Do you support the Westboro Church movement Sup Forums?

Do you support the Westboro Church movement Sup Forums?


only fags died in iraq/afghanishit

Are they still kicking it? I thought they gave up after Fred split hell wide open.


Fred Phelps was a democrat too

Why would I?

They're just jews looking for lawsuits

can anyone state their stance on the JQ?
Idc if they hate fags or not the JQ is all that matters

Of course. They are a good church.
>implying Fred split hell wide open.

I support their right to free speech.

What's to not like? All they do is tell gays they are going to hell and criticize US foreign policy. I do those things all the time.

Christian here. I support them solely because they provide loads of entertainment and because they are the worst example that anyone can come up with, in regards to modern-day Christianity, which is even more hysterical.

Although I disagree with a lot of what they say, they do no harm.


>Do no harm
>Western Civilization plunges into degeneracy

And do nothing other then be insufferable religious SJWs (led by a registered Democrat) at rock concert parking lots

They are harmless idiots nonetheless

They believe that 144,000 Jews will repent and besaved before the end times, because that's what the Bible says. pretty sure they are pretty anti Jew otherwise

How does the Westboro Baptist Church do harm?

I never thought the day would come when I agree with TWBC, but that day is today.

No Gays, No Israel!
Whats not to like?

>Protesting military funerals

If I thought I could get away with it, I'd burn their church down, with them inside.
Fuck the kids too, they're all done anyway.

Of course.
>t.Northboro Baptist

Only that they take full advantage of the first amendment and do it proudly

theyre retarded protestants so no

>He thinks ZOG foot soldiers deserve any respect at all

Dying for israel to further their satanic agenda isn't honorable in any way.

>No Israel!

yes i can understand christian fundamentalists quite easily. the difference is my fundamentalists at the worse carries inflammatory signs while the fundamentalists of another "religion" kill people at a minimal

Insuport the 1st amendment
>retards spouting off anything they want

Prooves to me we're free

>because that's what the Bible says
That's not what the Bible says.
It says 144,000 from the tribes of Israel... except Dan isnt mentioned.

The tribes of Israel dont exist anymore we just call them all Jews generically. Those are most likely Old Testamemt saints. The modern Jew is a mongrel.

>mfw Sup Forums's recent obsession with Christianity is causing more and more posters to sound like they did

Idolators will be cast into Hell with the fags and Jews.
Stop worshipping the flag of the East India Company, and it's jackboot stooges.

America is Mystery Babylon the Great, Queen of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. Go back to plebbit.