Do boomers actually have any idea to what the fuck is actually going on?

I know at least in the U.S.A. older people tend to be more conservative, but every boomer I have ever talked to tends to be nothing more than your average neo-con.

After having discussions with boomers that are both left wing and right wing they tend to differ on reasons why they vote a certain way from younger groups. They also seem to be the most likely to vote based on political party alone and don't even care about a candidates platform as long as they are in the party they support.

They don't seem to give a shit about preserving demographics or culture then turn around and preach about how "kids these days don't know what it was like back in my day etc." while they have done absolutely nothing to stop our rapid decline.

They don't seem to be aware of half the shit that is even going on. I know they are not internet savvy so they don't often see the same shit we see on internet unless it somehow ends up on the local news. So I somewhat understand that, but every time I have ever tried to explain something to an older person they don't believe it. They just go on about how you can't believe anything on the internet and how young people are naive. Why the fuck are they so dense? CNN or Fox are anymore reliable than what I find on the internet?

Gen X'ers are not even that fucking dense. I don't know which is worst millennials or boomers.

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yeah all this sounds familiar

everyday I think more and more that democracy is a mistake

trump = boomer

They're very bad at using new information to revise/update their mental models of the world, and of society.

I don't think Boomers comprehend, for example, that the US is 17% Hispanic. They just can't conceive of it. When they grew up, the "other" race was blacks, and that was pretty much it. And that's the model of the world their brains continue to project.

So the very idea of whites becoming a "minority" to them is incoherent, because they don't see whites being outnumbered by blacks. And since blacks are the only minority they know about, it must not be an issue.

It's not necessarily stupidity in the traditional sense; it's more like a mental freeze which prevents them from moving past a certain point in time when it comes to their ideas about the world.

Boomers are selfish assholes because they were raised by people who grew up during the great depression and either fought in a war where people back home hated you for it or hated people coming back from a war they didn't want to be in. The world will be a better place in 10-20 years when they're all dead

Yes and that obviously reflects in his policy. He may not be the person we truly need but he was a far better alternative than the opposing boomer running against him.

They have no fucking clue.

I've noticed this myself. I tried to explain this to my grandparents once that the rapid demographic change that's occurring in both Europe and the U.S.A. is extremely harmful. They don't seem to comprehend it at all though.

I tried explaining to them that Germany and France will eventually be lost to Islam due to demographic change if things don't change. They refused to believe it because in their minds Germany today is really no different than what it was under Hitler. I have talked to many old folk who actually believe that countries such as Germany and France are more of a danger than demographic changes and Islamification. They always tell me these countries want to take over.

It totally seems like they just aren't aware of how different things are now.

>It's not necessarily stupidity in the traditional sense; it's more like a mental freeze which prevents them from moving past a certain point in time when it comes to their ideas about the world.

I agree with this, but is this a boomer only thing? Gen X'ers don't seem to be this way.



whats new about worst generation.

Did I ever tell you guys about the time me and a buch of Chads assfucked Jonah Hill in a Hollywood gym locker room, then pissed all over him when we were done? He cried like a little bitch!

A lot of boomers are frauds, intellectually and career-wise. They're all about surfaces, no depth. That's what was adaptive in their generation.

They don't understand that the world is so complicated now that each person really needs to think about things.

they got COMPLETELY mindfucked by the jews who convinced them that they were genius individuals so they are all a bunch of self aggrandizing narcissistic retards completely in love with themselves
there was NO counter-narrative whatsoever in their day. it was pure jewery. they are heroic noble men and women who caused everything great in the history of the world

boomers don't seem to really acknowledge how bad things really are. at least the millennials as fucked up and marxist as they are realize that things are not right. they just want to take us into a direction that would make things worse.

Millennial here, my boomer dad has been long been red-pilled with slightly neo-con leanings until they really started to show their (((power level))). I'm working toward black pilling him, but he does not want to give up hope.

Democracy was created in Greece to stop Mob rule.

The joke on the world is that Democracy is mob rule.

Walk thru room.. Comey being asked is there any evidence? Any scintillating of anything? No to both. BOOMER: "he said yes there is." I kid you not. Me: Sessions speaking on serious issue of increasing sex traffic with younger victims. BOOMER: "bunch of losers in a basement on UGlobe. Distraction from Comey (later known as FAT NUTTN BERGER)" Me: WTF??? You're against fighting "SexTortion??????"

Baby Boomers as far as I'm concerned have their heads in the sand and they know things are going be hell for their grand children but they don't have in them to save society.

There seems to be a cycle in civilizations. Hard times create hard men, easy times create weak men.

The strong men fought in the wars and half of them were wiped out, the other half came home tired, had large families and their children ran wild and became weak (Boomers)

I even hear stories about my grand parents trying to keep my mother and her siblings away from degeneracy. They even called the police on my uncle when he was about 14 because he grew his hair long.

Now its the complete opposite and degeneracy and "Do what ever makes you feel good" mentality and its all come from the boomers rebelling against dad who went off and nearly died fighting Germans.

No, they're functionally retarded this day and age. They're the only idiots who thought the "Russia hacked the election" narrative made any sense. That narrative was crafted specifically for the simple mind of the eternal boomer

Fox News is the culprit for a lot of this. They push the neocon line consistently. Boomer thinks this is a good conservative news channel and believes it. You've got to remember that they grew up pre internet and the tube was THE source of news, maybe the newspaper for the slightly more curious. It's why facebook tier fake news works on them.

Same, its a sham that elites use to turn hedonist masses into willing servants

Its like this UBI nonsense that many are advocating for now is going to lead to small elite oligarchies that control the money and resources, giving the average pleb barely enough.

Automation will lead to war, if changing demographics dont.

my boomer dad mocks me when i mention jew stats he believes in civic nationalism despite growing up in a 100% white area and going to a catholic school
i want to strangle him

>black pilling him
Why don't you try taking the arsenic pill?

That's why we are a republic.

you can go strait to hell :)


The earlier version of "lame" = "you're weird" :o) get up early sometimes.

A republic that has become increasingly more and more democratic. The republic that was envisioned by the founding fathers is long gone.

Couldn't have said it better. It also gives people the illusion of choice.

What is the solution? It wasn't even until recently that democracy was even viewed as a good thing.

Boomers basically inherited the most United State in its most prosperous time in history, and within a generation ruined it. Gen X and Millennials are the first post Civil War generations that will are worse off than their parents by basically every metric (projected lifetime disposable income, etc). Boomers can't even comprehend how they shitted up the world.
That "weak men create hard times" meme is true. Boomers were the weak men.

I have tried showing statistics and sources to boomers but if it comes from the internet they always say it's fake.


will gen z be the "hard times create strong men"

generations have passed since the boomers and nothing seems to be getting any better.

Who /works with Boomers/ here? Some of the laziest people honestly. They never want to take additional responsibility and are dead set on their current roles. Plus for all the shit they give younger people for using their phones, they talk with other people for an hour straight and then go back to their desk like nothing happened. So damn annoying.

Universal suffrage is a horrendous idea. We give equal voice to people who benefit more from the destruction of the state than it's preservation.

(See Feguson / Hurricane Katrina looters).

In pic related, even in the assemblies of the people 2/3 of voting power was reserved by upper middle and upper classes.

Wrong pic. Damn

Because they had a working intact structure to exploit

Only the ones that were hardcore enough to learn the conspiracies by going out in the real world and read obscure books.

no, the leaders will be a few millennials, the majority would be Z tho.
They'd get to name their own generation once they prove their worth.

First generation to get wide spread credit.

The nation is now 20 trillion in debt. Boomers are the teenager that think they know everything and just got ahold of their parent's credit card.

They never learned how to be skeptical of the images they see on TV. I suspect that their mental models of the world were strongly "impressed" on them by the TV and mass-media of the 50's and 60's.

Therefore, Russia is the devil, America's main crisis and greatest sin is racism against blacks, kids are doing poorly these days because they are lazy grunge-rock slackers, etc.

Later generations learned not to trust things just because they were spewed from a screen, but Boomers got caught up in that stuff in childhood and never had any reason to doubt it.

I work with a boomer, pretty based, voted for Trump, served in Vietnam
He loves to fuck with customers and employees for fun

they got the original exposure to the jew and they didnt have any hard time that would have caused them to develop cynicism

You realize there is a giant difference between the Vets and everyone else? They stayed back and did nothing.

Also have to say how shity X was too. They may even be worse.

No, I don't realize that they came home and got spat on by the same plebian niggers

>Do boomers know what the fuck is going on

No, absolutely not. They are complete retards. Even the ones who have good intentions and have their heart in the right place just can't seem to wrap their minds around what's happening today.

They are still living in the fake marxist world, getting their opinions from cable news.

I'm lucky to have redpilled parents who hate most other babyboomers, are redpilled on the Jews, cultural marxism, liberal indoctrination, and almost every Sup Forums subject.

One of my best friends is actually a famous 70 year old musician. We travel and hang out together, and he is so fucking wise on so many topics. He has lived all over the world and has the energy of a 20 year old, but he seriously cannot grasp why Trump was elected. He actually thinks it's a problem that the KKK endorsed him.

The boomers just have to go. I love a few of them, but they are the worst generation ever. We gotta roll them into the grave and make sure right-wing millenials and Gen Z take positions of power so we can be the Jews.

They are not aware at all of how fucked things are now. It appears they also lack the foresight to see how certain things can be extremely detrimental in the long run also.

kek enjoy getting fucking raped by an old guy

I will never forget the one time I was in a public waiting room and the first violent ant-trump protest happened. An older boomer woman seen on TV the man who was hit in the head and was bleeding and the footage of another man being chased down the street by protestors for attending the rally.

The old ass boomer lady actually started ranting about how violent those trump supporters were. The FUCKING TV had the footage of the Trump supporters being attacked and all she did was assume it was the protesters who were the ones bleeding because they were the victims of Trump supporters.

This was an awakening moment for me.

This was it.

Nah he's cool, we're both musicians and he gives me the work he doesn't want sometimes

Just like driving, people over the age of 60 should be barred from voting. Boomers still trust old news sources and believe that politicians are respectable people.

I'm a boomer and you're full of shit on nearly everything.

lol, always gotta blame previous generations for your faults as a generation.

"It's da boomers fault"

Most of the people in my family are boomers and they're some of the smartest, redpilled people I know. I was fucking spoiled as a kid by my dad, mom, aunts and uncles, all of whom were "da boomer" generation. They know what's up, they know life is going to be shit for their children and grandchildren. Nothing you can do.

You can't just lump an entire generation and point finger at them as the problem.

sure you are user

You don't have to believe me. But I'm old enough to remember when this guy was president.

>going to lead to small oligarchies ... that control all the money
>going to
>implying it isn't that way already

This. I tried that with my dad, I showed him stats on gun violence in America and how it's strongly related to gang violence and he flat out denied it. He honestly thinks Americans just go around shooting each other at the drop of a hat.

False. Republic in name only. A republic would require a ruling by higher law, i.e. the U.S. would technically be a republic if it was declared to openly be a Christian nation. However, the U.S. has no official religion. Therefor, the U.S. is technically a democracy.

>You can't just lump an entire generation and point finger at them as the problem.

yes you can when there are collective differences between generations and problems have to start somewhere

They have no idea
Democracy was a huge mistake

awesome image

The stupid thing is that they can just drive by their old schools and see how there are zero whites there anymore

>You can't just lump an entire generation and point finger at them as the problem.
Watch me

This is the thing that pisses me off about boomers. They're not even SJW's like millennials and a lot of them just refuse to even acknowledge demographic changes. They pretend it's not happening.

our brains become physically less elastic as we age, we are less able to comprehend and absorb new information or change our way of thinking..

boomers are literally frozen in time.

people above 60 years old shouldn't vote

(and people under 25)


They fucked up real bad by being the ultimate blue-pilled good goy cucks who live in a state of the permanent present, but they helped get Trump into office so they redeemed themselves in a way. If they don't go down in history as being the worst generation ever I'll be shocked.

You guys need to break it down to WHICH baby boomers you are talking about.

The DOB 1946-1960 baby boomers are the hippie children, with all their fucked up ideas, who never forgave themselves for selling out their commie youth.

The DOB 1961-1964 boomers are different. They are the ones who saw how fucked up their older brothers and sisters were, and went hard right as a result. Those are the Alex P. Keaton type boomers; the ones who elected Reagan.

What people never seem to get is that no generation makes itself. It's absurd. The WWII generation came out of the war tired of fighting, and wanted to settle down. Bu the post-war prosperity boom allowed them to spoil the boomers. And as the first TV native gen, the boomers are narcissists at heart. Add in the manufactured consent on all things, and they became e pluribus consumerus.

(And late boomers and Gen X made the millenial SJW's, too).

So are just past a classic decadent peak.

Also shouldn't hold elected office past 60.

My parents are the same age as Trump and dumb as fuck about how things are today. I'm tired of their generation fucking everything up.

I have experienced the exact same thing with boomers...
they are the "easy to control" generation

I'd say millennials are far worse because of the college indoctrination system. Gen Z is showing a lot of promise but it's still up in the air.

There is, of course, another option...

Because boomers are older, they have far more personal knowledge of political and social history.

So when they hear some young person coming up with some "new great" idea, they can remember the dozens of times it has been tried and failed in the past.

Every generation is "easy to control"

The majority are mindless sheep, then there's a small subset that know what's up but give into the peer pressure of the majority. An even smaller subset of that don't give a fuck what people will think and just do what they think is right.

It's all down to IQ, and the lower the IQ the easier it is to control people.

The only problem with the whole Gen Z is red pilled meme is that they will be the most diverse generation yet. You might have "redpilled" white Gen Z'ers but that won't matter if they are blocked out by all the minorities that outnumber them.

Boomers are the only remaining reason fake news corporations still have any power.

I think we're heading towards a metaphorical "Good vs Evil" battle in a political and philosophical sort of way, so drawing lines between race is disingenuous at this point. I'm Gen Z, and many of my friends and the people I grew up with truly want to see good in this world. Good and evil doesn't distinguish itself between race, gender, creed, orientation, etc. Many are misguided and fall for the globalist's lies, but with recent developments in the world I think many will realize the path they need to take.

It's called youth.

Every generation, when young, wants to change the world; thinks the older generation doesn't know what they're doing; and are so sure that they have the solutions.

But then, as people get older, they start to see the world as it really is, and they start to understand that the "can't we all just love each other" bullshit has never and will never work in the world.

Joe Friday talking to your parents when they were young and stupid:

This is something I realized a while ago. The Millennial men who aren't totally fucked in the head will be leading an army of Generation Zyklon B.

This is not cool. I have zero desire to send some kids to die. Even if they're brown.

The internet cracked the conditioning and brainwashing going on with millennials. Gave us a way out. So millenials are only mostly fucked. A fair number of us snapped out of the indoctrination after exposure to the chilling cognitive dissonance the free flow of information on the internet gave us.

Gen Z is even better off. They got to grow up with the internet at their fingertips. They're our younger brothers and sisters and neices and nephews and while some got hit with the CIA mind rot, many avoided it from the START. And unlike millenials, gen Z are better interconnected with each other thanks to social media. Millennials are kind of isolated, we didn't live and breath the internet quite the same way - most of us didn't have cellphones until our late teens, our "shitposts" couldn't reach more than our personal group of friends on irc or icq. Our 'social networks' aren't very wide.

A Gen Z kid's grown up texting basically their whole life, grown up shitposting to millions on twatter or youtube. It's a wider scope of communication and networking, the first generation that GREW UP WITH INDEPENDENT MEDIA. You can see the attempts at locking the new media - videogames, twitter, facebook, etc. down with the old mind rot. That's what all the feminism, gamergate, bullshit is about, but I think it's way too late to work now.

they're useless in the workplace though they occupy tons of c-level positions and lots of lower level shit, though gen x is actually running day to day shit, but they won't leave, and, of course, they fucking own e v e r y t h i n g
don't know what the fuck we're supposed to do

Well, the average age of the US senate is 64, and the US House is 58 - Boomer-aged. And it hasn't helped. Where the fuck is the application of all that accumulated wisdom?

Instead, our Boomer-aged legislators seem to be almost completely incompetent.

When I say "Good vs. Evil", I mean Gen Z is pretty redpilled that there's a shadow government behind the scenes doing some evil shit and want it to end. With these motherfuckers gone, "love and acceptance" might actually stand a chance. Think of when people are babies, they aren't divided. They play together, they share, they're innocent. As they get influenced via the media coupled with unpleasant life experience, confirmation bias kicks in and the cycle of hate and division comes into play. When people say that we're heading into a "NWO", they should be referring to the "Old World Order". This shit goes back to royal bloodlines and the entrenched elite.

Democracy in greece was for land-owning males who had an interest in maintaining social order, not for plebs to demand gibs.

I've been shitposting since I was 11 years old. feels good man. I don't think the SJW movement is as big as it seems, and it's slowly collapsing in on itself because of infighting and general absurdity. Time will tell in that regard.

I agree with this but just because people get more conservative with age doesn't particularly mean they end up with the same conservative views their forebears had.

How far right can a person shift if they started out in extreme depths of the far left? Millennials are so far left that even if they shift to the right as they age, will it matter if all it does it put them in the left of center?

Again, it's because "boomers" are not a single group. There are segments; different types of boomers.

So let's look at the last few presidents to see how it changed....

George HW Bush.... war hero in WW2. Solid "play by the rules type" Last pre-boomer president.

Bill Clinton... Draft dodger from vietnam and pussy hound. Was in the far-left camp from when he was young, started putting his youthful plans in action when he was President.

George W Bush... hid out vietnam in the air national guard. Felt guilty about it so he tried to turn himself into a cross between reagan and his father. Still the fucked up part of the boomers who never got their shit together.

Obama... he's the first of the boomers born in the sweet spot (1960-1964), but his problem is that grew up being a radical. So when he became president, he used his effectiveness for evil.

there will be good leaders user. We'll go where we chose.

hahaha kill yourself you deluded narcissist world destroying piece of shit

>muh meritocracy
>100% whiteness had nothing to do with things being nice and people being nice

theyre at least smart enough to know that mexicans are basically white.what other culture is as similar to ours than mexicans?

Daily reminder that the U.S. is not a democracy, but rather a republic.

Good joke thing though

You may have hit on something without knowing it.

If you want someone to blame for how fucked up the world is, it would be this guy, Dr Benjamin Spock.

He was the "big name" in the child rearing business. He published a series of books starting in 1946, and many people believe that the philosophy he taught the parents of baby boomers is directly responsible for all the mess we're in now.

When you get time, check out this article on him. It's not the best of sources but it does contain some useful background: