I have never met a woman worth marrying

I have never met a woman worth marrying.

anyone else have this feel?

That pic is hilarious, was this a one night stand or le rape meme?

Probably because you fap to anime all day and never go out.
Go to church

yup, feel ya. but i think germany is worse than the US right now. Only libtard woman left

I did, but she doesn't love me.

You're luckier.

She had to let some guy inside of her for him to say this.

Dumb slut.

Women are awful. Each time I think I meet one that is different I'm let down. They're all the same dumb vapid whorish cunts.

I still want to get married but I realize as I get older finding a wife is less about finding someone you truly love and more about finding someone who you can tolerate enough to bare your children.


>implying she didn't fucking love hearing that at the time


yfw she agreed to do this because she likes men to know she has a tight cunt

What was he supposed to do? Look into your eyes and say "Gee, you're pretty." He didn't want to lie and you were 5 minutes of entertainment.

Actually, it was a pretty nice thing to say given the circumstances.


Women always want to get used by guys that treat them like shit. They are not attracted to men who are truly kind, caring, virtuous, noble, honorable, or empathetic. They are attracted to men who are charismatic, even if they are complete asshole scumbags, they find charisma to be the most important trait.

Some of the biggest, most useless pieces of shit I've ever met in my life had a lot of charisma and they bedded the best women. On the contrary, some of the best guys I know have the hardest time women.

Seriously, it doesn't matter what kind of loser piece of shit you are, so long as you have charisma.

LOL I've actually said this to a slut and she loved it. This bitch is lying.

I dont know how I would decide if I should marry them. I don't think I could trust anyone that well to marry them. Also I havent felt anything for the girls ive been with since after my first GF who was a whore. Even though these girls have had better personalities and traits etc

God damn it, I wish I still had my collection of these I got from Sup Forums like 6 or 7 years ago. Some of them were fucking hilarious, like the one about getting blitz raped by her dad on vacation. It always made me think of that o!d cartoon where the boy turned into a car, only her dad turns into a Panzer.

Ecclesiastes 7:28

Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found.

What makes you think you are worthy yourself?

>come on baby just hold this sign up
>its just for me i like this kind of shit
>come on u dont even have to be naked
>i swear i wont show anybody

Humble brag
By the way, if she's fucking a guy who talks to her like that, I doubt she's a goody two shoes

I'm going to tell a women this

>LOL I've actually said this to a slut and she loved it. This bitch is lying.

that all happens when society refuses to treat them like property and disciplines said property when they act out of line

feminism is society-destroying

Dated like 7 girls and slept with about 20

Every time I began to get to know them I thought to myself "They are 100% not wife material. I will fuck them for as long as I can and then we will break up".

I knew one girl who I could imagine being wife material, but another guy got her.

If you hate women, you are the one with the problem. Stop lying to yourselves. None of you deserve good wives because you are lousy men with major insecurities. Sad.

yes.but i'd happily marry Yukarin if it gets her off suicide watch

...for a slut

funniest thing i've seen in like a week

I'm with you, OP.

All I want is my opposite number
>on a good career path
>money in my pocket
>no criminal record
>decent looking and in decent shape
>generally have things going on
>genuinely kind

I watch these women who don't have anything going on. They don't have anything to put on their "resume" romantically speaking. Looks aren't good enough anymore. If they have a kid, fucking forget it since (being genuinely kind) she has better places to be than hanging out with me. All I want is my opposite number or something close to it. I know my value. I don't want to sound like a dick but it's how I feel.

You're going to have to settle and hope for the best, my friend. That's all. We no longer live in the age of temperance and modesty and virtue. That has all been done away with. History has abolished the idyllic age of chivalry, order, and meaning in hierarchy. Woman's nature - set free from the bounds of civilized norms - now reigns, and you must determine whether it worth the risk to engage with modern woman.

if nobody else is "good enough" than neither are you.

More eyeliner.

thx burger

this is true shit
the shittier u treat them
the more they will do

>Seriously, it doesn't matter what kind of loser piece of shit you are, so long as you have charisma.
Yep, the people i knew that fucked the most girls where not 6+ ripped chads, just average guys that put everything into chr and speech when they leveled up. The two i know in high school that slept with the most women (higher nr of women then their age, including a few virgins) weren't even over 6 feet or well trained. They where just good at talking.

I don't think they find you worth marrying either bud

I was just thinking about this earlier today and I feel exactly the same. I'm a bit older than most of Sup Forums it seems, been around the block a few times and I honestly can't think of even one woman I've dated that I regret breaking up with. Not even one. None of them were wife material.

it wasn't even OC :)

You sound beyond pathetic. Do you guys who sit around playing single player games and watching cartoons really see yourself as Marcus Aurelius or some shit? Women reflect the men around them. That is one of the amazing things about them. Grow some balls. Find one you harmonize with and guide her. It isn't hard. Some nigger snatched a 20 out of my girls hand, and after I tackled him she stomped his face in with combat boots. She supports me in anything I do. She's a bad bitch, makes a lot of money, eternally loyal, sexually open, I will marry her. She's 19. I've been with her 5 years.

How come those cold, dead, bovine eyes that are reliable indicators in men of shell shock or psychopathy are for women completely normal and cannot be concealed by any amount of whoreliner or mascara?

t. elliot rodger

Men are usually better more productive and intelligent
I.e if I needed surgery (knock on wood) I would fucking hope the doctor is a white MAN
If I need any job done right, I would hope it's a man

>I have never met a woman worth marrying.
I met one worth marrying and married her.

This is the worst kind of virtue signaling right here.

Modern women are shit. Men in the 80's were shit, but today's women are shit. They have been brainwashed and pumped full of hatred. They have no honor, accountability or social consequences for any of their horrible behavior.

They are the problem. Even women admit it.

>Yore kont iz real toight for a slaat mate

>have to train them
i kid

>she's 19

Lol so you're like 20? babby's first love? That's cute.

>Go to church
this. But you may have to try a few churches til you find a red-pilled one. Get established there; help out; make friends. But this plan will only work if you actually believe in God, or your wife-to-be will figure you out sooner or later and i t won't be pretty.

>Women reflect the men around them
>One of the amazing things about them

so they literally provide nothing beyond what men give them and this is 'amazing'?

drink bleach pzl

I've had my fair share of women and i am not complaining about that. Just stating a fact, contrary to popular Sup Forums belief charisma > fitness

that quote on her sign sounds exactly like something you or your aussie neighbors would say haha.

>getting mad at a bit of bedroom banter

God I love you guys, this is the only place that makes me laugh anymore I swear


Just let him enjoy it while he can. Reality will be far more painful when it hits than anything you can say.

>"What do you want to do tonight?"
>"IDK, go beat up some niggers?"
>"Let me go put on my combat boots."

It won't last.

come to east germany then. i wouldnt call them red pilled, but they def dont like rapefugees and agree to have kids with you.

>Meet one that is worth
>Her: Lol children are dumb and I won't bring one into this pathetic world
>Have to look else where now

>I have never met a woman worth marrying.
Maybe you're a faggot?

what was that for some schpeel about what "awful pigs men are" when they have sex with women? what a fucking deceptive bitch
every woman i've ever been with liked being talked to like that when i fucked them

>tfw meet girl worth marrying in college
>shy and cute with hardass parents
>still a virgin
>help her come out of her shell
>turns into a slut
>whatever, I'm gay

you can't meet what doesn't exist in this timeline

Cringiest post I've seen here in months. Possibly the cringiest post I've seen since 2017

I don't even know what to say.


>be degenerate whore
>be fucking a chad
>chad says something stupid/insulting
>get offended over my won shit decisions in life
>this is patriarchy~~~~~~~~tm!
>decide to take action
>write chad's remark on whiteboard as his cum still dries on my ass
>post it to tumblr
>so proud of myself today

I have
I've married her
You're just looking for a woman on the very wrong places or circumstances

I am 34.
Yes, it is. Woman is ever a fickle and changeable thing. Men imitate the men around them, an that's even more pathetic. I woman can actually show you things about yourself that you can't see. About other people as well. Women are extremely clever when it comes to emotions and social games. I have always admired them and tried very hard to be like them.

have you considered Islam?

Psst. No woman who has met you thought you were worth marrying.

>that feel when you have a gf but she's not a virgin which means some other dudes cock was inside her at some point

I think id rather be alone

I'm a girl and trust me, it is literally that

Slavic women I've met are still really good women - especially by Western standards. You might think they're whores but that's just because you've never met an American girl. If you lived here, you would understand. I know a Ukrainian and a Russian girl here in the US and both of them are amazing to talk to in comparison to the American Western whores I'm used to.

Western women are so completely broken they don't even know how to do something so basic as hold a conversation.

>met a girl on Sup Forums in 2008 or 2009
>because I was 18 and desperate for any physical affirmation I'd posted a shirtless pic in a thread when prompted to
>girl tells me she likes
>we exchange aim info
>talk for long time
>she flies out to see me, pays for her ticket taking a huge chance on me
>love at first sight
>dated for three years, I proposed
>she says yes
>I got cold feet and cut it off
Biggest regret of my life. Absolutely incredible woman and I still dream about her. There will be others though, and I know that because I dated another girl for a bit over a year and I started to have similar feelings for that one. Not as strong, but I would have developed just as strong an attachment with that second girl had we stayed together

Why did you buy into the meme that "there's someone for everyone?" It's fucking retarded shit they tell children to get them to shut the fuck up.

You're lucky if you can find someone compatible and there's nothing fucking magical about it. You either beat astronomical odds and find someone perfect for you or you work on compromising with each other's faults.

You're not perfect, she's not perfect.

There is no perfect woman. And if there was one, do you think she'd date your ugly ass? Grow the fuck up and start looking at the world for what it actually is.

You are not going to find that. Why?
>You are looking for a woman, not a man.

Women can very easily, and has to be, molded by her man. She will practically do anything she possibly can for you if you just know how to handle her right and give her what she needs (emotionally and dickin' wise)

Good women are "brought up"/trained. Go for looks and personality. The rest can be changed to fit your needs over time.


Your use of the word train made me think of vidya, and in turn i made this. enjoy

so you're some kind of pedophile then? get a woman your own age u fuckin creep. she's probably only with you because she thinks it's edgy and cool to be with an older "man", even though if you're dating a teenager you probably have some maturity issues

Yup. The girl I am with. She is conservative (not redpilled yet), treats me like a king, cooks, cleans and listens to everything I have to say, including the fact that the official Holocaust story is BS.

The only girl worth it are muslim chicks who are ex-muslim

>indoctrinated by traditional family values

same here
everyone i deluded myself into loving turned out to be a giant slut or race mixer

Back to your containment board


>she makes a lot of money
>she's 19
>I am 34

holy fuck lol

Pretty much nailed it. Twitter and that stupid cat face app has turned gen z fems into clones

>Said the most based man who ever lived.

They're all lvl 1 m8. That's the equivalent of rats and kobolds.

Thanks. Pointing out that women have any kind of value is always guaranteed you's. Never change Sup Forums.

I have, but she died in a car crash.

So I'm still as bitter as you op.

I'm a virgin with a 7 x 5.5 cock what should I do?

yes I have, unfortunately she is masculine and probably autistic

>tfw only ever met one
>tfw never ever spill my spaghetti
>tfw used to sperg every time I saw her

I cucked myself desu senpai baka

And how did you meet your wife?

God, please make me as cool as Larpy McTeen on Sup Forums and I'll never ask you for anything again. Promise.

I did
but I cheated on them multiple times and played with their hearts until they got sick of my shit and became sluts

>she's 19.

there is a high chance she will bail on you a few years down the road.

also, your post is total bs.
kys tbqh

She does. I do too. And I love how guys who jerk off to 18 year old Sasha or Remy or whoever is the flavor of the month get offended about someone doing it IRL.

Do you know where you are?

No I actually like women a lot. I think they're cute and smell good

Your post is just AIDS-tier. Never seen anything like it

why is that unfortunate? sounds like the dream for a Sup Forumstard

The cure is WHITE SHARIA.