Gun Buybacks

Why don't we have a mandatory buyback in the US?

Crime went down in Australia after they did it

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Because we don't trust the government

It start a civil war

Ya goy, I can only do 50 sheckles on the AK. Its not like you have much of a choice huh goy? Go on, take the deal. Its for your own good.

there's several factors.

Umm... how much are shekels worth exactly?

"Crime went down"
I'm not a statistic
I've been in a situation where I've drawn my CCW
It was while working bar with skimmpy waitresses
people are just unpredictable
And when you are put into dangerous circumstances it's better to be that guy with the fucking gun then that guy thinking "oh god what do I do?"

Because we would kill the gun grabbers. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS

I dunno goyim, like a gorillion or two? It doesn't really matter... Just take the deal!

>Crime went down in Australia after they did it
Say that to the innocent people in Melbourne that are being robbed, bashed, raped and even killed in home invasions.

Our crime rate was going down before the gun ban. Once the second generation Somalians came of age (came of age as in hit fucking 12) they started to commit crimes. Now most of them are 16-24 and large swathes of Melbourne are no-go zones.

They're even playing games with our cops now. They have this little competition where they see how many cars they can steal, and every time they steal a car they take it on a joyride and wreck it. Some of them have stolen something like 80+ cars. Every time they get caught they get let out on bail, and they end up receiving a suspended sentence of like 6 months (basically if you commit a crime in that 6 months you automatically go to jail for 6 months + whatever sentence you receive for the crime you just committed).

It's the niggers, mate. It's always the niggers. At least the Chinese have the common courtesy to keep their chinking-outs private.

Calm down semper fag
Thats $20 it would be fair market valueNo one is going to war over guns retard

Can I just have a gorillion instead?

But that's false you fucking baiting, sliding nigger.

australia is an island

ur argument is invalid.


Says you with your likely 0 firearms or experience with them.

>Why don't we have a mandatory buyback in the US?
Good fucking luck. We are at 300,000,000 guns and climbing.
>Crime went down in Australia after they did it
Except it didn't.

I own a gun. I went to the range with it too.

I will
the second the government does that I'm storming the capitol with my AR15

sure you will tough guy

The lack of guns are letting the niggas/Abos run rampant in some parts. Hell even the white trash in dangerous these days.

I'd feel safer with a bullet in their back DESU

Americans wont turn their guns back in.
You think Jim and Billy bob are going to turn back in their 500 gun collection thats been passed down and added to every generation?

Only jamal and tyrone turn in guns, theyre stolen. White people who turn in guns only do it for guns they know the buy back will pay them more for then there value. and if you force a buy back you just made the value of all guns got up massivly.

Forced Gun buy back is like telling people to come turn in their health insurance. GFYS

do people collect coins in non-american countries? are numismatics common enough elsewhere? i jus tknow everyone and their grandmother "collects" those old romans that litter the med

>Jim and Billy bob
Poor ass rednecks don't have large gun collections. That rich motherfucker in town driving that new BMW or Tesla is conceal carrying and likely has thousands in firearms at the home.

Because non of the guns in my collection are currently for sale, sorry OP.

That is basically useless for arguing with anti-gunners.

It's literally just the niggers doing it in Victoria. Google "Apex gang". I'll go down the first few pages of Google News.

>Families left terrified as five shots are fired just before African Apex gang members held a machete to two men's throats and demanded car keys

>'If they want to take a car or property, let them': Suspected African Apex gangs in terrifying four-day Melbourne home invasion spree - as top cop urges residents to hand everything over

>'My fear was we're not going to see our son again': African gang attacks autistic teen for the SECOND time in a month - as his parents say thugs have also targeted their Melbourne home

>Police and Border Force to deport 'a number' of Apex gang members

>Melbourne jewellery store robbed for second time in three months by violent youths

>Refugee parents of out-of-control youths are sending their troublemaking kids back to war-torn countries to “straighten them out”, fearing their children will spiral deeper into a life of crime if they stay here.

These are just some of the things those cunts have done. There's one Australian here who has a list of something like 300 different news articles about violent crimes. I think we only have 10,000 niggers here in Australia.

FWIW I'm not sure about other states but I have gun shops and ranges all over the place almost like vape shops. New indoor range is opening up here soon and just bought 2k rounds in bulk for my 9mm and 380 plinking needs soon. It's like a day at the beach for us as a famalam unit.

1871 Winchester is about 15 grand

fuck you
unamerican trash
get out of my country

>innocent people in Melbourne

>1871 Winchester
Good vids on those

I wonder if the new laws where the cops have better guns will solve anything?

If they're allowed to label any nigger they see as a terrorist and shoot him, yes.

We went to war over fucking tea

Some cities do. Usually not a good idea. I support mandatory gun ownership. Municipalities could choose to subsidize.
We attempt to teach kids to read and write, and subsidize their learning. We should include guns and their use in that education.

why dont we have a mandatory buyback of computers to keep faggots like OP off the internet?

also, crime has been going down in america and gun laws have gotten looser

thats because muslims committing terrorist attacks count as 'culture expression' there.

Then go sell it back to the government you hypocrite

When they make me, I will happily hand it back.

However, I need to own it so I can be a gun owner and argue with you

That's what I enjoyed about living in Perth. Never saw more than a handful of nogs my whole time there... just abbos fucked up on sniffing paint thinner or gas.

That aside, the argument anti-gunners are making is that a buyback, ban, or otherwise infringement on a person's right to protect themselves translates into less crime overall. It's trivial to state that less firearms will correlate to less firearm related crime; however, the larger point that would be missed is that criminals and those with violent tendencies will find new avenues with which to do what they would otherwise have done (e.g., glassing, knives, etc.). Moreover, those who acquire firearms illegally would have no concerns with decreasing the number of potential incidents in which they find themselves looking down the barrel of an armed defendant.

It's also trivial to state that the over representation of a minority group (in this sense, taking minority in it's strictly literal definition and NOT racially) in a population statistic will decrease the average or occurrence of what is being examined if said population is removed from the study.

That said, shipping them all back to Africa is still the best option.

Ill start a war over the right to bear arms

>When they make me
Man fuck you, if you're for Americans selling their guns back then you shouldn't have any reason to own one yourself.

>That's what I enjoyed about living in Perth.
That place is in the middle of our housing crash. It's a bloodbath.

>It's also trivial to state that the over representation of a minority group (in this sense, taking minority in it's strictly literal definition and NOT racially) in a population statistic will decrease the average or occurrence of what is being examined if said population is removed from the study.
So why don't we REMOVE NIGGER?

There probably are, but real americans tell them to go fuck themselves

I own it so I can defeat the strawman of "you don't even own gunz man!!"
sure you will tough guy

>Why don't we have a mandatory buyback in the US?

fuck off you pinko commie faggot.





The 2nd amendment can be changed faggot.

Even if, it doesn't say you can own a gun, it says arms. That could be interpreted to mean a lot of things... When heller gets overturned it will clarify

If people terrorizing others are classed as terrorists that is.

Oh, you're one of those guys. You know? The type that hasn't nothing valuable to say or contribute so lurks until he can antagonize someone. That's cool.

How does it feel to be a low-t faggot?

All you are is a virtue signaling piece of shit who's going "Look at me! I have guns! They're bad! Bin them now so we won't have crime!"

If you think guns should be gotten rid of to end crime, put yours in the pile first. Simple as that.

>make a $20 Pipe shotgun
>sell it to buyback

The liberal knows that they can never enact a total authoritarian police state with so many guns in the hands of the private citizen. They form illogical arguments which are meant to be parroted in an attempt to subvert the population they're trying to force into being dependent on them. The average liberal that you know in real life is just too easily convinced of these arguments.

i will you commie scumbag

>it says arms. That could be interpreted to mean a lot of things.
fuck off kike

Okay but they pay me for whatever Im willing to sell it for

My gun is locked up, it is a double edged sword for you isn't it

>You can't speak because you arent a gun owner

>you can't speak because you own a gun and are a hypocrite.

You just can't stand the fact that I am right. Guns are killers.
No, you get market value

The OP is the kind where they hate people who go to the gym: self-discipline. The left lacks it, despises it, and goes out of their way to make excuses against it.

Owning a firearm is a responsibility and requires the discipline to know where and when to use as well as where and when not to use it. Liberals hate this. They hate self-reliant people because they only have the group to reaffirm their bad choices and terrible lifestyles.

Plus also Jews want their perceived cattle disarmed when they want to initiate their world purge.

then no

Too much of your population is concentrated in liberal cities on the coast, even in relative terms, and liberal cities breed excess, degeneracy, and weakness.

Purge Melbourne and Sydney, at the very least.

We had one in Brazil. I don't think I need to say anything else.

Then you will be arrested.

>kill 9 million people
Calm down Adolf.

Yea and they went full retarded commie and shit has been hitting the fan. Now they might dial it back some.

People like the OP and folks in other countries don't understand. The idea of firearms ownership is an assumption that an individual can take charge and responsibility for their own safety. This is antithetical to leftist in two ways: Leftist sheep want to be coddled and feed off the rich with gibs. Leftist slavemasters want to prevent non compliant persons from defending against the state.

>mandatory buyback
that's called confiscation and crime went down pretty much everywhere in the western world in the last 30 years no matter how many guns are around you subhuman freedom hating nigger shit.

>No one is going to war over guns retard

I would.

Crime didnt drop.
Yes going after guns would cause civil war in America, 100,000,000 people will not give up the right.

I fucking will

>ok hasn't posted proof of owning a single firearm
>people are still replying to this shitposting

i'll just shoot them with my $6,000,000 AR15

>Crime went down in Australia after they did it

Actually, home invasions, robberies, rapes, knife crimes, etc all went up after the gun ban dramatically since they announced in all the papers it was from then on illegal to own a gun to use to defend your home and family criminals literally knew law abiding citizens are handing in their only means of defense.


>in Australia
>fewer citizens than Texas

More Australian motorcycle gang DIY firearms surface

FYI in case it wasn't already stated but the constitution in the USA is a rule book for the government not it's citizens who have inalienable rights under GOD the day they're born.

OP should post a timestamped picture of his piece.

They do these here. Good place to wait outside and buy cheap firearms. The cops will hassle you but cannot legally stop you.

Why does everyone ignore this. Also Mexico, Brazil.


The have them in all the niggertown cities around here. All the niggertown cities still have the highest violent crime rates. All that happens is nogs sell their broken guns and antiques stolen from white people to cops that pay a better price, then they either buy drugs or better guns.


Because fuck you

so the only reason you own a gun is so you can tell people they shouldnt own guns?
and we re supposed to take you seriously why exactly?

Before guns it was swords and axes. Before Swords and axes it was clubs and stones. Before clubs and stones it was teeth and fists. Before teeth and fists it was teeth and claws. Before that it was toothless maw. Before that it was 'who's mouth is bigger'. Before that was nothing because life had not yet begun.

TLDR: Weapons are the best measurement for the progress of life.

Why only look at gun murders. Isn't the figure that's more interesting just murders?

I am not going to post the picture of my gun with the serial number and everything.

All you need to know is that it is a hi point model 916

Nein. To be fair, you can choose which major US cities you'd like purged. Odds are 60/40 it's still a good choice even selected at random.

America has a nigger problem, not a gun problem.

>this cunt actually owns a HiPoint
Hi Tyrone!

>To be fair, you can choose which major US cities you'd like purged.
San Francisco so I can talk to your average backpacker without having a stroke.

>it is a hi point model 916

I totally believe you own a firearm.

wanna bet

I wish my state would do gun buybacks.

I would spend all day every day manufacturing shitty pipe guns and selling them to the government for $100 each. I could make several thousand bucks a day.


I live in the american south and trust me. we white southern males have A LOT of guns. almost all of them. A big piece of lower-some what upper middle class male talking point in the workplace is guns.

Cause who doesnt like guns. none of the black guys or mexicants have any really. only the upper class mexicants have a couple.

My close buddy just inherited his grandfathers arsenal. thats how we get our guns. passed down from generations. and sons in the military get us good deals :)

fuck off liberal faggot go bake a cake

Me too.

Yup, both my brothers are liberal faggots so I got all my grandpas guns when he died. A couple shotguns, rifles, and 5 handguns. That just adds to the ones I already have. So no I literally own over a dozen guns and about half of them were inherited.

Or, you're quite literally lying, baiting us, and trying to make us think that crime happens because people own guns instead of WHICH people own guns. Protip: They don't gotta be legal to kill anyone.

that's bullshit and you know it you b8ing faggot

I would have turned in the one registered rifle I own (live in Jew York, fuggin safe act) and immediately buy something illegal and unregistered within 48 hours.

How successful.