Class Is In Session Faggots

Time to learn how speak like a college educated modern male.

Please check your privileges at the door.

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What the fuck is an undocumented citizen?


An illegal alien.

where is cuck?


> implying if you're a veteran you can't look like a terrorist

also which college are you doing this training for?


> this phrase may offend people who are of Arab descent, Muslim, and people who pehnotypically look like the stereotype of a terrorist


I specifically use the word "retard" on a daily basis just to piss off people like you.
In america.

>a shitlib's guide to cuckspeak

Wetback isn't on there, I guess that means it is okay.

i'm 40 n not in college

fuck off cunt I'll talk however I want

I'm going to purposely make sure I say these things more often now

>would you call me an illegal alien if you knew I was an illegal alien


Words of person of no consequence have no power over strong minded.

>undocumented citizen
That's pretty sneaky, Globalist-kun


Yes, I absolutely would still say those things. In fact, I would be even more of a jackass about it.

>Use instead:
Do they even understand the context of the phrase they want to replace?

>creator of this is an illegal gay poor disabled veteran who was raped


>he looks like a terrorist
>would you say that if you knew muhreen DIs call recruits terrorists every time they fuck over their platoon?

newspeak...But let's have this NOT end like the book shall we?

>undocumented citizen

>ghettos arent inferior and shitty, and only blacks can live in them

>dont call an immigrant who is here illegally an 'illegal immigrant'

i always lol at this type of shit

Australia has also been hit by that "acceptable speech" policy

>undocumented citizen

You mean "illegal alien"

Fuck off

But undocumented citizens are illegal aliens

>use nothing, never assume
This policy has worked out great so far.



>I just crashed my parent's car. My father is going to murder me!
>Would you say that if you knew I am a murderer?

Would u say that if u knew i grew up un cool

You know, I see these things all of the time, and not once have I ever seen them answer the very simple question, "Why should I care?"

Indeed, very simple. Is there any reason at all that anyone should care about his, her, or the other's hurt feelings? Are they trying to imply that my ability and right to say something is inferior in importance to anybody's feelings?

People seem to put a lot of stock into ``feelings'' and being ``tolerant'' without ever justifying the need to do so. I'm honestly appalled at this unprecedented waste of effort to accomplish something so utterly meaningless.

ssssshhhh nigger, git some lotion for yo butt

Are you aware that not being compulsively altruistic means you're a "sociopath" with "no empathy" to anyone left of center?


What this reminds me of

lmao is this copypasta or are you really just a pretentious neckbeard?

Tip: Stop abusing the thesaurus. You make it harder to get your point across because you sound like an annoying asshole.



These signs are gold

thanks inclusive language faggot niggers

That exam didn't rape me, it was just undocumented consent

>you're a "sociopath" with "no empathy" to anyone left of center?

bah, meaningless buzzwords

I say these cunts have too much emotion and not enough reason. They don't use logic, just feelings which is the problem. Logic is the one that actually gets results

Genius, thank you.

There's really something to this evil thing...

>"United States veteran"
>triggered by the word terrorist

The worst part is some army warehouse warrior or Air Force desk jockey probably helped make this

The bantz live on

I use retarded all the time just to trigger people. You can see the impact of the word on them. Girls usually flinch, but nobody has ever tried to correct me. If they did I would just play stupid.

Fuck you , you faggot, ghetto-ass, spic retard terrorist. I'll rape yo face.

I didn't steal your money, I was just collecting on an undocumented promissory note.

>undocumented citizen
An illegal alien. He's not a citizen. He's not a migrant. He's an outsider with no legal rights to stay in the country. Libtard euphemisms have gone too far.

No, I wouldn't say those things, because it's very hard to speak through the gas chamber walls.

>language written at a 9th grade reading level
>pretentious neckbeard
>Stop abusing the thesaurus.

>Those illegal aliens
>would you say if you knew

No, I'd get as much info on you and call ICE

i private messaged you my number, check your inbox

This isn't how anyone in the real world speaks. Whoever wrote this clearly hasn't really interacted with people outside of their own bubble.


considering their advise on what to use instead, liberals seem to assume that any use of the term "ghetto" is synonymous with obvious negatively charged words, while it could mean much else. who's the racist?


Would you use ghetto fabulous if you knew I grew with shitty taste?

Remember when an old jew got in trouble for saying ghetto? I think it was Bernie

Fine you're not ghetto you're a hood rat better?

Apparently they found the space bar unsafe.

i fucked a project princess once

coke is a hell of a drug

>get raped by a retarded, gay, illegal alien terrorist in the ghetto.
>go to jail for describing them with the wrong terminology.

I wonder who could adopt this sign as their own

>yfw they left out words like nigger and faggot.
I guess these words are okay again.


No nigger faggot, not okay

A criminal that thinks their crime isn't.

no I wouldn't but it just exposes some hypocricy in the beliefs of liberals that they operate under an assumption that any use of words/terms associated with minorities is used in a negative context - these kinds of self perpetuating fallacies are essentially what keeps their entire movement going and yet they fail to address it, because, I presume, it would ultimately bring down their ideology.

for instance, why haven't liberals realised that all their affirmative action policies, policies to prohibit discrimination, etc, are all based on the assumption that certain minorities are inherently inferior to the (white) majority. it seems incredibly racist to hold this belief as it essentially boils down to you having so little thought of the minorities that they are unable of accomplishing something without you actively letting them live life on easy mode

i don't mind someone believing something else than I if they can properly argue their case but the mainstream liberal ideology that seems so prevalent in every Western society is flawed from the bottom up, with hypocricy and fallacies

>ask that person what they mean
"It means fuck off, faggot!"


>Undocumented Citizen

There is no such thing. Illegals are not citizens

From left to right
Haha yes, yes, yes,
Oh god yes I'd make you feel like living garbage, then call ICE on you. Yes and then I'd call you a fag, and yes


>Dude, nice ass. No inappropriate tho.

learn to speak the inclusive language fag

>implying only spics and niggers can live in ghettos
A ghetto is a segregated area, like the warsaw ghetto, you could even have white ghetto or a gay ghetto. Its not my fault it happens to be a shit area.

Check out this evil homo hater


What a brave free speech advocate

To be fair I usually use "fucking stupid" to describe an event, I only use retard to describe people. And I usually use faggot instead of gay because its not 2004 anymore and saying "that was gay" to describe an event is either used ironically or if used unironically then the user is probably a 30 year old autist


Not sure why i made this


maybe cause on an island no one has ever heard of

>Those illegal aliens
>I am an undocumented citizen

This one's straight up retarded. More retarded than the one about being actually retarded.

I'd DEFINITELY say they that if they told me they were here unofficially.

It's like they're trying to say being an illegal immigrant is fine and you should feel sorry for Salim who snuck into your country. How dare we shame him!

If he NEEDED to come here/there/where ever he'd seek asylum and immigrate legally and be allowed in as a documented citizen.

Fuck the state of the world.

They just fucking made it worse. God these white lefties are dumb as fuck. If you weren't thinking something you will be after.

good job dad

lol 'your words have power'

yeah only over the weak

What the fuck does this mean? Are there child porn, drug recipes, radical Islamic propaganda or Putin's nudes on this website?

Any intelligent Sup Forumsack is OK with this.

>kids hate speech censorship
>left tries and censor non-offensive speech
>gen zyklon

We need to meme this into reality. Push for more left winger censorship onto the youth and you'll see our numbers swell.


What the fuck is an "undocumented citizen"

Seriously how?

By default being a citizen requires some sort of documentation, whether it's a birth certificate, passport, or foreign birth register.

I leave America for a year and they've already got new bullshit terms for everyone.

Lol at all of those synonyms for "gay."

I'm glad they've internalised how awful homosexuality is.