Why do so many retards here think that the ancient Egyptians were White...

Why do so many retards here think that the ancient Egyptians were White? They spoke an Afro-Asiatic language which makes them about as White as Arabs and Berbers. Just admit it. They were Brown people. You guys are literally changing history to win some shitty argument. The other day I even saw some guy claiming that the Indus Valley Civilization was made by White people. Are you guys mental or something?

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Arabs look like niggers because they literally imported millions of niggers slaves and put them into their harems. Modern Egyptians look dissimilar except when talking about Nilotic people who are a minority.

Coptic Egyptians are most similar to ancient Egyptians and generally look Italian and hence are "white" except when people are being picky cunts and trying to claim Romans as white while also saying only Nordics are really white.

Yeah but then are all Afro-Asiatic peoples White according to you? What about Somalians, Hausa people, even fucking Berbers themselves? All these guys are supposed to be White?

Yes and no. They were not 'white' but they were definitely whiter than current Egyptians. OP is a retard though - who on here are claiming that the Egyptians are white? I thought the whole debate was that we were claiming that they were certainly NOT black to counter the idiotic 'WE WAZ KANGZ N SHIT'

Stop being so austistic, care about important issues.

pharaohs were rogue mischling that infiltrated and usurped the ancient egyptian kingdoms. the slaves were full on kikes and niggers. read the bible folks, its all there.

why do indians have a cast system on literal skin colours
>Poos BTFO

Language is not the same as genes. besides Coptic is an Afroasiatic language, so is Arabic. None of us are claiming the Gyps where white. Strawman some other topic, this one is closed poo poo.

They were Arabs, you dumb street shitter. The Arabs had black slaves for so long that the Arabic word for black person is the same as the word for slave.


Shit I guess that makes all of africa of Anglo-French descent

>You guys are literally changing history to win some shitty argument

with genetic testing? go fuck a dead body in your shitrivers you subhuman shitskin

Sanskrit is a white language. Why is it ok to use language to prove Egypt was black but not ok to use language to say the Indus valley were white?

Their leaders were white after ~300BC
>mfw telling a we-was-kangzer about the Ptolemies

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hannibal was black too. no meme

>destroyer of rome

It's funny to me.

When it comes to ancient history, the white race is every Caucasian in existence.

When it comes to history and modern political theories, the only white people are those with 100% European ancestry.

Have you ever been to Stormfront?
"White people did everything, man. We wuz kangz. The Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Harappans. They were all White people. Look at their skin man, they white. Even the Chinese civilization was actually built by White people." Muh redpill.

He was Carthaginian which was a white Greek-Phoenician-Berber blend.

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one drop rule when you want it to be? oh ok. Berbers are black, so is hannibal fuck of abo

They don't. They just think they weren't niggers, which they weren't.

yeah stormfront yeah that jew run site is the nexus of white nationalism. /sarc

Stormfront is a honeypot fake site run by the kike gov. No White Nationalist worth their salt gets even near that shithole.

Berbers are not black fuck wit. Holy shit you are dumb. Do you know anything about the Sahara? No one was even able to cross it until roughly 1000 years ago.

Before you kys make sure you read some books so you can know just how dumb you are.



because at one point they were white, but they were also black and arab and probably a few other things. egypt is fucking old man


"brown" is a meaningless descriptor, a coalition that means "anyone but whites", it's an effort at liberal social engineering. The real shocker is when you realize that most Muslims and Latinos are white too, just lower tiers of white.

Literally kys retard.
Sanskrit was not the language of the Harappans, you giant idiot. They spoke a Dravidian language, completely unrelated to Indo-European languages. Which means their skin tone was literally nigger-tier. Indo-European speaking people migrated into the subcontinent a little later. Most Northern people speak these """White""" languages now and Southern Indians speak Dravidian languages. You can still find one Dravidian language in the area where the Harappans lived (Brahui). Brahui speakers are also generally darker-skinned than other Pakistani people. Also South Indians are generally darker-skinned than Indo-European speaking North Indians. Ever wondered why the South is more developed than the """Aryan""" north of India? Sup Forums BTFO.


> Microscopic inspection of the roots of Ramesses II's hair proved that the king's hair originally was red, which suggests that he came from a family of redheads.[68]
> Another study found that Ramasses II was fair-skinned.[70]

Maybe egyptians were niggers but pharaohs were white.

there are redheads in africa and polynesia too

>or lemme guess u think all pharoes were celtic
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You don't do much reading over there in punjabshitland do you...

Probably more than you do.

as indicated in exhibit A;
>and use the fucking loo poo!

I see that you even have top-shelf comeback material as well. Enjoy living in the third world.

Caste system is not based on skin colour. It's just incidental that there is trend for people of upper castes to have generally fairer skin than those of lower castes. I know tons of Brahmins who are very dark-skinned. The most common belief is that the original inhabitants of the subcontinent who spoke Dravidian languages had this dark brown skin colour. Fair skinned Indo-European speaking people moved into the subcontinent and intermarried with Dravidians. Although the Dravidians also had a very sophisticated civilization to begin with (the Indus Valley Civilization which by the way declined and collapsed by the time the Aryans arrived), the Aryans began to grow economically stronger and the caste system was gradually constructed based on economic status and occupation, not necessarily race. In South India a lot of Brahmins are also very dark-skinned and have more Dravidian blood than a lot of lower castes people in North India.