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>grabs her by the breasts
>wants to bring back jobs
>is a protectionist
>rallies the people

Is he, dare I say... /ourlad/?

Why does he parade a manifesto like a fucking marxist?

Because it's a decent manifesto, at least when compared to the tories

Wow, a politician having policies and basing his campaign off them instead of treating it like reality TV ala the US? What a fucking idea.

Why didn't he at least call it his "Kampf"?

Because he's a cucked commie?


seize the mean of reproduction

There's only one reason he parades a "manifesto".
To bait marxists.
His a fucking cuck that's got you by the balls.

Kek'd. Fucking perv, feminists will hunt him down for this.

Grab 'em by the breast.

why didn't labour just fold in districts where they competed for votes with SNP or LD? The third parties would win the seat easily and Labour would form a government tonight


are you the Aussie who admitted to being "too autistic" a few days ago?.

you certainly are stupid


>are you the Aussie who admitted to being "too autistic" a few days ago?.
>checks flag

You know that the Irish literally have diminished brain capacity right?
That's why they drink so much.
It won't make their retardation any worse.

It's a general term for a political statement, nobody thinks manifesto = Marxism just because of the Communist Manifesto

He.. didn't win.. you retards.

Conservatives still get a good majority of the seats, the only thing we're talking about is if it's an ABSOLUTE majority or not.

Jesus Christ...

Profit denial

>theguardian com/politics/ng-interactive/2017/may/19/who-should-i-vote-for-the-uk-election-manifestos-compared

The whole election is a fucking fraud to delay brexit.
May never intended to do well.
She needs beheading with the lot of them.

>nobody thinks manifesto = Marxism just because of the Communist Manifesto
First thought when I hear manifesto is a commie holding a little red book while giving head to jamal in a girl's swimsuit with a tiny little stiffy.

Hah. Glad to see I'm not the only dane staying up for this.

If he's not actually touching some tits, then I don't give a shit.

You think the conservatives loosing seats to someone who's "unelectable" is a good thing? She will need the DUP to form a majority, and a coalition is possibly the worst thing we could have

That's still not losing, not by a long shot in face some might say it's still winning.

Also stop commenting like you're a decent conservative. You just called Jeremy Corbyns 'manifesto' "decent compared to the tories" above.