wasnt it some pre-teen shit too?

Is that Kafra from Ragnarok Online?

winning fatigue hasn't kicked in yet

Tucker is /ourgoldenboy/

no I read most of it, it was all MILFs/onee-chans

I have no fucking idea


Didn't notice this at first, but your right.

>literally noticing this

I miss that game

newfags everywhere.

>reddit spacing

gtfo of this board

>imageboard full of cartoon wank-spankers
>making threads about a guy who spanks it to cartoons
really fires the neurons

Sup Forums admits it. This guy responds with "no, I wasn't wacking off, I was looking for pictures to show my wife and (adult) children"

we're the kind of people who can recognize specific types of bulges, of course someone would notice this

Me too. RO is still my favorite MMO.

It won't bite you in the ass to say it anonymously.

I'm tired of Distance's focus on the lacrosse sluts. Also, they always talk about getting knocked up but only worst girl did. Twice even.

Disgusting, really.

This is a guy who responds to "alt-right trolls' with "go back to watching your sex cartoons" shit.

Games still alive and well if you want to check it out. A good private server is NovaRO mid rate. I havent played in over a year but i checked the server and 1k+ people still playing.

Go ahead and brag about fapping to "normal" porn in public, see where that gets you.

Go back to digg you bitch.

>it's the "reddit spacing" guy

Are you off your meds again?

>has a problem with spacing
time to kill your damn self

Nerf Crusader.

mah niggas

Using Twitter gives you negative karma and he got slapped by it.

This is my fetish.

Anyone actually gonna link a video or just shitpost about the interview

Let's talk about RO

I feel like I have to let it go already. This is and probably will be my favorite MMO of all times but I experienced everything it had to offer and all the possible sequels (RO2, ToS and the mobile game) were not even close to being a faithful sequel. Although I really like how the mobile game looks in general.

I never played WoW, but I kind of understand when people say that the golden age of their MMO is long gone and it's better left alone now.

>came to this thread to talk about degenerates
>finds degenerates


how bout a link faggot

Like most modern games its a cash grab. Shitty engine and world but good graphics/visuals.

Played it some until i got bored of the scenery and playing the AH :P