WTH IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT PUERTO RICO? WTF LADS???? 3 million people, 80% white! Do you even have priorities?

Styx brought it up...
not sure he was on the money

>80% white

fucking boriquas will never be white

love it. one of the few decent island "nations" in the world.

wtf i hate puerto rico now

shareblue's been shitposting about how much they hate it

All I know is that I grew up "knowing" the US had 51 states, and then was shocked to find out it's actually only 50.

Berenstein bears soon fellow shitposters

This happens all the time and they always vote no

Puerto Ricans are boorish fucking monkeys.

I would literally take illegal Mexicunts before any obnoxious Island spic and thier shitty reduncdant bingo banging """""music"""""

Not white

White than the USA.

"""hispanic""" not white.

>allowing a country with outstanding debt to become a state

>More beaners under Trump's watch


Cuz Sunday is Bethesda e3 conference way more important than some deep in debt mestizos

Lol is Puerto Rico going to become a state under trump and not Obama lmfao

fuck that shit im not changing my fucking flags for that stupid island

Are the Democrats this desperate to bump up their electoral vote count? Importing millions of shitskins wasn't enough for them?

They'd be pretty dumb to join. They are u.s. tax exempt at the moment and adding tax with their already struggling economy would hurt them pretty bad

Make us a State so all you can share our DEBT !
Scam alert ......Bailout Inbound.

this. they can vote for statehood all they want. it still has to be approved by congress. who's next venezuela?

Let it happen. I need a new flag.

>80% white!
Are you on crack?

> Hey boriquas, wanna be a state?
> No!

a few years later....
> Hey boriquas, wanna be a state?
> No!

a few years later....
> Hey boriquas, wanna be a state?
> No!

a few years later....
> Oh shit nigga we broke, we demand statehood nao!

Really alkalized my water senpai

Same here.

>80% white
Spics aren't white.

Israel or Puerto Rico?
pic related

>80% white


>congress has to formally accept the results of the referendum with a vote
>implying the republicans will allow this

this. puerto rico is never going to be a state.

They're basically communists. They should go independent.

As much as I love Puerto Rico I don't think its going to pass. Guam has a better chance of becoming a state

Name a single instance in the entirety of US history where a terroritory asking for statehood was denied from entering the union by the US

Will they vote republican or democrat? That is the only question that matters.


>puerto rico
>80% white

you fucking idiot

>a hot shitskin
Wow i love demographic replacement now

a lot of times you stupid faggot, they would get delayed until we could let two in at the same time with opposing views. Any smart republican knows letting 3 million of you in will kill our democracy and make a permanent democrat majority

Can we be a US state?

Because it's not going to happen. I can't wait for more tears from libcucks

first you need to become a territory, I don't think your country would go for that

I would be ok with this if the homes there weren't so fucking ugly and the beaches weren't underwhelming. Politics aside, this place is useless.


You don't know Puerto Rico like Puertoricans know Puerto Rico. Statehood is a mistake.

80% white?

That's not what the vote is, the vote is whether or not they want to become a state

Congress would have to allow them in, and since they would always vote for Democrats, that wouldn't happen without like Guam also becoming a state

>3 and a half million more beaners diluting the term "American"

Can we get the USA to be sub-50% white under the rule of Trump?

He's sure trying hard for it.

I doubt Puerto Rico will have a significant amount of electoral votes if it becomes a state.

>3 million people, 80% white!

Spics are not white.

Will they finally announce TES VI?

America needs to get rid of that fucking dump.

Infinity symbol flag maybe consisting of an Obouros snake as the figure.

Canada, Oz (NZ) and the UK may as well join the US.

Holy shit

Bethesda in 2017... Cmon bruh

>tfw soon when u see a us flag it could be puerto rican

Then they can fuck right off.

So what you're saying is that Sunday will be the day of overhyped bullshit.

>off by one

Rolling fir independent

He may be right in that it would become a state anyway (thanks to democrats realizing that it's free votes and free Senate seats). He is definitely wrong when he says that there's a chance for it to be red. I don't see that shithole ever being red due to demographics and IQ, but at least the GOP could use it to a) split California apart and add Jefferson as a state, finally and b) deny the Dems the opportunity.

puerto rico ain't happening with republican congress
they hate hispanics, plus it'll eventually turn blue like hawaii

truck of peace attack in D.C. get in here *

White hispanics?

>allowing a country with outstanding debt to become a state
Kentucky has been running up a defecit with the Fed for ages. I think it was 50 billion dollars just this year alone.

>autism is a choice


>80% white
>3 million people
All heavy blue voters.

Don't they want to become a state just so they could go bankrupt?

lol I saw that too

Some of you are fucking insane. Puerto Rico would easily vote 70-80% communist democrat. Adding yet another bankrupt blue state?


Puerto Ricans are a fucking cancer, literally worse than Mexicans.
t. Springfield MA

thank me later
>IᖴᑌᑕK TOᑎIGᕼT .ᑕOᗰ

puerto rico has voted to become a state for a long time now
congress always tells them to fuck off since they have tons of debt

Roll for independence

how does it feel to be colonized :^)


Puerto Rico can come in when we have the State of Jefferson

+ 2 Senate seats going Democratic. It's a big deal.

first off there not 80% white that statistic includes Hispanics which are not white

this would just give the democrats 2 senators, a majority of around 5 reps and around 7 electoral votes

it would have around 7 and at more electoral votes then around 21 states...

This is not on Trump.

You should fear not only that they are not white and are going to vote for democrats, but the fact their culture it's the worst in any hispanic nation. Also the accent it's also the worst.

Not even Guam would offset it even with all the ex military living there...

Only votes matter, they already are free to immigrate to the us. We already have them everywhere.

Republicans would never win an election again if Puerto Rico became a state. All Puerto Ricans are lazy and want as much welfare as possible, so they will always vote blue.