AUSPOL success breeds jealousy edition

>Anti-terror raids in Ascot Vale, Melbourne

>Coles admits much of its workforce underpaid after SDA deals

>Why Saudi Arabia’s football team didn’t observe a minute’s silence for London attack victims

>The Project hosts left speechless during interview with controversial US film director

>Universities warned: take ‘drastic action’ or become irrelevant

>BOM warns of possible flooding on mid-north coast of NSW, wet weekend for Sydney

>A financial crisis in China could also take down Australia

>Australia jumps 17 places in Knight Frank Global House Price Index

>Brighton siege: Connection between ice use and Islamic extremism 'should be investigated'

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Fuck you chink cunt

>universities warned: take 'drastic
This always amuses me for engineers, they basically want the white engineers to act meek and Asian and they want the Asian engineers to act confident and white. If you made HR see an Asian in place of a white man and a white man in place of an Asian, all would be right. Your "whites" are no longer "arrogant" and your Asians are no longer "anxious."

which auspol is the real one?

That fucking 7pmproject interview with the redpill movie director was pure-progressive at its best.

I'm helping redesign Melbourne's infrastructure, specifically in the area around George st AMA

>hiring a fucking yank to redesign aussie infrastructure


>having this saved on your PC

I knew you aussies were a bunch of sting ray raping criminal descendants, but jesus christ have some dignity.

We feed up fat yank cunts and eat them when they're big enough, but not so big enough they start sharting in the mart. Their flesh is so sweet.

>shart the mart

Tired bantz, famalam. And that only works on the NEETs, I can squat and bench press the combined weight of you and Steve Irwin's decaying corpse.

>being a larping yank
I don't believe you. Post a timestamped pic or I'll just assume you're a fat yank cunt. Probably the one in that picture.

>asking to see a shirtless dude on a basket weaving forum

Wew lad, I couldn't care less if you don't believe me but I'm happy to have my suspicions confirmed: live your life upside down too long and you turn mad gay.

Is this OP ensuring the first post is the same in every auspol thread?

>fat yank confirmed

Good goy! Give away your freedom so the government has more rights to oppress you in order to protect abos, mongrels, gooks and other subhumans

>being this autistic

I bet you let the roos knock your shit around on a daily basis.

No it's just some autist cunt who is obsessed with OP and wants to drink his cum.

Daily reminder every cunt in this thread has bruises on his chin.

Daily reminder my dangling nut sack would knock you faggots out while I take your mother out for a lovely lunch of fish n chips and then never call her again.

This cunt is shit and I can't wait to leave.

Daily reminder my dangling BBC knocked out your dad and choked your mother.

OP is a chink cunt.

christians of aus/pol/
please be informed of this thread for australian christians over on 8 ch net

get round it
God bless

this is the only one
i dunno why that other one used the title auspol when it was just about one subject

ironically it was started by a literal chink flag

>bothering to watch talmudvision
>not at least recording and uploading it

What infrastructure?

Caught my reflection in a mirror today lads and it ruined my day.

Repulsively obese. just disgusting. Barely even human.

ourboys made a fucking hektik propaganda video
apparently anti-fa actually released their footage for some stupid reason as it is only an embarrassment to them
mad aesthetix check it out lads:

bonus - Bolt's response on Sky:


You know what? I love this country more and more every day. As long as we keep the no-fucks-given Aussie attitude alive we will never become like America or England.

white "people"

Yeah right cunt we need to be outraged at the fuckery that is the Jewish government. We need to actually give a fguck about how the country is going down hill and not being a lazy cunt.

fuckin wet sock whinger
step at a time cunt

>not caring that the country is being dsold out from udner our feet

the "she'll be right" attitude is not needed right now you slack fuck

fuck so fast
truly the king

Want to gas gooks tbqh

This further proves that Melbourne is redpilled.

Gooks own you though, how can you even?


we're not in disagreement over that, cunt
you got triggered by "we'll never become" and i see why -
yeah of course this isn't the end of the fight. and yeah the blasé attitude makes us more immune to social engineering but also more blind to it - yes its a curse and a blessing no shit.

maybe the othercunt was being a tad overly-optimistic but you didn't have to turn a cause for celebration sour

>no-fucks-given Aussie attitude
Apathy is how we have fallen to where we are and it is why we will continue to fall further.

wayed ali lynching when?

>africa and the middle east is fucked because people of different languages, cultures and values are forced to live together
>what do we do?
>let them immigrant to the west people of different languages, cultures and values are forced to live together


You need to be gassed, gook.


insufferable cunt


There is this new range of snacks going under the infuzions brand.
Just had some really good prawn chips. BBQ rib flavour.

Lads who here is right wing as fuck but loves to see cucks like The UK conservatives or our LNP get btfo even if it means Labor win?

>saudis didn't observe silence cause its not their culture!!1
>soccer team has previously observed minute of silence for plane crash victims

meanwhile: baste hugh-Z calling for their banishment back to the desert kingdom

If only hughsie had the wit to extend his reasoning to immigration policy.

hughesy is as big a faggot as any of the project dickheads

>being too stupid to understand the concept of "the enemy of the enemy is my friend"
watered-down right wing is better than no right wing at all, user. When the left wing wins, they push their retarded shit quicker than a soft right government would

Yay, surveillance society when?

Any bets it won't be shutdown after the games, but used as "proof" of success and then spread to everywhere else in the country?

MFW they'll upgrade the software to verify you are thinking the correct thoughts from facial analysis/gait.

Checking in from Melbourne
Bless this thread and fuck our lefty government and the lefty opposition
We need some serious change
Sick of niggers running a muck around this city
Purge the degenerates

Why don't you eat healthy and workout

just wear a balaclava everywhere

aye bless you brother

Problem solved.

Mind you, won't that interfere with their Beard Recognition System? You know, for spotting the actual terrorists who all have beards, including their women.

I hope you let Waleed the Wahhabi Isis representative tell you how to think.

But I have a beard...

How do I make sure it's not a terrorist beard?

the proof of its success is in london!
thank g-d we're finally getting the appropriate response to this right-wing terrorism we desperately need - more security on streets and net, and less weapons - especially knives
>current year
>NOT binning that blade
shook me ead fom

None of this 1984 shit would be necessary if Muslims simply couldn't get into the country.
My current employment situation is too shaky to do anything like go into politics myself, but I'm voting right-wing and donating to right-wing parties.

I don't think a purge is a good idea or necessary (it will bring international condemnation on our heads from more cucked countries and they might stop defending us against China).

Instead we should just make degenerates unwelcome (no gay marriage, no mosques, no sex reassignment surgery etc), free to leave at any time, and completely shut down immigration so that Australia's culture can stabilize.

I'll rape your dad so bad your mum will get jealous

Just who the real enemy is though?

Yes brother, they finally know what it feels like back home. may g-d bless Yisrael.

George st isn't in Melbourne

>being forced to go chop up cows in a meat factory or my neetbux will get cut off

reeeee lnp voters you did this to me

Volunteer at your local animal shelter or something

>But I have a beard...
>How do I make sure it's not a terrorist beard?

That's flawed thinking, user. Mainstream thinking is binary thinking, and the only way to think. You are exhibiting illegal gray-scale thinking.

Thats a thought crime. Careful, someone might detect your IQ is higher than the State sanctioned limit: if so, please report to your nearest Population Corrections Office for cremation on premises.

Now repeat after me: all terrorists have beards, therefore all bearded people are terrorists.

nah they forcing me to take whatever job is available, you know need to get people off dole to fix the budget

is working at a meat factory as miserable as it sounds?

fucking good lad. that's the fighting spirit!
we'll need you in the political fight soon enough - and yeah reminder there is a lot you can be doing without being a rep. campainging is the obvious one (more effective than donating desu)
even outside of politics: you can do a fuckload meta-politically: eg by engaging in kulturkampf on dingotwitter.

>international condemnation
indeed this is big hurdle - the same reason south africa fell: it wasn't from internal pressure...
this doesn't mean its impossible though: just that we have to secure nationalist governments in other white countries anachronistically

bruh if you get a job they're gonna cut off your neetbux

You do know that his work gets attacked the day after?
Melbourne is the most bluepilled cuckity there is

What was hilarious was that the actual newsreader on channel 7 news said we have to suspend certain freedoms and all the interviewed normies said it was great stuff. Serious consensus building shit by that news channel.

I had to check I wasn't dreaming I was in an Orwell novel. It's fucking eerie.

smashed the fuck outta a qt kfc bucket of popcorn chicken today lads

Fuck muslims

>Australia still bans Red Pill
No surprise there. This place is only second to Sweden for feminist bullshit.


> Melbourne
> infrastructure
Obviously, he's talking about the highly-efficient lane way infrastructure: enables fast access to cafes and restaurant.

>1984 cameras
I hate this stupid ignorant country. Just blindly follows in UK/USA path. And the people are so stupid they welcome it despite factual evidence it doesn't prevent shit.

Don't you mean, which one is the "right" one?

No shit, some niggers jumped people for fun at qv few days ago.
niggers should be quarantined and shot

People will willingly give up their privacy and rights for a 1984esque situation but God forbid someone want to defend themselves and/or their family with a gun. I fucking hate Australians sometimes. It's probably retarded boomers calling for this like usual.

Fuck yeah cunt sick cunt

I think this is the best way of explaining to lefties what works and what doesn't when it comes to terrorism.

London: Extensive Internet policing, large scale bans on weapons, general 1984 shit. Two terror attacks within 2 months anyway. Absolutely full of Muslims.

Poland: Little to no Internet policing, more relaxed weapon laws than England, too poor to extensively carry out surveillance on their population. Lowest risk of terror attack in Europe. Few Muslims, and active discouragement from them living there.
Good, stop being useless and be a true Aryan. This is Sup Forums not /r9k/, you should only be on dole if there's something wrong with you.

A job will be better for you in the long run, you don't want to hit your 30s with nothing on your resume other than "NEET for 10 years"

How do you feel about the Islamization of Australia

That cunt used to be semi funny when he was an alcoholic, and even then it was a stretch.

Now he's just one of those dumb cunts that has no fucken clue, like the rest of the panel on Waleed & Friends.

What's scary is people here don't realise how far down the s-bend of feminism we are: when I point out to burgers we're approaching Sweden-tier feminist retardation, with examples, they quickly reevaluate considering going near Aussie women.

Seeing how much our forces are doing for the country makes me proud

We only need to compare ourselves to New Zealand and bonus points since it's so close to us. But Poland is still a very good comparison.

It's good to be diverse! G-d loves all people!

Wait what? I thought this was a western problem?

And every advancement down that path is never reconsidered for being winded back later: it only builds for the next step down the slippery slope.

Ev: metadata retention laws now used as evidence in civil cases. Any guesses the degree to which the data is actually used hidden inside our major institutions?


actually i heard a bloke on one episode of the convictreport talking about his experience in this exact field.

It was retarded boomers interviewed on Channel 7 news agreeing vigorously for the facial recognition system now going ahead in Queensland.

Indeed. Fuck I hope we've got some based teenager or young adult at the moment studying to get into politics to help unfuck this dark path we're headed down.

Seriously Christians.. do we still have those. All religion is shit.. you need to get edumukated!

Typical. Gotta fuck every last mm of our lives up before they kick the bucket. Absolute fucking scum.