Did I do good Sup Forums?


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No fuck off nigga

>the library of a beta male


You did bad user.

What's with all this anti-lauren, anti-everything right-wing shilling lately. Fuck off shareblue you guys need to find another hobby.

she is a confirmed jew that loves the bbc.



This honestly lol

If you are legitimately interested in understanding the current political phenomena you need to learn first principles.

There are 2 ways to understand phenomena, through first principles and through relative comparison.

ALL of those books are derivative. START WITH THE GREEKS REEEEEEEEEEE

>muh shareblue
Fuck off cunt, we're just not vapid beta males eating up the overused and generic opinions because SHES A GIRL OMG SO BASED KEKKK

t. virgin mgtow


e-celebs are a necessary evil. They are obnoxious as fuck, but somebody has to represent our views to normies.

>everyone who disagrees with me is a shill

>A woman

Wrasslin', Trump and Halo?

Do you think the WWE is embarassed by their Hall of Famer Donald Trump winning the Presidentcy? They refuse to ever point it out. Imagine being WWE management and being embarassed by the President participating in your "sport"

This is reddit tier. You need to some real redpilled literature. Check out the Sup Forums reading list.

What the fuck is Chris Ray Gun doing in Canada?

I had sex around around 40 minutes ago before my wife went to work, but keep making assumptions to project your own insecurities over falling for this stolen opinion spewing cunt.

>having an issue with the only good games he has
>not all of those rasslin' games

>Lauren buy my pamphlet I mean book and praise kek and stop looking at my tits haha southern

no alex jones book


lmfao fucking pseudo intellectual idiot. why do you even buying books that are shit and from people who are preying on you to buy it to fund their hedonistic life. name one thing lauren or all those pseudo intellectuals have done to make your life better.

>reposting your virgin fag bookshelf because you got proven a virgin fag before

fuck off

Sure you did buddy

Cringey. Sage

Sex is fun but fuck the aftermath

>need to shower
>wash and dry sheets
>clean up her mess
>pay super high rate for taxi + tip to make her fuck off
>all this for 10 minutes of Sex --six of which were foreplay

When will sex robots be available?

Are any of those books good?


It's a computer user, and it didn't have sex with you. You had sex with your hand.


kewl b8 [email protected]

this has to be a b8

that is the plebbiest game collection ever


No you did not.

>Not all of those rasslin games

desu rasslin games can be fun if you make your own shit or down other Create A Wrestler characters.

>He doesn't marinate in the juices
What a faggot desu

>"feed me my opinions" alt-right starter pack

For fuck's sake, this is normie-tier trash. Get some real books, user. These pieces of paper tell you what you're supposed to understand without any shabbos goyim from "right-wing" mainstream media.
They're totally ok with having Muslim shitskins in the country if they behave, they wouldn't mind being outnumbered by them. It's all the same multiculturalism and egalitarianism, just less extreme.

>Sup Forumstard falls for Sup Forumsmemes
start with the greeks

Quit making this thread

You should consider suicide or bathing in gasoline, then setting library on fire while you sit there.

Can someone post the parody cover of that book with PJW saying I barely even noticed the Jews or something like that?



> Xbox games
> Not gaming on pc

Kill yourself sub30fps retard



>this image again

fuck off

....are you a proxy or just a burger copycat??

>somebody actually bought all these shit books and games just to take this image

No my fellow leaf.

Current affairs books are pleb-level garbage. Read some actual history, science and literature.

You have to go back


>he literally put the pussy on a pedestal
fucking poettery

Besides other things....but yea.

No. You appear to be a retard.

Sad library.

Read Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Burke, Spencer, Camus.

That shit is sad user. Git some fuckIng standards. This ain't Reddit.


why is nu/pol/ incapable of not falling for bait?


You should be learning about history, science, or useful skills rather than reading that. It's obvious that shitskins are savages and shouldn't be allowed in, you don't need to read it over and over again in a book. You also waste time with the vidya jew.

where's mein kampf?

Do you have red dead Or L.A. Noire?

Hope you are a dyke, maybe just questioning your sexuality.

I could definitely imagine Lauren Southern being a lesbian icon.

The alt-right should be exterminated. As this picture shows, they aremanchild gaymers who get told what to think by worthless kike jewtubers and other ecelebs. Literally SJWs of the right.

Dear god no

How jews screwed my generation, if she was honest. But she's a lying kike.

As if Southerns book isn't bad enough... All of those Trump books seal the deal.

Why do you even care my guy

>Vox Day

Here's a tip: Don't trust nutso's who put their YouTube name on a book cover. I mean, his work in exposing the Hugo Awards has been valuable, but he has also ensured that the leftist idiots have the perfect enemy.

Plus, you know, he's kind of crazy and his writing sucks.

Eastern Europe is massively PC-focused.

Why don't you buy some actual books that aren't just cuckservative shit?

You should read more reactionary and fascist material lad. I recommend:
The Abolition of Britain, 2009 Edition
The Strange Death of Europe
My Life by Oswald Mosley
Democracy, the God that Failed
Mein Kampf, Henry Ford

This guy is alt-kike lul

What are you going to learn from those books? If you are aware of any of those people, chances are you already heard what they have to offer.

I am willing to bet you post on r/T_D

holy fuck thats autistic
your books are literally books for retards that cant read and understand real things

best bait i've ever seen desu