Be French

>be French
>get truck'd in Nice

>be Swedish
>get truck'd in Stockholm

>be British
>get lorry'd in London

>be American
>get 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Cummins Turbo Diesel'd in DC

>be Canadian
>live happily and freely in multicultural paradise

>Be British
>Get truck'd in Stockholm

I've got a massive landscape full of mountains, plains, lakes, rivers, three oceans, and all sorts of natural beauty; a strong social welfare net with free healthcare, guns, hockey, beer, some of the world's great cities, unity in diversity, multifaith and multicultural communities, a unique history, great outdoors activities, nice and polite people, guns, food, and vaaaaaast mineral, oil, and agricultural wealth. And we're still 85% white. And no terrorism.

Our politicians are retarded as fuck but I honestly do believe we live in the greatest country on earth.


>be Muslim
>go trucking in London with the squad

Not for long.

Thanks Trudeau.

The Chinamen seem to self-segregate. No complaints there.

I hope you're talking about Pierre Trudeau

JT couldn't possibly ruin Canada anymore than his father did

Self-segregate right, they took over british columbia, they don't even speak english.

>be Canadian
>get chinked

We've been lucky so far. There were actually some Muslims who made plans to bomb some commuter trains a few years back but our CIA-equivalents actually managed to stop them before they could pull it off.

Yea. I sure do love all the unreported MSM rapes and sexual assaults occurring on the East Coast by Canadas newest citizens, the massive Fentanyl problem over taking Canada that started in Hongcouver, the self segregating communities either riddled with crime like all the Somali communities or ones that run out everyone who isn't asian. All while the PM aims to cripple the economy with no tech or resource development because oil is bad and happy thoughts will provide utilities.

Yea, clearly the greatest country on earth.

Easy. Stay out of BC cities. As a matter of fact, the only good thing about BC is its wilderness. This coming from an Albertabro.

Drunk baboons behind the wheel are often mistaken for terrorism, but tonight's incident was not terrorism.

You do know that all 14 of those people got their citizenship back under Cuckdue.

If you say so.

Reminds me of a scene out of Godfather part II when they're in Cuba.

There is literally nothing wrong with being Canadian.

>He doesn't have laws to protect his language

the birthday scene?

Yeah, when they're cutting the cake. Trump is Michael, Netanyatu is Hyman Roth, and Trudeau is the waiter who wheels the cake out.


Where we work to pay for others who do nothing and those who show up with a sob story and their hands out.

I work and keep about 70% of what I earn. In a society where you keep 100%, there are no roads, no schools, no hospitals, no fire departments, no police...

Be a man and deal with it.

Yeah until our economic bubble pops.

Luckily I live in bumfuck no-where in NB and am capable of hunting and farming food and have access to a virtually private water supply. I await the day our dollar's crash hits literal monopoly money tier and while the multicultural shitholes of Toronto and Montreal burn I'll be chilling with my close and functional community of white people in rural Canada.

>keep 70%
Fucking how? Do you make minimum wage? I only make 81k and after taxes and state-mandatory health insurance I only take home like 63% before 401K.

I think we have the potential to be great but our own views keep us down.

Looks pretty here though.

>30% of my money is stolen
>be a man if you dont think thats good

Or you could be a man and fight to keep what's yours.

>fucking how

Being a low income earner.

>In a society where you keep 100%, there are no roads, no schools, no hospitals, no fire departments, no police...

Why wouldn't there be those things?

>Be canadian, get your kid taken away to a pedohome for not recognizing play pretend dressup.

Wew, Wynne did a number on you guys.

>gross: $107 500
>income tax (federal and provincial): $25 500
>union dues/EI/RPP/Penion/etc: $7669

Total taxes and bullshit paid: 30.8%

>Gross: $93 100
>income tax (both): $20 300
>union dues/EI/RPP/blah blah blah: $5640

Total everything paid: 27.9%

There would be, but they would be paid for by-use. You would pay for them just the same, and therefore would not keep 100% of your income.

>would not keep 100% of your income

That's the intended use of income though, to spend it on things you'd like to use or consume. No-one makes income to keep 100% of it under their mattress to horde. So no issue here, you'd directly pay for roads and other services rather than putting money through incompetent bureaucratic middlemen.

Yeah, so what's the problem? I was defending the income tax.

>Yeah, so what's the problem?

The state taking 30+% of your money.

And turning it into roads, schools, hospitals, fire stations, and police.

I don't agree with how they use it necessary, but I have few complaints. Life is genuinely good for a white person in Canada.

I ride the TTC everyday and it honestly feels like that meme with the brat kid making a rotten face with the caption 'Honey lets go to paris its so romant-'

>be canadian
>accepting of other cultures
>accepting of other religions
>accepting of fucking everything under the sun
>Still 80% white
Where did everyone else go so wrong

>Life is genuinely good for a white person in Canada.

Agree, but only if he lives in a white-majority part of Canada -- i.e. not the GTA or certain parts of Vancouver or Montreal.

forgot to mention
>terror attacks on the news everyday are outside the country
life is good

>And turning it into roads, schools, hospitals, fire stations, and police.
Which can all be done without the government taking 30+% of your money, so that's a non-point.

>And turning it into roads, schools, hospitals, fire stations, and police.
Oh and turning it into retarded foreign aid programs, bureaucracy, importing third worlders into the country and paying for them to exist, confiscating children from parents now, policing language, etc. If only there was a way to choose whether your money went to these things eh?

Yes, Albertan here.

I don't agree with everything the government does. They do some retarded things. But they get the important things right. I get to live my life. I get to work my job. I get to travel as I please. I get to go wherever I want. I essentially get to do whatever I want.

I seriously have almost no complaints about my life in Canada. Was born and raised here and am very content.

>Yes, Albertan here.

Cape Bretoner here (yes, everyone hates us but we don't care -- still a great place to live).

I wish there was some way to make a 15% flat tax and then every incremental percentage higher, instead of giving the money to the government you could give it to the charity of your choice. I mean I don't think anyone should be taxed over 10-15%, but that's a fair compromise. I would feel much better knowing half my money was going to Make a Wish or something rather than government aid programs

But the sad truth is that if an organization was entitled to a certain percentage of everyone's income, that organization would become as, or more, corrupt as the government is today.

I'm a fan of the flat-tax though. 22% on every transaction, and literally NO OTHER TAXES.


Ontario is hell on earth

>get 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Cummins Turbo Diesel'd in DC

Just so you know for future shitposting, the Ram 1500 doesn't come with the Cummins

Is Edmonton a shitty place leafbro?

Do they do a coinflip between eating a dog and blowing it i wonder.

be canadian
>get jailed for using the wrong pronoun


>Be op
>Be huge faggot
>Lives happily in fagada
Why am I not surprised?

You do realize that a really high amount of Canadians posses the knowledge of how to hunt, trap and gather food, right?

If there's a collapse, your little paradise is gonna get invaded and all the animal life is gonna get poached into extinction by careless panicked wandering mobs

>be Canadian
>can't own gun because it has words on it

I really like when people like you end up stuck with a disabled child, parent or get into an accident themselves and suddenly they start preaching social security isn't good enough and taxes should be higher.

>get tractored in Canada

that will happen

yeah, no i dont want my kids taken away from me if i call em by the wrong pronoum