>always felt wrong

This feels right. Paganism inner peace imo.




Why WhiteSharia is fucking retarded:

>Classical authors’ impressions
tell a great deal about how different
Celtic women were from the women
with whom those writers were familiar.
Diodorus of Sicily describes Gaulish
women as being “nearly as tall as the
men, whom they rival in courage”.

>“…a whole band of foreigners will be unable to cope with one [Gaul] in a fight, if he calls in his
wife, stronger than he by far and with flashing eyes; least of all when she swells her neck and gnashes her teeth, and poising her huge white arms, begins to rain blows mingled with kicks, like shots discharged by the twisted cords of a catapult”.

>Ancient Celtic women served as both warriors and rulers. Girls as well as boys could be trained to fight. One of the most prominent training schools was run by Scathach (pronounced “sca-hah” or “skya”), a woman from what is now Scotland. She trained the greatest hero of Irish legend, Cúchulainn (pronounced “koo-hull-in” or “koo-khull-in”, with the “KH” as
in Scottish loch). This most famous of her pupils went on to fight entire armies alone and
perform other great deeds. Scathach’s female rival, Aife (or Aoife), was considered one
of the fiercest warriors alive

>"women of the Celts are bigger and stronger than our Roman women. This is most likely due to their natures as well as their peculiar fondness for all things martial and robust. The flaxen haired maidens of the north are trained in sports and war while our gentle ladies are content to do their womanly duties and thus are less powerful than most young girls from Gaul and the hinterlands."

>"A Celtic woman is often the equal of any Roman man in hand-to-hand combat. She is as beautiful as she is strong. Her body is comely but fierce. The physiques of our Roman women pale in comparison."

Fuck off with that, I'm glad I only come to this board to laugh once in a while

It's been changed Varg

So I guess all pagans on Sup Forums are Völkisch Blood & Soil pagans, right?

Post more pagan-inspired art.

They are pretty beautiful to look at.

Not an argument

Damn it, formatting got messed up.

Thanks, Sven!



Yeah ofc, that's the whole point of paganism


You said it the best way, worried about dead and karmic shit that just ended up me questioning my self and beliefs even more. This is peace and right of mind in spirit.



This might be of interest to you.




Remember that only shills say that literally all jews are bad and they are inherently evil bc if they are then they cannot be held responsible for their crimes, because they cant help it.

Saint Paulus/Saul letter to the Ephesians
Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.

He also says in Romans 13 to obey and love theRoman Government which bears the sword of Justice and in 2 Peter it says "love the brotherhood and honor the Emperor"


Abrahamic Religion infighting will be the death of us all.





Christianity didn't start the enlightenment


>Tuonela is the realm of the dead or the Underworld in Finnish mythology. Tuonela, Tuoni, Manala and Mana are used synonymously. In Estonian mythology, it is called Toonela or Manala.

>According to the ancient beliefs, the fate of good and bad people is the same and the dead wander the afterlife as shadow-like ghosts. Tuoni and his wife Tuonetar are the rulers of Tuonela. At times living people visited Tuonela to gather information and spells. The trip there required weeks of trekking in a desert, and finally the crossing of the river with the help of a ferryman. Shamans could visit Tuonela by falling into a trance and tricking the guards.