Takes detailed contemporaneous notes with specific quotes immediately after meetings

>takes detailed contemporaneous notes with specific quotes immediately after meetings

Seriously who does this? Is Comey some kind of psychopath?

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>Head of the FBI
>Meet with the president of the united states
>Take notes after the meeting

What a pedantic weirdo.

The director of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INTELLIGENCE? Who would have imagined he'd consider the president's own words important!

Unless I'm taking notes as I'm having a conversation or listening to someone I'll be damned if I can write anything up word for word 10 minutes later or hours later.
Do we really believe Comey leaves trump tower, runs down stairs, then opens his laptop to write a memo. Let along write it the way it was actually said not the way your brain decided to process the memory.

Honestly think about a conversation you had with someone today. Write it down. Have them write it down too. I can guarantee both accounts are similar but the text is much different.

BS he is the fall guy

He thought the discussions were important, as some day the investigation would possibly spread to Liar Trump himself.

Comey did not trust Liar Trump to tell the truth if it ever came up (which it did when he fired him for not letting Flynn go) so he wrote them down.
He was just playing the "good hearted every-man" for the cameras, this guy is the head of the FBI, he's seen some shit and isn't a fucking joke.

>Is Comey some kind of psychopath?
Yes, but I don't see what that has to do with taking notes in a political situation.

questioning starts at 38:37

>bureau of intelligence

C'mon ya ain't even trying

It's for the same reason they were surveilling Trump and his associates. They wanted to catch him in something dirty to get him out. But they failed because we have the cleanest President in decades. The man legitimately wants to do everything he can to help America.

>I'll be damned if I can write anything up word for word 10 minutes later or hours later.

That's why you're some dumb nerd posting on Sup Forums and not the director of the FBI or just a regular FBI agent, or anything related to that job capacity.

>Unless I'm taking notes as I'm having a conversation or listening to someone I'll be damned if I can write anything up word for word 10 minutes later or hours later.

Because you're a fucking retard. Lawyers do this shit all the time.

Nerd was probably not the correct word to use there sport.
Implying people who work for the FBI have supernatural powers.
Also implying anyone in law enforcement taking a statement aren't trained to write the information as it's being communicated.

Are you retarded or 14? Is there a difference?

Wooooooooow guys the people who claw their way to the very top are psychopaths
wooooooooooow so unexpected i am surely shocked wooooow

Seriously who does this? Is Comey some kind of psychopath?

>head of cia not a pshco, hwatttt wereve you been

Fuck off shill

So because you don't have a good memory span means that folks who have this type of high up position in the FBI don't as well? You really couldn't recall a conversation with the single most important person in the country right after you had it? That's a "supernatural power" now?

My friend, I believe that you might be the 14 year old retard.


Something is out of place. Notice how Comey made sure to
1. Not report the Flynn request to General Sessions.
2. Discuss everything with his leadership team afterwards.
3. Tell Sessions that he did not want anymore 1-1 meetings with Trump because he wanted to keep the FBI "independent".
Now what happens one day after this meeting? The NYT writes a report about alleged Russian ties to Trump's campaign using anonymous sources. Then McCabe personally meets with Priebus (whom Comey specifically mentioned leaning in) to tell him that the leaks were false, but he couldn't do anything about it. Then afterwards Comey called Priebus to tell him the NYT report was false, but the FBI couldn't do anything.
Isn't it strange how Comey explicitly mentioned how the FBI should be independent, discussed this meeting with his team (which includes McCabe) and then called Priebus just to tell him the NYT report was "bullshit"?. If the FBI could go on the record to state something in the media was false that would be great, but what exactly is the point of the FBI telling the White House that the things leaked about them and Trump's campaign are false, yet not committing to state it publicly? It's almost as if the FBI was threatening Trump and the White House. Furthermore, when Rubio asked Comey about the "McCabe" thing, why is it Comey neglected to mention this event?
A day after this Feb 14th meeting, Trump tweets the FBI as a possible source of the leaks. Comey is lying about what was discussed in the meeting. Look at Trump's tweets on Feb 15th, Comey is not letting on what he really discussed with Trump.

He's lying.

Am a lawyer, can confirm you're full of shit.

He made it a point to claim that he had never done that before, and never explained the significance of that. In other words, he wanted you to draw some kind of negative inference about Trump that he was unwilling to articulate let alone prove.

Caspar Weinberger swore that he never took notes at meetings but after the Iran-Contra subpoenas were issued it became obvious that he took the notes at a batshit insane autist level. That ultimately cost Bush a second term.

People lie about the recordings they take at meetings all the time as a backdoor way to perjure themselves legally. Hell, it cost Nixon his job too.

The more Comey speaks, the worse it gets to those already proven morons who think validation is just around the corner after upwards of 8 months of turning over every stone and floating every lie in a tsunami of hyperbole without one single fucking shred of inculpatory evidence against Trump. Not one single thing.

because he's a bureaucrat at heart and was trying to gain leverage over people in power.

such notes are admissible in evidence

You fuck off, go listen to some more lies and tell me all about how you're not a fool

>this guy is the head of the FBI

>This guy is currently unemployed

Comey has a blackmailers attitude. Blackmail corruption and perversity is the lifesblood of our establishments.
I know he was expecting to use this against Trump if he needed it. He was totally banking on being part of the 'resistance' if it benefited him to be.
Look at Hoover - He was blackmailing the senators his whole career.

>Liar Trump

Go back to the focus group for that

If you found somone willing to talk to you today please dictate the conversation for us here. No paraphrasing. No recollecting. The exact words used. I'm going to need a little more than "we had that thing."

At the same time please remember not to include the fact that I told you something three times in a statement you had weeks to proof read. We wouldn't want to confirm I told you something three times despite previously saying it never happened. I'm James fucking Comey. I'm so smart for some reason I confirmed what trump said when he fired me but I'm also going to call him a liar. I work for the FBI therefore I'm a genius.

>and never explained the significance of that
he did. He said he believed Trump was a liar and didn't want him to lie about the meetings he had with him.

In other words, he saw the writing on the wall during the meetings and wanted to cover his ass.

I do it all the time in my job after talking to clients. Good to have a record of what happened.

I think he's a man that was in the turbulence of an election that was gone haywire.

Ultimately he's a patriot.

Literally on Sup Forums the villain with a perfect redemption arc.

That whole thing he handled himself perfectly. Every question. He's our silent protector. Our Dark Knight.

What lies?

He's a rat. He leaked his bullshit memo. His reputation is ruined now.

>His reputation is ruined now.
according to an anonymous internet poster

He made no notes of meetings with previous presidents, and he started taking notes about his meetings with Trump after the very first time.

There are two situations in which his notetaking would make sense:
1. He makes notes of every important meeting. But this is false because he has no notes of his meeting with President Clinton or President Obama (and he was FBI Director for the latter, so it's an identical situation).

2. Trump said something alarming so he decided to take notes. This is also false because he started making notes after his very first meeting with Trump, a meeting in which Trump said almost nothing. Comey's own testimony covers this initial meeting, during which Comey told Trump completely unprompted that he wasn't under investigation, and that there was a completely unconfirmed dossier on him out there. Trump didn't say anything improper during this meeting and yet Comey suddenly decides then and there that he needs to start documenting all his meetings with him? Awfully fucking convenient.

>never explained the significance

He said it was a combination of things, and most importantly, the mendacious character of the president himself.

He literally testified that he was the leaker.

>coming forward after losing his job with memos to literally Make America More Just Again because he knew Trump was retarded enough to do it
>asking Sessions to not have him in a room alone

Come on now. He's the hero we needed. He questioned HIllary and then proceeded to question Trump. He's goddamn BATMAN. He's tired of corruption and want to see our country GREAT AGAIN!

>>former hsbc
>>close ties with clinton foundation
>>have brother who handles clinton foundation legal matters

>Is Comey some kind of psychopath?
He's psychic.
How else could he have leaked the memo, in response to Trump's tweet, BEFORE trump tweeted?
Oh wait, perjury.

>Liar Trump
Nope not working, know how i know youre a commie fag? Your complete lack of creativity. Crooked hillary got no help from you shill.

A legal leak

No, he made it clear. Trump was known to lie about things, and he wanted to be sure if ever that happened counter to him, he'd be able to show evidence otherwise. He pretty well made that clear today. There's no mystery.

I did once after being harassed on the street, but tbqh that was because of how bizarre the encounter was.

People give comey a lot of credit . He is a fucking idiot . First off we had someone in charge of our counter terrorism that was afraid of trump so much he couldn't say sir this is inappropriate we shouldn't talk about it . Instead he ran downstairs and wrote a memo . Comey isn't devious he is legitimately incompetent and most likely leaking shit this whole time as since he has been gone there hasn't been one FBI leak

Perjury is still illegal.

The president is two levels above him and the head of the FBI is supposed to be independent. Sessions is his only boss. That's why Trump asking Sessions to leave the room and then demanding favors from Comey was obstructing justice.
A good lawyer like Comey knew that.

>takes detailed contemporaneous notes with specific quotes immediately after meetings
>Seriously who does this?
Not Comey. When asked, he basically admitted he has never done this with anyone else. Simplest explanation is that he wrote all that shit up AFTER he got canned. Revenge. The problem is the stupid faggot already testified under oath that there was no investigation of Trump and that Trump did not order him to stop the Russia investigation in any way.

Comey is fucked. The libtards hate him now for now actually damaging Trump. The right hates him for his revenge plot. He has truly fucked himself. He is a complete moron.

It's a mystery how the memo appeared in the NYT before Trump tweeted about taping their conversation.

>He questioned HIllary
Then he let her go despite the fact that she absolutely and indisputably severely violated federal law.

it shows the ability and will to leak

in law its called precedence

>Simplest explanation is that he wrote all that shit up AFTER he got canned.
But that's wrong you fucking retard. He filed official memos and discussed with his colleagues what to do about it.

I like how you equate working for the FBI to being the director of the FBI. Don't make an ass of yourself. Working memory correlates very closely with IQ, and a high IQ is very likely a necessity for such a position.

When and why did he leak it?

That's a different question.

He lied under oath about it today.

>the mendacious character of the president himself.
"Mendacious" day on word-of-the-day calendar

Taking notes is standard. Easy to tell few of you have had any jobs of substance

Stefan made a good summary of this in his video on the testimony

>be boss
>have subordinate much more experienced than you
>you do something that seems slightly erroneous
>instead of telling you it's not something you should do he instead writes it down and leaks it to the press to undermine you

In what way is this a productive working relationship

He should have written down the date he leaked, so he wouldn't have testified it was in response to Trump's tweet.

>>instead of telling you it's not something you should do
Sessions is Comey's boss. Comey is investigating the Trump campaign. He can't be his lawyer.
What if Flynn acted on Trump's behalf? It's a real possibility.

what? you have no idea what you're talking about

I'll just leave this here:

people unironically think a man who's been married 3 times and talks about being attracted to his daughter in no uncertain terms publicly is 'clean'

Nobody has seen any notes as of yet, and Comey says he mailed them to a friend.

We will never see the original documents, because I doubt they actually exist.

Until we see these note, I'm going with they weren't detailed and they weren't directly after the meeting.

That article doesn't mention memos you fucking idiot.


he looks pretty clean compared to the last 3 presidents


>slightly erroneous
you're cutting trump a lot of slack. Let's put it this way: if you really believe Trump asking Comey to stop the investigation is the product of naivete rather than something more nefarious, you're admitting Trump is grossly incompetent and unfit for office.

He started playing a political game that i dont think he really thought through enough, is now in over his head, and keeps making contradictory mistakes because hes scared shitless. He was blamed for burning hillary during the election, then he tries to make up for it by playing with the russia narrative, but its so fake that he cant officially say its true just hints that they want it to be true and havent found anything yet...leaks to appease globalist elite, not sure why the fuck he admits it on TV.

My thoughts are the game he is playing requires them to find some form of manufactured evidence so flimsy its translucent, but still useable....so he can make up for the one time he did try to do his job and it burned hillary.

Truthfully im really perplexed by the whole comey thing. hes clearly a scumbag trying to play politics. I get the feeling that theyve created something that when looked at just right, and ignoring reality, could be used against trump to impeach, but its so obviously fake hes nervous about saying anything, hoping something better comes along...bet your ass the NSA/CIA/FBI has departments working over time to manufacture something that could pass scrutiny. His testimony and the obstruction accusation was something that a preteen looks like they concocted so its confusing given his ability to be head of the fbi for a period of time.....

something isnt right...