Risk game

get in here, we're having a risk game.
>pick name
>starting location

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i call cuckifornia and its all green

Maine, pink

Blue, PA

you all forgot your name lmao

Empire of Nice

Urban Turbans

Keksas(texas) GREEN

fuck. 4th Reich. Blue, PA

im fucking mad.

You are a nation of cucks, fuck!

be sure to join are discord so you can have a better edge in the game! discord1gg/bCqMaZ
(replace the 1 with a .)

>urban texans
>not just a bunch of mexicans
At least we're white, Jomar

the game begins!

Grey. Florida.

4th reich moves southwest

you'll be added next round, please pick a name for your empire.

fawk. forgot name. "A Florida Man"

I conquer northern lands in maine

Please add your name in the trip, it's very hard to keep track of who's who when it's all Anonymous and not trips.

The only white areas.


Green sourh carolina

and your empire name is Dd? trips checked.

hey, i said cuckifornia, its a place and its the name, i've been robbed!

still waiting on cuckifornia and URBANS TURBANS, will skip them if they don't roll in next 3 mins.

will do, testing. never used tripcodes before

The confederacy south carolina orange

you never gave a name, I'll change it to whatever you want and please roll.and be sure to add name in trip.

Shit i got it now

mui update!
act 2

Go south-west

Empire of Greater Carolina

roll for NC


Im feeling northeast


you cannot roll until you have been added to the game so please wait till next round to roll.

once agian, remaining empire will be given 5 mins to roll or they will be skip.


Socialist Republic of Oregon

mui update!

roll for NC

west, towards glove state

Move south

Princess Republic of Minnesota, purple

other empire have 5 mins to roll, if they don't roll by then they will be skipped.

mui update!

continue moving east

keep west m8

Southern tip of illinois
Color: dont give a shit
Name: alabama nigger

you forgot your trip, I take it you're the 4th Reich?

yeah, that would be right. Dont know what the fuck happened

5 min till next mui update

mui update!

Keep moving south


Autistic Alliance of Aspergistan

Light Blue

Southeastern Wyoming

>Autistic Alliance of Aspergistan

5 mins till next mui update!

Delmarva Peninsula
Color: Brown
Name: Negronia

>mui update!

Move northwest

Move North!

Youre asking to get rekt, nigga


5 mins till next mui update!


mui update!

Move East!

south, into negronia soil
if i remove this territrories, will you die?


East, into Nice Territory

If you kill me, I win

Happyland, SE Texas, dark :)

wew, a close one

Fucking unreliable trips

mui update!
nice rolled a 4 and nergo rolled a 3 so nice wins first battle!


South along the coast :)





Oh, btw op went to bed, so im in charge of map now.

OP signing off, sorry I can't finish this, you have my permission to host this without me, sorry guys and bye!

true he has my permission to host for me bye and night guys!


start Cascadia as gold in northern Washington

North into New York

You didn't update my last get :(
Nonetheless, westward :)

i did, i just fucked up and confused you with florida man state, i already fixed that btw


on my desktop now, northwest :)

North into New York State again

3 minutes till update



northwest :)

4 minutes till update