Why do women overvalue themselves?

Why is her pussy worth $250K? How does she prove that she is virgin?

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youtube.com/results?search_query=tommy sotomayor
youtube.com/results?search_query=howard dare

32 year old male virgin here
I wonder how much a rich gilf would offer for me

It's not a woman problem. It's the dumb men that will pay the money for it.

Because of the society, it benefits them.

I don't take responsibility for the views expressed below



youtube.com/results?search_query=tommy sotomayor

youtube.com/results?search_query=howard dare

Its a joke senpai. She posted it that high because she knows no one will buy into it. On the plus side, she got some attention out of it

If you are a goy, and shes not an aishet ish ("married woman"), do it. Its a win-win!

"im an expensive prostitute"
I fucking hate kikes

There's roughtly 7 Billion people on earth and >50% are women. It's outrageous some cunty whores think their tuna cans are worth quarter million. What the fug.

>no one will buy into it
don't underestimate gulf arab billionaire sheikhs, 250k is peanuts for them

>we have to go to a restaurant
why, does that make her not feel like a whore even though she's a whore?

true but they will piss and shit all over her face and probably beat her while she's tied up. she did say she's 'open for everything.'

>White 19 year old virgin
>In Sydney

Top kek. Shes already been plowed by James from knox and Ahmed from Auburn, and both gave her coke at Ivy.

$250k haha she is going to be crushed when she realizes how much she is actually worth

virgins suck at sex

stone her

If somebody pays 250k than it was worth 250k.

I'm certain a number of filthy, horny saudi men would pay 250k to fuck her.

Hopefully they lend her a hijab for her ride of shame back to the airport or she may become the wealthiest inmate in saudi arabia.

I wouldnt pay 200 for that pussy


>no tits
>no hips
>likely a butterface
lel dudes are so damn thirsty

Lel, you're right. She's going to get flown to Dubai and end up a human toilet.

Most of these auctions are won by rich Chinese businessmen.


They'll probably just throw another 250K on a fire and laugh at her as it burns while they cuss her out of the room and laugh.


If I was a saudi oil man with billions what's 250k to fuck a little blonde that's never been fucked?

worth it if you're that rich

for 250k id need a doctor present to confirm the hymen is intact

So technically, they are still virgins. At least half-virgin.

If I was an attractive 19 year old female I would do the same. I can't hate on her. We should feel disappointed in the losers who pay it.

>I can't hate on her

yes you can you fucking faggot. you apologists create the losers who pay.

1. No piece of ass is worth $250k

2. Why would you want to fuck someone who would fuck a total stranger for money?

3. Ditto on ever dating / marrying.

its prostitution to sell your virginity

>no tits
>no ass
>no hips
>no experience
>no principles

Why bother?

Yes, I could hate on her. But I'm not going to. Why should I? If she wants to sell her body who gives a shit? I'm not paying for it and I never would. If some other guy wants to then he can go right ahead. He would be a complete idiot but he can.

Why does that make you angry?

>19 year old pussy

Faggot speaks like a nigger as well.

"Don't be a hater yo".

What a faggot.

The market dicates her value. If some rich loser is willing to pay $250k to fuck her then that's what she's worth.


Because some people literally can't spend their money quickly enough.

$250k to them is like 25 cents to you.

i bet some fag sheik would offer you some money.
Hed kill you prolly and not pay but youd feel valued for a miniute.

>you go girl!~!!!!! rip off productive men!!!
>why is this productive man who likes to fuck mad at me?

im not mad. just correct your mistake and start correcting women.

Warm pussy user its all about the warm pussy.

A woman sold hers for like 2 mil to some hong kong businessman last year kms. I just plough cute Tinder bitches

>shots fired, Hispanic males 5'3" or 5'4"
>hispanic manlets

>some dude pays her 200k.
>she agrees she'll accept 200k.
>end of the night.
>"make it 300, or I'll say you raped me".
>gives her the money.
>she realizes she's a hooker now.
>cries rape.
>gets 1 mil in compensation.

If a man is dumb enough to pay $250k for pussy then that's his problem.

This girl is actually smart. She's using her god given assets to her advantage.

>Why do women overvalue themselves?
because the male market sets the their worth

wrong thread, thought this was the chicago police scanner. nevermind.

ive broken a hymen with my dick.
it was pretty nice, but the blood threw me off.

i dont know who would pay that money for a virgin.
even jeffrey epstein might reconsider at that price. you can get a white virgin girl who is younger for less than 250k.
believe me.

>. I just plough cute Tinder bitches
You're a degenerate contributing to the fall of the west.

100% this.

I imagine there will buy some sort of contract in place to prevent this. Just like when a girl agrees to shoot a porn scene.

i hope some rich fuck pays it and degrades the shit out of her

>no bush

0/10 would not bang


Fuck these entitled cunts.
I followed an Instagram model. I don't even know why I followed her really, I'm not a grovelling beta dog, I guess it was just some eye candy to look at every now and then as I go through my work day. Never gave her likes, commented or otherwise interacted.

Anyway, she posts "stories" of herself in tits all day. Attention whoring all the time.
Yesterday she posted a pic of all the thisty guys messaging her with the caption... "Do you really think you can pick up a model through instagram messages? Stop creeping my inbox."
"You can try but it aint happening"

The arrogance was off the charts. She was the one attention whoring then she gets upset men respond to that by giving her attention.

I clicked that unfollow button in a second.

These cunts really need to be brought down from their pedestals.

Instead of crying about some whore, why not plot ways to sell her shit she doesn't need? Shes going to be a 19yo with a $250k lump sum. No way she invests it and lives modestly.

Get a piece before she buys an entire shoe store.

Isnt their some kind of small string that proves virginity in vaginas? If she is trully virgin and hasnt even masturbated, shell post that.

"Open for everything" Well now here we have a problem. Because if I was a necrophiliac with 250k I would buy her and then... well... you know how that story goes anons.

>posts stories of herself in tits


There's nothing sweeter than finally fucking a Tinder chick. The work you put into it, going on dates with her, listening to her talk. It's such a victory. You should try it some time, instead of spending your days on Sup Forums feeling scared about the world and telling others what's right and wrong to please your little world you live in.

Looks exactly like how a $200 escort would look on Backpage in my city.

there are always desperate rich chinese men who need to pay for some white pussy user

>no rosy-pink, functional fenis

>publicly offer up virginity for $250k
>lose sexual market value immensely after that probably never achieving that sort of cash
>struggle to find good man
>struggle to have children
>career will be a joke
>die sad and alone

>don't sell virginity for $250k, instead investing it into good husband
>have more than $250k
>have children who'll pay for your retirement
>live a happy life

Pretty clear choice imo.
BTW they can just get hymenoplasty and lie.

She could camwhore for the rest of her life. Lots of money to be made there.

this post is hypocritical

...but so is mine

I'm not giving her name because I don't want to give her attention... but yeah... she would post these "artsy" photos of herself in tits on her history complaining that Instagram kept taking them down.

I have a gf now but when i was on tinder i got fuck all matches and im too autistic to hit on girls online, i work better irl.

It doesnt change my point thoigh.

Then you take the money back?

Ooooh you mean "tights".

Now I understand.

Of course

Actually im more angry at Chad

While these morons pay 250m, Chad got to deflower 5 chicks in their prime back in high school. Not only were they better quality but he got it all FOR FREE.

Can we ever get Chad's opportunity or has the ship already sailed?

I would pay

In Arabia she'd be worth three camels, no more no less

Just be Chad.
It's an attitude, not a biological fluke.

you could always invest in some chloroform and become a back alley rapist

I'm pretty sure, in fact no I'm positive, that you could walk up to any 19yo you wanted and offer her significantly less

Nope, I meant topless.
Maybe it got lost in translation.

In Argentine Spanish we say "en tetas" (in tits) as in "wearing your tits".

Why are they such fucking scumbags? I mean, what's their end game? Just sow discontent amongs all races? They steal US intelligence constantly, they receive billions in free money, they push constant lies about any and every subject in existence. I don't get it.

so it's a ruse then

>ITT angry cucks

Somebody will be fucking that st some point, no doubt about that. Instead of being a pump & dump for Chad, she decided to get a neat little property of the deal. Auctions like these have been successful and it's definitely the smart thing to do (given that you will be taking a dick st some point anyway)

I guarantee that 19 year old slut has fucked half of her high school.

just go to hyde park in the summer when all the teens flock there to binge drink and take drugs if you want 19 year old puss

>implying there's not always some greasy, fat, socially-awkward, rich guy willing to pay

Oh right. Well that makes more sense...

I'm reminded of that picture of some whore doing a Lara Croft cosplay and sticking her nearly bare ass at the camera with the caption underneath saying something along the lines of "sexual comments will not be tolerated".


Whore mongers are first in line for the death camps

bet she was raised by a single mum

250k is too much money. I'd offer her $5000 to sleep with her. Any time after and I was around her area I'd offer her a lot less as I have already experienced what she had to offer. I'd give her $5000 the second time if she was to bring a friend along though.

I thought Hyde park was where you go if you wanted a blow job from a musician or someone in government?

Well once you stabilize the nuclear family with this degenerate propaganda, whites will naturally have less children as they see the grim outlook on the world and realize marriage could end badly. At which point blacks will be mass imported and reproduce more to replace the white population, blacks can be easily controlled by offering them gibs. So I'd assume the end game is a global populous that can be easily controlled by jewish overlords :~)

Implying stupid Abo here even has $5000 USD. Fuck off Abo you live in a meme country.

It's just not the same man. One of the kickers is realizing these chicks not only willingly gave their prime pussy to Chad but probably begged him for seconds and asked him to impregnate them.

> (OP)
>32 year old male virgin here
>I wonder how much a rich gilf would offer for me
About three fiddy

b-but he said he loves me and we're going to start a family

I unironically want to work for an oil prince.

I don't see the reason when I could buy a newborn lamb for a $250 instead.

Drop the K and we got a deal.

I guess you are just gonna have to wait til chad comes into your alley and chloroform him instead

Yeah but who would pay 250k when you could hire a high class escort for like ~5k a night.

Realistically her virginity isn't worth even 50k for a one night stand. I could see pussy being worth 250k if your buying a bride but not for one night.

post an example pic of the insta slut for scientific purposes

damn she's trying to undercut the competition


do you think her parents know? how will she explain her newfound wealth of $250k to her parents?