I'm far right but i hate the dc jews most of all...

i'm far right but i hate the dc jews most of all, and honestly this feels like a littler version of trumps humiliation of those faggots.

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I'm a Jew and I live in Washington D.C. You mean me?

Sure. Fuck you. I'd side with anyone against you. Including islam and niggers.

Corbyn's victory is a major loss for Israel and its chosen (((people))). L'chaim!

What have I ever done against you, goyanon?

Faggot marriage. I just wanted a vote. Now I want vengence.

I'm gay though. Gay marriage is a good thing. We do not live in a theocracy.

Corbyn isn't even anti-semitic. If you don't unconditionally support Israel and perpetual war in the Middle East, the neocons label you an anti-semite.

Source for all of these claims?

Sometimes when things have gone so bad the best and only option is to nuke the whole thing.

You currently have an invisable amendment to the constiution, giving you a constitutional right to anal marriage.

I was never consulted on this, and it invalidates the entirity of the US government.

Oy vey brits are being gad goyim after being such good goyim for hundreds of years.


You should check your spelling before you post. I voted for Trump because we already have gay marriage and adoption and he wasn't going to take that away. May not be a ton of votes, but certainly he appealed to gays more than any Republican before.

I don't give a shit about votes or presidents. Trump is my vehicle for revenge upon you, and he is delievering very well so far on my end. And I will side with anyone else, foreign or domestic who provides me avenues for revenge.

The constitution is a joke. The government is a joke. What matters is whose face gets rubbed in the shit.

>NATO hating
WTF I love Corbyn now.

I voted for him too. What has Trump done against gays? Nothing really. He has given the barest of lip service to anti-gay Christian conservatives by not marking gay pride on twitter. He cannot personally overturn the Supreme Court and personally expressed support for civil unions and amending the Civil Rights Act to explicitly cover sexual orientation in a 2000 interview with Advocate magazine.

There is absolutely no reason to respect the rules of the game when the other side does not. Anyone blathering about the constiutional today is a moron., or a crook.

We should though

Hmmm what's his stance when your MPs bring up their desire to ban Trump from visiting?

We don't. If you want that gain a majority.

His tax plan is changing education expenses into credits lol it allow me to raise my children as HATEFUL BIGOTS and not pay any taxes on it.

His director of HHS civil rights enforcement is laughible normie on issues of buttplug liberalism. theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/06/the-man-behind-trumps-religious-freedom-agenda-for-health-care/528912/


Trump is a very easy republican to deal with, precisely because he's isn't ideological. And the votes you provide are miniscule. If another supreme justice dies, your invisible rights to anal marriage going to just... disappear.


i live outside of DC. there are a shit load of dirty kikes around here.

You forgot to archive that archive.is/9CReT

Literally refers to Hamas and Hezbollah as "our friends" lmao.

The outrage is hilarious.


Perhaps the west needs more chaos??>

I don't know, I pray to Kek everyday.

hezbollah is kind of cool tho, kills isis and jews. Whats the problem?

I have been feeling this way for months. I have a feeling this is a type of premonition when so many people of the world are feeling the same way.

>trumps humiliation of those faggots
I've got some bad news for you goy.



Too bad it actually wasn't bombed