This is the next prime minister of the United Kingdom

This is the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

A failed trump clone experiment?

this is the same guy that looked completely flustered and confused after Brexit won (which he campaigned for)

damn, he is fast

I fucking love this timeline

*grabs OP by the oesopheugus BACK THE FUCK OFF?!!??!!?*

I honestly would prefer him not to be. He's a great articulator, but his voice puts people to sleep.

He should be the man behind the PM

gary busey?


david davis for pm

>Paki is the mayor of london
>half turk is the PM

kek, is Britain even white?

Burger posters have been on fire today. Did you guys have a mass genocide recently or something?

>a fucking super saiyan

>This is the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Friendly reminder that Boris Johnson is a roach.

Well done, Brits!

a quarter.


ignore this & go to
>IᖴᑌᑕK TOᑎIGᕼT .ᑕOᗰ

I need a quick rundown on the election in britian. Who won, who was our guys?

just what we would need, another two faced flip flopper who follows the money and glory.
he had his chance, he handed it to Sharia May.
He's as much of a lying self serving prick as May.

Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton. Nobody won.

He is goofy, has a shitty haitcut, strange manners but is about two times more intelligent than Trump is

>about two times more intelligent than Trump is

2 x 0 = 0, though.

this, but I think Bernie won.

Bernie/Corbyn lost more than Hillary/May.


Old Boris there looks like some obscure earlier incarnation of Doctor Who.

I was thinking Bilbo when the ring-lust's got hold of him

I dunno lads. All potential Conservative leaders are weak, Boris pussied off of the leadership election simply because Gove slagged him off, hardly leadership material. May has let us all down massively, she's way out of the question.

Maybe Corbyn wouldn't be so bad, he's been the only fucker that's actually had to fight to be where he is and he had to win quite a few battles to get there.

Boris is like twice as good as Trump fool

Still, better than Merkel.

>*grabs OP by the sarcophagus BLACKS THE FUCK OFF?!!??!!?*


If Thatcher had been campaigning tonight, it'd been a landslide.

BoJo's a-coming!

>Lyin' Boris

he is a jewish turk whose grandpa got BTFO cuz of treason


What is going on here?

No way