ANTIFA Toronto unmasked

The result of cuck Trudeau's marxist government. Here is a prominent ANTIFA activist from Toronto, Canada without the mask..... protesting FOR MUSLIMS and for M103 which makes criticism of Islam a hate crime in Canada. It writes "islamophobia" into the law.

"Diversity Strength and Solidarity Rally"

She also filmed the now well known video of Jordan Peterson getting swarmed by SJW faggots:

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She talks about the "integrity and beauty of the solidarity of ANTIFA"

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Wesley Williams is his name

So do you want IT doxxed or something?
Have regretted doing that to few SJW cunts because it gets so fucking degenerate the more you dig.

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She's doxxed herself, I'm merely putting it out there for everyone to laugh at

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This is his "sister"

Also known ANTIFA:

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It's illegal to wear masks during a protest or riot here.

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Wtf why aren't you guys flooding her shitty channel with Nazi comments, am I the only one?

I didn't know that, would it justify an arrest?

From her website. Pretty sure the address is correct because cell phone number works and email is her main one.

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This antifa freak literally got her boobs removed after a crowdfunding campaign

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