White people

>pol says white people are the creators of civilization
>white people have never sustained a civilization for more than a few hundred years
>white people are now actively destroying the entire world as we speak, along with the earth
>white people invite other races to destroy their own work

so who is at blame, the other races or white people?

thats right, white people

maybe the problem isnt other races, but instead it's white people

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How do you define who's white? do you have some sort of skin color ruler that you use on everyone and judge the person solely on it?
I bet it is some sort of nazi memorabilia.

Maybe instead of playing Hasbro™'s Identity Politics™, look at other factors (ideology, economics, diplomacy, etc.)


Holy Roman Empire
Byzantine Empire
Germanic Empire
Russia (Rus)
Swedish Empire
Phoenicians (Carthrage and etc)

Whites did create civilization
Whites have had the most successful civilizations
Whites have managed to conquer every other civilization
Even though the white race is struggling right now, what makes you think any different will happen? History repeats itself, and the whites will come back stronger than before.

>white people have never sustained a civilization for more than a few hundred years
What in the fuck are you talking about, you Reddit fag?


>How do you define who's white?
Another ignorant fucktard who doesn't read science of genetics. "How do you figure out who's white, durrrr?"

Well, dumbfuck, you perform a genetics test and measure the fst with PCA data. If you don't know what any of that means, maybe you should get the fuck off here and come back when you have the first clue what you're talking about, you dickless retard.

hey i can write a post about whatever i want you fag, your the fag here

true but they never sustain it, thats what im saying. plus africa has been going strong since day one

So you walk around with fucking needles and genetic testing material to judge em?

You reserve the right to freedom of speech, I reserve the right to call you out on your autism.

once again your logic is flawed. white men havent sustained anything and are also destroying the world (global warming). why the fuck do we keep them in power when they create such a miserable lifestyle for everyone?

If you don't like white people, then stop speaking the white man's language, get off the white man's internet, and go back to whatever third world shit hole your trash genetics spawned from.

If you're a self hating white, then just kys

Your logic is flawed, of categorizing people by the their skin color with a very subjective judgement.

What have niggers creaated? Peanut butter doesn't count as civilization

>Phoenicians (Carthrage and etc)

Not white.

>africa is growing strong
please enlighten me about the great african empires

of wait they all got razed to the ground and sold into slavery by muslims

White peoples' civilizations can never be maintained because of Jewish intrusion and meddling

define "white" first
are you talking about anglo-saxon?

then what are they fucking idiot they are caucasian how can you be that fucking retarded.

white people created none of those things. they stole it from other races

read a textbook


>hur dur white people did global warming

1/3 of the world's population is in India. 1/3 of the world's population is in China. Damn near 100% percent of the world's industry has been moved to these two countries. They have no environmental standards and both countries look like the fucking wasteland from Fallout 3. Getting real fucking sick of being told global warming/climate change/whateverthefuck is all whitey's fault and whitey is the only one who needs to do something about it. Fuck off.

>true but they never sustain it, thats what im saying
The only people who have been able to sustain a civilization for any period of time have been the chinks
>plus africa has been going strong since day one
Hahahahhahaha no

So, as soon someone gets exactly across a certain skin tone threshold, they turn dumb and unable to create anything?

>stole it from other races

The postmodernism is strong in this thread.

so who gave china and india all those manufacturing jobs? my point exactly

Let's compare shall we?
Have asians or blacks or 'natives' or Middle Easterners ever really 'sustained a civilization' or have successions of failing civilizations cropped up over and over within their borders just as has happened in Europe?

Even China fell to communism, all Native cultures failed, absolutely all black cultures ever have been a failure, and the Middle East is a hellhole of constant failure.

>Chinese people are now actively destroying the entire world as we speak, along with the earth with their extreme pollution, mass manufacture, and greed.
>Jewish people invite other races to destroy the work of whites, arabs, etc while using "white" USA as their bully.

Whites are one of the only groups that tries to remedy pollution, genocide, rights abuses and to clean up its own mess but you give a free pass to Asians and Middle Easterners?

What text book would that be? "Nigger lies and Myths part 237: We invented everything and WUZ KANGZ!"? Someone never returned it to the library, so why don't stop being a lazy nigger and cite some of your claims.

>It's true
>Iceland's government has existed well over a thousand years
>True, but not objective

lol u caught me

Romans were white. between the kingdom, to republic, to Roman Empire, To Byzantium, they stood from 753 BC to 1453 AD.

They were only destroyed due to foreign invaders but their ideals live on in the entire world today.

Get a better argument

This is some weapons grade bait, and I should be ashamed for responding. See you on the day of the rope, faggot.

Africa growing strong since day one?
You sure got some funny ideas in your head

listen senpai, i dont have time to explain everything to you, go read a book and get your mind woke and i hope it stays lit

lets have a look at south africa

>makes blatantly false claims
>gets called out, asked for citations
>even a shred of credible, peer-reviewed evidence would suffice
>"don't have time to explain"

all im saying is who gaves those jobs to them in the first place? my point exactly. white people are the root cause of everyhint

africa is one of the strongest countries in the world. where do you think all the diamonds come from? where do you think the white people get their biz ideas from? where do you think civilization started? they are still up and running. cant say the same thing for white countiries in a few years

if you cant contribute to my thread, then dont make a post, thanks

>who gave those jobs to them in the first place
Not an argument. [Black and White fallacy detected]

>one of the strongest countries in the world
Look at that, the #1 country on that list...

Holy fuck

>Complains about muh freedom of speech
>Gets arguments criticized
>"get off my board"-tier response

Come on man, make better arguments.

Nigger please shut up. Your "people" wear bones through the nose and live in houses made from mud sticks and human shit.

Go ooga booga in twirled star flip flop you nigger.

Every time a great civilization is built by white people an outside force tries to tear it down from the inside.

and your people were descendands of neanderthal cavemen, what is your point? black people created the arts, civilization, technology, agriculture (peanut butter) and most of astronomy (pyramids and egyptians)

>>white people have never sustained a civilization for more than a few hundred years

not a history major I see.

Egyptians were not black you fucking retard.

Picking cotton does not count as an agricultural advancement.

>Every time a great civilization is built by white people an outside force tries to tear it down from the inside.
Like Rome and Christianity? or wait no Jesus was a based jew right? deus vult xD

>newfag reddit phoneposter falls for the peanutbutter bait

care to guess again??? egypt texts described their people as dark skinned men with afros and course hair.

then why didnt the white people do it? thats cause white people just take and steal from others. pure laziness

No, no, no, and no.

First of all, you don't understand genetic descent, pretty much at all. Read a textbook.

Second of all, the Egyptians were not black, they were bronze and sand-tone, with some lighter and some slightly darker.

They were not 50 iq negroids walking around wearing a god damn bush and disc lips flapping in the fucking breeze.

And finally, changing 1 aesthetic thing on a device doesn't mean you invented it.

The problem with niggers isn't that they're a bunch of lying thieving cowards.

The problem is they are so damn stupid they believe their own lies.


White people consume and pollute the most PER CAPITA

white men came from neanderthal cavemen, that is a fact. they are the ones that are destroying the earth, not africans, that is a fact. white people are the ones trying to race mix, causing all of these problems, that is a fact. again, read a textbook

What Egypt texts? Where? Specifically?

Afrocentric psychotics rambling on youtube videos doesn't count nigger.

I expect an accredited well attested source that is beyond question a far as veracity goes.

Egyptians ranged from very light to sand/bronze in tone, and had black slaves from ancient times onward.

Prove me wrong, oh wait, YOU CAN'T!


it's the fucking Jews, you cuck. and Jews are barely even people, let alone white.

Either I'm having a stroke, or something's burning.

If that's true then by your definition "white people" is pretty damn broad, because every race on earth except ass backwards wash hair in cow piss mongoloid sub Saharans have Neanderthal DNA in measurable amounts.

listen buddy pal, your in my thread, i tell you what to do, not the other way around. i dont have time to prove every fact to you, you should already know this stuff. if anything, YOU should be proving it to ME. Oh wait, you CANT

So you admit you've lost. It's my thread now "buddy pal".

Now fuck off and be a nigger somewhere else.

So when YOU fuck up, it's the jews?


The empire of Abyssinia for one. Lasted over 800 years, 700 of those by the same dynasty.

listen buddy, i didnt lose shit, if anyone, it was you who lost. go ahead and ask the other anons. now fuck off out of my thread and go read a textbook

>Phoenicians are white
Using that logic Jews and Arabs are white, and if that is the case what's the problem with letting Arabs migrate into Europe?

Nah, you go read a textbook, oh I forgot, NIGGERS CAN'T READ!

Wrong on every count except the last one which only really applies to liberals

It's time that your arguments

Please. If you're going to make claims like these, you need to provide evidence. It's not up to us, you're the one making the claims.

Whites giveth
Whites taketh away.
You are the one who is played.

maybe reading a textbook is too difficult for you, why not STEAL from other races while your at it??? why read a book when you can just steal it and claim for your own

>an "empire" of 1 small weak sub Saharan country
>a dumbass nigger.

That's a fucking Sup Forums haiku for you, nigger.

White people are a cancer on the rest of humanity.

German/English reporting in.

Read a fucking history book you faggot.

the Jews are the ones in power, mate. I'm an AmeriSpic, I'm not even trying to defend white people but I am acknowledging the blaring fact that (((they))) are the cause ofost of our problems and they control the media to make you think differently


this is a kike thread

that doesn't even make any sense, you're utter shit at bantz. kys so I never have to read your shit again.

Nigger your people have done nothing to better the world. Everything you know is because of European innovation and intellect. Just give it up and gtfo of America, we don't need you or your ooga booga friends.

The door is already closed on white people since you invaded the world and also invited the world.

The is poetic justice, as white people's own success is what will bring them down.

And white will just fade into a mixture of light brown once you are all mixed in a few decades.

When a member of the debate ceases to make sense, one of two things has most likely occurred:
* They've run out of defenses, and therein reason
* They've spoken incorrectly, and just need a chance to clarify

Either way, not looking good.

Nice defeatism Steinbergstein.

Gas yourself.

Guns, Germs and Steel

get the fuck out of here with that blackpill shit. you're worse than the mudslime, the cucked Aryan who just bends over.

A nice mountain in Österreich.

>the Jews are the ones in power
So? To niggers, whites are the ones in power, does that make them right when they blame us for their problems?

No. A problem any man has is his own. If the jews are fucking you over, it's because you allowed it to happen. Taking responsibility for your own failure is the first step toward stopping the failure and preventing further failure.

Jews ARE devious fucks, yes. Once you know that, you can prevent them from fucking with your shit.
It's up to you. And society itself is the same. If a society allows itself to be fucked, for a cheap thrill or otherwise, that's on the society, not the jews. Stop being fucking children. Grow up, and take some fucking responsibility for FUCKING UP.

Criminally underrated

>>white people have never sustained a civilization for more than a few hundred years
Demonstrably wrong. Whites created the longest standing government in history: the Republic of Venice.

>>white people are now actively destroying the entire world as we speak, along with the earth
Since when are India, China, and Pakistan white?

>>white people invite other races to destroy their own work
What kind of mental midget thought is this?

>why didn't white people do it
you stupid fucking idiot they did
3% of white people owned slaves
the rest were living in shit conditions working their ass off building towns, and probably lived worse for a while than some slaves who had nice masters and a guaranteed meal and shelter

until this comment I wasn't sure if it was bait. You had me going fampai, I r8 8/8

>as dark skinned men with afros and course hair.
No one actually had this back then.
You know why? Lice. And lice carry deadly diseases. Ask the jews.

Tip from an evil cracker fucker.
Study some medicine. If you're smart enough to understand it.

No one had fucking afros in Egypt.

>op blames whites, but jews arent white.
Wonder why they've been kicked out of 200+ countries for over 2000 years? Is it us, OR THEM?

>white people have never sustained a civilization for more than few hundred years

and who are we exactly competing against?

I'm not the one bitching. op started bitching about white people, I specified that it's the Jews he is specifically butthurt about. I'm doing damn well for myself, working hard in chem research. I'm not going to just ignore that the Jews are fucking shit up, but it isn't a major part of my thoughts. I only mention it now bc OP was being a faggot, I'm not whining about how they're behind my hardships bc they aren't. also, a society isn't comparable to a single person.

>The German "Empire"
>A tiny European country that didn't even last 50 years
The Abyssinian Empire was created before and fell after some of Europe's greatest empires, it outlasted the Spanish Empire, Russian Empire, the Hapsburg Monarchy, the Kingdom of France, etc.

European realms have historically been incredibly unstable and even when they don't collapse in a couple hundred years they undergo frequent dynastic changes relative to the rest of the world, the Ottoman Empire was a ruling dynasty for 600 years, the Solomon dynasty in Ethiopia ruled for about 700 years, and the Japanese Imperial family ruled for at least 1500 years.

Bitch stop embarrassing black people if you're going to make claims and people ask for proof fucking provide the proof otherwise shut the fuck up. Before making threads like these you need to prepare, you goddamn idiot.

Skull shape. Facial features. Hair. Eyes. Nose. Skin colour is also a part of it. Phenotypical variation is common in Europe but you can easily tell white Iberians apart from Anglos. Everyone is fucked up and miscegenated in Brazil so I expect you to be confused. The only white people are middle class and live in separate states to the rest of the weird looking mixed niggers.

The jews for bringing the niggers and the niggers for ruining civilization

>"get your mind woke"
really showing off your true colors nignog

A person is a society of organs and cells.
I just don't like people here who blame the jews for bullshit. They're cunts, but it's on you if you let a cunt fuck your life over.

But I catch your drift. Also good luck in your field. I'm orgo myself. It's fun but holy shit will it tax you. But anything worth doing is tough as nails.

>Africa has been going strong since day one
>going strong

My sides.