Man Flushes Away 100% European DNA

The white race is truly lost. Miscegenation has become completely normalized.

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Lets be honest here, that guy is less attractive than his wife, unless you're some gay nazi who worships pink skin undertones

Is it considered miscegenation if a black man impregnates a white woman?

Of course

Only dirty Amerilard mongrels like you would not have a problem with this.

You mean that thing people have been doing since the dawn of time?

She's 93% pure nigress but she's smart and seems civil as fuck and not a chimp at all.

Proof that it's mixed race people that are scum, purebloods tend to be way more chilled out.

There is nothing wrong with two people in love having babies.

Pureblood is polite word for inbred

>t. Moby-Dick

Die, nigger scum. Only inferior races would have no problem with this, because they have nothing to hold on to. Why preserve anything when you have nothing at all?

What if she's Asian?
Not even hapa full Asian.

I did one of these tests, came up with over 99% white DNA. Plan to have children with a hispanic girl, how mad are you right now you autistic sperg?

Ahmed, I hope you are shipped back to Somalia when the right-wing death squads enter your neighbourhood.

Shes quite pretty desu

Damn that bitch is fine.

The Americans are truly lost. Of course, they had no identity to begin with. Hope you are ravaged by Chinese and Russian nukes, faggot. You all deserve to burn.

Not an argument, Chang.

As long as you are in love, go for it.

The world needs more stable families, not ones built purely on bodily or material desires.

Go back to r*ddit nigger lovers

who here /mongrel/ ?
I'm a bit of a mixed bag.

Anyone willing to offer me one of their sisters? i'm 6', blonde, blue eyed

I want the world to have fewer idiots like you.

Meet the next Pope bitches

Flushes how?

Greeks are like 5% African. I'll go back to R*ddit when you go back to Africa.

Jokes on you, race traitor.

The biggest problem with race mixing is outbreeding depression caused by the breakdown of coadapted gene complexes that have evolved over time in divergent populations. Hybrid vigor does occur, but only in the F1 generation. Subsequent generations are affected by outbreeding depression.

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Found the nigger. Mongrels and racemixers will get the rope

When did Sup Forums become a festering haven for these degenerative faggots? A lot of them come from the US

Your country is owned by Asians

That's not a mongrel

behold, me

Pure, Pure Beady

Civic nationalists and lolbertarians who don't care about race. We need a purge

Same happened here, resulted in a poo in the loo

Never used it before, been here since 2005 =]

this meme is 100% hijack worthy

fuck off mongrel. you are unwanted.

My brother dates beaner girls. Hope he doesn't marry one and have kids with one

The amount of arrogant hubris it must require to think you get any say on how other people live their lives is astounding. To think you get any opinion regarding who fucks who reeks of bitter angsty sperglord.

Purity can only be re-established from the European heartland, the home of true culture and civilization. I hope the far-right succeeds in the near future or else all hope is lost.

That would be you that is unwanted you're prob more mutt than any of us, we already know your DNA comes out of africa

People just watch this vlog because the woman is hot. That's the only reason I watched it.

stop projecting

Lol DNA Africa, fact.

>some gummy nappy-haired bitch is better looking than dax shepperd
Found the nigger

Isn't it funny that their ONE criticism is that their race identity is not as clearly defined as they hoped? The ones that have a more definitive ethnic structure are more satisfied with the results... fucking lel
And they console themselves by saying "see we're all mixed"

first thing that came to my mind too.

Their complaint is that the test isn't very specific not that their racial makeup is too broad. God you're stupid.

>hurr me german/irish
>lots of british ancestry
lol every time

Where does one find non-degenerate white girls tho?

The only girls I know of that save themselves for marriage, are feminine, want to be mothers, and aren't drama queen insane vanity whores anymore are black Muslim girls from East African countries like Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Only mongrels who have no purity left to save are fine with this garbage.

That's because you live in Toronto. Find a good white girl on Christian Mingle.


Im about as white as humanly possible. Don't give a single fuck about "preserving purity" whatever the fuck that means. Holy shit your jimmies are rustled, I hope you die alone and full of regret, never reproducing because you can't find a girl who's "pure enough" for you lel

>"see we're all mixed"
That is exactly the fucking point retard. The white guys said TWO places. and was disappointed when it was WAY MORE THAN TWO

When the race wars begin, I pray to God that a tank flattens your body when you are trying to save a POC ally, you treacherous piece of shit.

I live in New Brunswick where the population is 99% white other than a couple french African immigrants in Moncton.

>white Christian girls
Literally the single mom sluts of the first world.

It's not about "being pure" so much as it is about knowing your roots truthfully and accepting them into your life. If you think your roots are meaningless then you have a very short tradition and that is less stable of a foundation.

There is a comment section below...

Tell them how you really feel .

>not realizing it's not whiteness or racial purity that matters, but IQ, genetic diseases and predisposition for crime (ie no niggers) that matters

fpbp, first thought that came to mind was so what? He looks and acts like an autistic cuck. The white race doesn't need his shit genes, and his docile beta nature will result in more complacent mulatto groids than those that would have otherwise been spawned.

>black aussie

literally the first time ive ever heard/seen that, shes fit as fuck too.

>they have no identity

Of course we do. You're confusing us with Canada, which I suppose could be forgiven since your PM is running around telling everyone how Canada has no identity/culture/reason to exist except for taking arab cock.

What is so important about white DNA? The only racial purity that matters are for God's chosen people, and the whites are not it. In fact, we benefit from genetic diversity.

you're not accounting for the future development of transgenic hybridization in vitro.

But if you think you are pure that just means you don't know your roots. Get a brain.

This man is not straight

Sure thing buddy, keep larping about your beloved race war
>it is about knowing your roots truthfully and accepting them into your life.
And how does this help me exactly?
>then you have a very short tradition and that is less stable of a foundation.
Less stable of a foundation for what exactly?


fpbp, dude is doing better than he deserves regardless of his race.

She's probably an insufferable feminist though. Takes pride in being black, but hangs out with and dates white guys because they aren't misogynistic cheaters like her race.

>but IQ, genetic diseases and predisposition for crime (ie no niggers) that matters
>you can have these things by mating with niggers
I think I found an image of you Wojtek.

Okay so an other legitimate thing to say about this is that she didn't think she was African!!! How common is this? They don't actually know that all black people are from Africa not matter where they are born? They moved against their will to populate the new world economy. I mean she looks smart.

I am a blond hair, blue eyes guy with a black wife. No one gives a fuck nor do I see why I should care about muh European genetics.
You white genocide rednecks are the dumbest people on earth

Chapo Trap House is a popular leftist podcast that encourages their listeners to use memes, trolling and concern trolling against their political opponents.

>tfw dna test says 100% northwestern european
>tfw going to throw it away by marrying the qt chinese girl I'm dating and have superior high-IQ children
how upset does this make you heritage cucks?

my children will win full-ride scholarships and control the future while your pure white children will drop out and get addicted to fentanyl or turn SJW and major in gender studies.

you guys are even worse than white roasties for the amount you get upset at white guys dating asian girls

>>tfw dna test says 100% northwestern european
French Canadians aren't white. You're basically niggers.

>all the jealous buttblasted racist losers on this site

>White guy bleaches black girl
>Hanz tries to find a problem with it

Why am i not surprised?

> muh white genocide
Dont.bother these white trash retards are dumb as fuck.
One one hand they admit white wen are shores but on thw other they claim we have a duty to spend your life with them because reasons

So many triggered mongrels/kikes/niggers/betas ITT

We have to assume you either know it as "fact" or emotion. That that could create three different situations:

If you believe where you come from has meaning it helps in the big picture with a functioning group, this is the most important thing. It's about being confident in your own history, and collectively joining together to better the group (meaning build shit).
The truth is there is a massive gradient across certain geographies. Over time groups move together and isolate, forming traditions and culture. These create meaningful differences between each separated group.
Even after all these years of mixing around we still have very identifiable and measurable differences.

It's true, there is no 100 percent pure race, but practicality for human history, there are enough traceable characteristics to find important meanings.

We aren't the ones spending our lives with white whores

>calling other people mongrels

Breeding outside your race? Congrats! You have shitty genetics! No sane human mates outside their species.

Nope, English and Norwegian. Try again cuck.

Butthurt nigger/nigger lover detected

fuck who ever you want user. only the worst kind of fascist complains about other people's sex lives. The best fascism is based real choice.

>get called a mongrel
>by a turkish rape-baby buttbandit


Current bankrupt Turk love child detected

Ever notice how race mixers are always ugly and/or mentally ill?

What's the motto of the Greek army?
Never leave your buddies behind

$0.03 has been deposited into your accounts.

the fact that every greek poster is a buttblasted retard proves that modern greeks have nothing in common with ancient greeks. LARPing turks, nothing more.

Ever notice how you can make utterly inane statements on Sup Forums but it's ok as long as you feed into the established confirmation bias?


Either they are incredible hot or ugly.

Ever notice how people complaining about race mixers are always ugly, low testosterone virgins?

Wow, you're really butthurt over the undeniable fact that only the genetically unfit would ever participate in miscegenation.

Preben plz, dont leave oslo, dont breed if you cant do it without shitting out parasites.


:) yes

holy fuck this board is being shilled 24/7