Friendly reminder that Hitler funded the creation of Israel.


Hitler was a pawn of the Zionists to get the UK to create Israel

You say that like its a bad thing. Less jews in white countries is good for all.

It was called the Nazi party.
Short for ashkenazi.

That's a dumb summary. Hitler wanted them out of Germany, and other countries wouldn't take them. So he ported some to Palestine. Besides, the honor goes to the UK and Balfour, they started the mess in 1917.


a Jewish sacrificial offering that is burned completely on an altar.

6,000,000 jews
6 is the number of man

Human sacrifice offering...

It's a simplification but it's not untrue.

True redpill: Israel is a nazi ethnostate taking back their homeland from the muzzies

wtf I like Hitler now?


The number of the beast gets it... wait

Hitler wanted them to have israel or anywhere else. He didn't fucking care as long as they were gone.

This shit is garbage.

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get the fuck out shill, you're so easy to catch

I knew it, WW2 was fake, it is structured too well as a story, it is like someoe had written it, everyone was under the jewish thumb.

Both Goebells and Hitler are 100% protoaryan
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>vile beast checking his own trips

I'd ask someone else but i'm sure you have it, post the 6m article headlines pre D-day invasion.

This is a problematic post.



Satan has spoken.

Hilter recreated the Promised Land.

JEWS refuse to go home.

God has Hitler punish the Jews for turning their back one their home.

Jews don't learn and are still wicked.


Jews don't listen to God and instead do whatever they want
God Punishes them, Jews reform and repeat.

Their whole religion follows that idea. It's part of the reason that every culture they latch on to kicks them out. Then it's not their fault for being an insular nepotistic community, it's their host countries or Gods fault because they're in a disporia testing time.

i googled him, it says socialism , not national socialism.

For 2000 years the Jews fought to reclaim their homeland. Finally their struggle is recognized in the 1917 Balfour Declaration. Absolutely nothing comes from it and zero headway is made towards creating the state of Israel in Palestine. Then in 1933 the Haavara Agreement is drafted and Hitler punishes the Jews by sending them to Palestine as punishment, giving them what they'd always wanted but could never have because it's be encroaching upon the Palestinian people. Convenient? Very!

This is like punishing your child by sending him to Disneyland .