You have one 10 seconds to explain why you don't go to the gym and lift weights

You have one 10 seconds to explain why you don't go to the gym and lift weights.

Race war is near, be prepared or suffer the consequences.

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I don't go to the gym because I have a power rack and over 500lbs of weight that I lift in my garage.

Maybe when I'm able to hit my goal on jogging time.

To busy eating cake, pizzas, burgers and drinking coke.

Lifting is for low IQ retards

not going to explain, going to start again

i have bench and weights at home so i lift in backyard... that's why i'm tanned and look like a shitskin... really cut shitskin

I can't find a decent gym that'll take gaijin around here...

home gym

I'm jelly.

All of the power and squat racks are taken every time I go to my local gym.

But i do. M8 owns gym so i get to go for free.

I do.

Why lift when you can buy guns?

My job is my workout, you office fags will be the first to fall

>You have one 10 seconds to explain why you don't go to the gym and lift weights.
/fit/ for 5 years m8. lean and ripply

Gyms cost money and you'll catch hepatitis or scabies from the equipment. Objects that are affected by gravity are all around you. Pick one up and set it down. For free!

I have a construction job, yet still go gym after a 14 hour shift and squat 140kg 3x5, and bust out a 150kg dead-lift.

Give me one more year and I'll be ready.

Nice mate, i hope to achieve ripped mode sometime down the line.

Why lift? Cardio and endurance is more important in a war.

I'm lazy, play video games, and visit Sup Forums.

I play sports and work hard.

Last year my buddy sent me a video of a guy at his gym doing 65lb bar curls in the squat rack. I couldn't go back to that environment.

I do calisthenics and cardio. I just got a new set of SAPPI plates and I'm putting the binary trigger in my new AR tonight. Step your fucking game up.

You fuckin faggot you pulled your pants down to show us your pasty skinny thighs? KYS, and show your dick too

Because I have weights at home. Gyms are fucking bogus.

I do. I'm 6'3, 210 lbs and a former highschool/college athlete who's going into the service. Also I did fight sports on my own time.

Gym is for faggots like Aussie BBC loving cucks. Be a real man (american) and cut, split, stack 5 cord of wood a day every day from spring to winter. Fucking faggot Aussie. Id love to crush your Fucking skull

nigga you gay.

I'll never tan my beautiful white bathroom sink skin.

You know the white box is smaller than that, /fit/

Gyms are a scam. Buy some weights. Less weirdos at home.

i lift at home because im such a skelly and i dont want to embarrass myself

I'm a manlet

Yes go to the gym so you can lift anyone who will threaten you retards. Being loaded with muscle just makes you more tired and useless for fast twitch movements. You want to learn to fight? Practice fighting dumb asses. cardio and calisthenics are all that is necessary. Learn to punch like you mean it.

Was banned for being a faggot like OP

I work the muscles in my trigger finger

Too busy watching hentai, senpai.

Home gym is the way to go

I was a boxer for close to half my childhood, as well as still practicing my running and especially my sprinting (Previously used to run cross country and track).

I'll be prepared for the race war.

Marksmanship is all that will matter during the racewar.
Take from those which horde the goods.
Kill all those which have betrayed our nation.
And restore the power of the constitution.

im already decently fit since i eat right and work a labour intensive job

i also have guns


I do lift weights. Still getting noob gains. Shit's cash but I only lift because I'm depressed and hate myself and my life.

Then I guess I wasn't talking to you?

I'm 5'4'', would look ridiculous with muscles

At least the other manlets will be afraid of you.

>shitty club music can't tune out even with podcast on
>useless employees everywhere
>useless people everywhere never gonna come close to making gains with your fuckarounditis, fuck off why are you here?
>tfw can't join a real powerlifting gym
>tfw can't afford property to set up rack at home
>that soul sapping fucking Katy Perry music

I only lift for girls so I do
Day one Back/bis/tris
Day two chest/shoulders/Tris
Day three back/bis

Go eat out and get Shir faced and do blow the rest of the days, I look pretty buff desu

>Negros like to use horde tactics so practicing and training martial arts/lifting is ineffective
>chemistry allows me to be an aid to the cause while looking awesome

>it was a link to hardcore japanese CARTOON pornography
>It exists
Tuckers just fratting out and bullying a weeb

so you're trying to look like a tranny?

I work out for two hours a day every weekday. I take the weekends off for healing but still go running sometimes on the weekends.

I go for free at the college I'm at.

>possess h2h training at a level only a very VERY small percentage have attained
>possess firearms and squad level training a small percentage have attained
>trained physically to the point of permanently changing my DNA so that I constantly walk around at 175 solid muscle without even looking at a weight rack

gym faggots please kys or choke on protein if youre really thinking of comparing yourselves to real warriors

"Weights, dont hit/shoot back."- Me, Sup Forums user

Bcuz my gym is in my basement,

gyms are full of germs. i do dips and pushups on my bathtub basin.....vvvvvvvveeeeggggimite!!

Have you started transitioning yet?

Because i'm 175Lb's and my gun does the heavy lifting for me.

>What are middle/light heavy/heavy weight fighting divisions

Being big and also athletic is far better than just being athletic or just being big. But I agree with you that people need to learn how to actually fight.

I'm your same height. It won't look too ridiculous if you maybe grow a beard out.

>weights don't hit back
>she doesn't smash a 45lb plate against her head to get motivated for the workout

Your bone density changes not your DNA, you LARPing fuckwit.

>Lifting is for low IQ retards
Being /fit/ is a free +2 modifier to respect, trustworthyness, likability, focus and energy. Lifting is for smart people who realize it's retarded to leave that on the table.

>triggered gymfags

a what now?

Are power/squat racks at home worth it

>permanently changing my DNA
you made me retarded

At least you can pretend to be cool on the internet

I do body weight exercises because I work in complete isolation every day. I don't bring weights because I go to different sites and it is awkward at best to get them up the gangway. I don't go to the gym unless I have a day off and I am a workaholic so that doesn't happen often. I need more ideas for exercises cause I'm running out of material. Also, my cardio is shit... How can I work on that when confined to a small office or ship's cabin?

>You have one 10 seconds
>one 10 seconds

what would an intellectual like yourself call it so i dont trigger the LARP Police again when im trying to express the fact that I have superior genetics through intensive training?

Because 90% of combat is getting all your shit to where it needs to be.

I lift more than 98% of this board.

If I was a faggot like you and posted pictures like that on the Internet, I would have made the box longer.

awww, im not cool in your eyes bae? damn, i was really hoping to impress you, not awaken you to the fact that lifting does not =skill

>Weighed about 300lbs (140kg) most of my adult life.
>Get married
>Have Kids, no free time, just work and spend time with family
>Realize my 2 very young children will grow up fat and useless like me if I don't do something.
>Decide I will not let them grow up to be like me.
>I shall do this by setting an example, stop eating like the burger I am and make the time for the gym.
>lose 100lbs, get ripped as well, feels good man!
>Happy knowing that if they ever get fat they can't blame genetics because that is a bull shit lie ugly feminists say to feel better about themselves.
tfw when your children will be deprived a childhood of anime, pc gaming, virginity, and autism like their father.

>If I was a faggot
>A leaf

Don't kid yourself.

This guy knows what he's talking about... but everyone should lift if they can make time for it. Makes your wife cream. I'm losing my bulk though and it terrifies me... but I make too much money to justify taking time off to do it.


I'm a manlet.

Also I have a home gym.

It means git gud.

(preferably with a weighted vest or body armor if you have)

Home gym master race reporting in.

Summer is about to fuck me though, so goddamn hot.

I do. Fully prepared to handle nogs and zog

You must minimize body fat for high social status. Too gaunt can be bad, but only for people with thin faces. Attractiveness has everything to do with fat on your face (if you're male). Studies have shown people who lose even 3 pounds of fat have higher rated faces afterwards. A lot of guys who think they have naturally chubby faces are just skinny fat.

> source: most of my fat goes to my face. If I gain 5 pounds, it looks like I put in 10 in the face


Lifting doesn't preclude you from fighting or shooting. LARPing does preclude you from being straight though.

I do.

Finally benched 100kg last week. Feelsgoodman.

Just finished bodyweight exercises, now I'm drinking a protein shake while I browse a website about cartoon frogs. All in the convenience of my home, and with the only expenses of a floor, chair, and towel.

I actually do.
I'm close to reaching 25 lbs, and hope to reach 50 in about a month or two.
I'm liking progress so far, but I have to start eating healthier since I have slight hypertension

I dont need to lift weights. All I need is my right hand and pure loli animus.

i do m8, been roiding and training for 6 years im fucking jacked

so youre mad i LARPd in order to bring this to gymfaggots social media addicted attentions?

>cry harder tittybaby

this guy fucks, remember +2 is just base raise normies, if you're lookin juicy af then +2 is starting salary with GREAT outlook in the field

Women seem to like light beards especially, I've noticed that the top-rated men in attractiveness like tanning chatum have week shadows.


375 lb bench press
500 lb squat
565 lb deadlift

You don't need to fight if you carry yourself well and don't go out looking for trouble.

Fuck you.

It's basically a response trigger. It's the closest you can get to full auto without giving the ATF a license to murder your dog and flash bang your kids.

I do calisthenics and it is more than enough.

manlets can be really strong, not very big, but still strong. Just look at bruce lee, dude was short af but he literally wrestled bulls and could hold something like 120 pounds with one arm outstretched straight ahead of his chest.

Also, being short lets you have a lower center of gravity, which is a powerful advantage. You could btfo lanklets all day every day if you just put your mind to it.

I still remember I started going around march cause I wanted to impress a girl, only to find out she had a boyfriend she never talked about beforehand.
At least I never stopped going.

But I am.

I have pretty large legs and a large ass though. I've only been doing upper body workouts since I really don't want that ratio to get any more out of whack.

>I LARPed to show people that lifting weights doesn't mean that you'll become an expert in CQB or an expert judoka
Not mad, just disappointed that you had to act like such a retard to point out the painfully obvious.

I have deadlifts before work tomorrow and jiu-jitsu after. Saturday i'll compete in a Sambo competition. Sunday I'm at the gun range.

The next level for me is functional combat training with and without weapons. I want to run war games for disarming a home invader with a pistol, with a knife, if I'm unarmed, if I can only get my pistol, against multiple targets, with a kid held hostage, etc.

Haven't found any resources for these types of training locally, and the ones I see in big cities seem super expensive. I may buy some chalk simunition and just put it on with my friends.