Is there anything more redpilled than a young man dating a older woman?

Is there anything more redpilled than a young man dating a older woman?

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yeah an older man dating a younger woman.

Milfs are a Jewish ploy to make you not be able to reproduce. Ignore those infertile creatures.


Hi Macron

I fuck older women, if that counts. I'm very mature for my age so I attract all the little 18 year olds just starting college who think I'm like a young dad or some shit. (I'm 24), but I fucking hate them. And I have no patience to redpill them. So I just go to bars and hit on 30-40 year old broads and have them take me home and make me breakfast in the morning.

A man dating a man.


Enjoy your autistic kids spawned from her dried up old eggs.

It'll take a crane to get her out.

young men who are attracted to older women are taking themselves out of the gene pool. you're gross. old ladies who like younger dudes are gross. whole thing is big red flags.

>A young man dating an older brown woman

Dating older women is for cucks. Shagging MILFs is entirely different and should be highly encouraged. It's actually a sort of public service - Chad won't be trying to fuck the nice quiet girl his own age, which would ruin her for her future beta provider. Instead Chad fucks a woman who is already damaged goods in her mid thirties to forties, thereby leaving the nice quiet girl to date the beta, promoting harmony between the sexes.

>you're gross

Found the roastie

How old and how young?

70 - 17?

How is that red pilled at all? Young mothers are ideal for siring large families.

This is a myth and a fallacy. Autism is related to excess testosterone in the mother and from poisons in the environment or birth trauma, genetics. If a slightly older woman is healthy and careful she is unlikely to have autistic offspring. An unhealthy or careless young mother can easily have autistic kids. Tons of 'surprise' teenage moms even end up with autistic kids.

11 years younger for relationship.

to bang she just got to be 18+

>>A young man dating a frog...

amazing nigger hating thread

MILF Defense force pls


get out



First gf was ten years my senior, when I was 19. Second was twice my age, when I was 22.

It beats most millennials. People our age have too many hang-ups I got over at 16 or so.

Every guy should try it once. Dating, I mean. An older woman with a career.

Enjoy your mongoloid kids spawned from her dried up old eggs.

Criminally underrated.

Is roasties red pilled?

Fuck you Sup Forums I am 26 and I only fuck 35+
Best sex and no BS that come with younger ones.
No drama just fun.
So keep fapping to loli cartoons and traps.



Yes. A young man marrying and raising a functional family.