Pregnant Transgender "Man" Sparks Debate
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Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK! Even the blacks in the comment section are distraught.
>Trystan Reese, 34, and Biff Chaplow of Portland, Oregon, revealed on a recent podcast that they will be welcoming a son this summer
>Trystan, who is transgender, suffered a miscarriage last year at six-weeks, but the couple got to trying again right away
>The pair are already dads to two adopted children, Riley and Hailey

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So in other words they're heterosexual and his wife is crazy.

I live in Portland, and yes, we do have this many fucking weirdos

at least they're white


>gay marriage is natural
hahahah. i'm going to print this photo out, keep it in my wallet, and the next time some cuck or roastie lectures me on tolerance hand it to them and 360 and walk away


that's the biological male on the right? what the fuck, the tranny literally looks more like a man than the actual male.


>these "people" get to have kids
>I'm 36
>under employed

What happened?

David Arquette is a woman?


Didn't he had a miscarriage or something?

this is the future, user. the white cis patriarchy is a vestage of the past that belongs in the dust bin of history.

leftist genocide when

Between the fucked up hormones and the psychotic parents this kid is fucking toast.



Taking bets on how long until the punchline.
I'll go with mid-September

Her husband dresses/looks gay, is he though? That's the confusing part.


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That kid is going to have birth defects and longterm health problems, kek.

Portland, OR needs to be nuked.

If only you knew how bad things really are

Kys fag


White people invented this shit. Maybe y'all should go extinct.


I dont know but at least you have those digits

mental illness runs in families

also chekd

That's the saddest part to me. This story is being spun as empowerment gender bullshit, but that kid is going to be raised in a terrible home, if he's not already seriously messed up from the hormones. But there's nothing more important than assuring mental patients that there's nothing wrong with them.

t. bacha bazi muhammad

Best get I ever got

I feel terrible for their children.

What are the fucking odds that if this was a straight male baby it would receive a loving upbringing from these subhumans?

> Want to be a "man"
> Sound and look like a gay guy at best
> Get preggers and have kid
How the fuck is this not mental illness???

I'm guessing their Liberals right.

I thought the ginger was also trans.

they had heterosexual sex?

The hormones she's taking to look like a dude can't possibly be healthy for a developing fetus. The kid's either going to end up dead before it's born, or suffer major damage (probably physical and mental) throughout it's life.

Irreparable birth defects so it's parents can "virtue"-signal on their podcast.

And medical professionals let this happen

FTMs can get pregnant?

I've made a huge mistake...

>invented the English language
>can't even use the correct form of they're*

If it isn't participating in gay disabled orgies by the age of 14, it's going to be disowned by the parents

McMinnville here

Portland is shitty and bleeding into the space around it. The loggers, farmers, and miners hate those people so much. They represent the frivolity of excess and have no idea how to survive in the world outside their concrete bubble.
People who venture outside of their containment zone get warm beer, jacked up prices, and zero help when they struggle to do basic things.
>friend's driving, middle of nowhere
>see a car on the side of the road, flat tire
>three hipsters staring uselessly at a jack
>he pulls over and gets out
>wtf you doin mate
>they start walking over, grateful
>they see him walking into bushes to take a piss
>404 help not found, they stare confused
>he zips up, looks over and waves as he gets back in and pulls away
One of the most beautiful states has one of the best immune systems- rednecks.

No way. he'd be growing up feeling worthless for his orientation and with no real role models. No matter what the sex of the baby, who is (s)he going to look up to if the mom is pretending to be the dad and the dad is a degenerate tranny fucker.

I'm am not a religious man, but I pray that thing's womb is destroyed beyond working order so a human life doesn't have to go through this. I feel bad enough for the adopted ones.

> Even the blacks

You have to go back, we say NIGGER here...say it LOUD & PROUD !


>being this new
I hope your trolling nigga

That photo will be the most paper you've ever actually had in your wallet

>wanting to be pregnant
What the actual fuck

Even women dont like being pregnant.

Fuck. I'm convinced. The Nazis were never our enemy. I don't even know man. At least I can shelter in the Catholic Church. Enjoy what thou have wrought you fedora wearing neck bearded atheist cucks.

White degeneracy at its worst . Time to make them drink bleach !!

Are you sure they're gay? The guy with a penis is still fucking a vagina.

Not in any particular order, but all at a time where these are anathema to popular culture and thus extremely demoralising.

Well, he's certainly fucking a vagina.


Prayer circle for another miscarriage and that God sees fit to make that thing's womb barren by the high T

>Chad Mansley "Manny" Swharimaguy

>a white family
>this is a problem

The Fire Must Rise, Brother!

Theyre not gay, just strange.

Perhaps not technically gay, but certainly the epitome of "virtue"-signaling and completely degenerate, and behavior that causes incurable harm to their children.

If it was just being gay, don't have a problem with that (two consenting adults can be degenerate if it doesn't hurt anyone besides themselves, that's fine) but this is horrible child abuse that medical professionals and law enforcement are apparently allowing because of SJW totalitarianism and because it's 2017.

>Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK! Even the blacks in the comment section are distraught
Here is some shit you maybe don't know: blacks are NOT leftists. Blacks may like gibs and free shit but they are not consumers of the Jewish koolaid.
Blacks hate gays and really hate tranny shit.
Real leftism is a Jewish poison specifically designed to attack the mind of the white western man - it doesn't work so well on others

>inb4 Chinese communism, which was an entirely different poison which was engineered specifically to attack the mind of the Chinese




>living in a country where gays can marry or ADOPT
ahhahahhah, fucking faggots

that two-shot is shooped man, although the story is true

>Mrw when I see these people destroying their bodies and futures and children this way...

Unless it's a male baby
>"mom" is taking shitloads of androgens
>baby boy comes out with a handlebar mustache and Lou Ferrigno delts
>yanks out his own umbilical cord and takes a bite out the placenta

fuck at first i thought this an article about incest

You fucking retard. That's a fake photo you idiot. Faking these things will not help us, especially if you fake them as badly as that one there.

Odd father in the household...


This type of shit makes me want to become straight
I want to leave behind degeneracy, Sup Forums
How do I stop being gay?


>"guy" gets pregnant
>this person isn't a girl even though biologically they clearly are to the point of creating children
>this makes sense to people somehow
this is fucking stupid and the west simply needs to just cease to be, i do not care how, but this shit just needs to stop, this is an incredible level of full retard.

Why do all bulldykes look the same?

Very low chance the kid is going to be anywhere close to stable, regardless of it's biological sex. Between the environmental, hormonal, and genetic defects it's going to have to live with, I'd be surprised it doesn't kill itself by the age of 33.

Stop sucking cocks for a start

You ever watch those nature documentaries on the cable?

a world overun by africans is better than this. kys

No shit achmed.
How do I stop having those feelings?

ya I couldn't look at that picture too long my stomach started feeling nauseous, just ate, rather keep my dinner inside me.

>being this new

It might not be possible for you to straight up change your orientation. But what you can do, for your own good and the good of society, is not be sucked into the ugly gay lifestyle. It's completely sex-driven degeneracy. You are more than your sex drive- you are a complete human being and you can overcome any urges you might have. It might not be easy, but it will absolutely be worth it.



Start reading up on the comorbidities of homosexuality with depression/suicidal ideation, partner abuse, number of partners, and prevalence of STDs within the community. Then, begin reading about gays who've changed their orientation by will. I know a few personally, and could help give you some hope. All else fails- go to a traditional church (Catholic/Orthodox/Anglican). Sounds trite, I know, but if you develop strong bonds with people of a traditional bent you'll orient yourself to their lifestyle and feel like you don't want to disappoint them.

Cute couple!

I bet the baby is black.

I totally agree with this, especially the depression/suicide rates related to living a hedonistic, sex-fueled life. Joining a serious, traditional church is an awesome idea, but I would disagree with the Anglican church- speaking as a former Anglican who converted to Catholicism, a lot of the Anglican church is mega-cucked. Any church that breaks tradition, esp. in giving women the leadership roles that used to be relegated to men, is not going to do anything but enable you.

>revealed on a recent podcast that they will be welcoming a son this summer

And what a coincidence, this kid will somehow be determined queer as soon xe's old enough to talk?

jews must be exterminated, they are the spawn of satan.

Oregon is pretty amazing.

Fair point- I just happen to know mostly conservative non-pozzed Anglicans. I'm Orthodox, so I would recommend that or Catholicism. But before that, I cannot stress enough to our friend that reading up on the depression and self-destruction that correlates all too often with a homosexual life. Once you take pause at this, it can be easier to look at transforming your life (and maybe even develop an interest in gals).

>God allowed these degenerates to exist
>Despite the prayers of thousands of people every day
>Thinking that prayer will somehow stop them now.

I'll never understand how people think God has some immutable cosmic plan that's been laid out since before He created the universe while simultaneously believing that He might change that plan if you ask the right way.

>has a uterus

>claims to be male

this isnt how anatomy works

I hope she has a miss carrage. She should never be a mother. Fucking hormone junky.

This modern world disgusts me

They can put that info on TV or the internet, giving away their identities, and NOT get killed.

This makes me so bitter

I hope he has a healthy and happy baby to raise with his husband :)

There are definitely conservative Anglicans! Unfortunately, at least where I live in the US, it's very hard to find a decent community. My family used to have to drive more than an hour to get to church, which made it hard to be very involved. On top of that, a lot of the parishes tend to have a schism between the lefties and the traditionalists, and the bishops/clergy tend to be more liberal.

A real, serious and vibrant faith community is so, so important to anyone who wants to take this step to control their life. I would definitely recommend that OP research Jackie Hill-Perry, who is a lady who overcame her same-sex attraction and is now married with a beautiful daughter- her testimony is incredibly moving.

Good for you user.. Now go to a bar and lie about yourself and get laid & get some White babies senpai