Terrorism is patriarchy! Women are literally shaken by terrorism

The gender divide caused by ISIS: Men shrug off the threat posed by the terrorist organisation but women are left feeling anxious, claim experts

>Just hearing the word ISIS can make some shudder in fear.

>But a new study has shed light into who is more likely to be scared of the threats posed by the terror-wielding organisation.

>Women, known to be more anxious, show greater signs of worry about its barbaric slaughters of nonbelievers of Islam, scientists say.

>While men tend to shrug off the threat of potential massacres in their everyday life because of their different coping mechanism.

>Lead author Dr Yaakov Hoffman said: 'The findings may have important implications for addressing heightened anxiety in the event of elevated terrorist threats...

>'Exposure to ISIS media is detrimental to one's mental health and increases ISIS anxiety beyond one's level of general anxiety.

I thought gender is a social construct and all sexes are equal. This article is hate speech and must be removed!

too bad. women voted for stupid shit to allow more of actual isis fighters and terrorists to come in, now deal with the consequences. daddy isnt there to save you this time from allah

Nice link there buddy.

>>While men tend to shrug off the threat of potential massacres in their everyday life because of their different coping mechanism.
We are like lions, the jackels mess with us and then one day the spastic from Sup Forums will get up and tear the shit out of everything


>anyone scared by isis is identified as a "woman"

Gave me laugh.

The government should perform terrorist attacks targeting only white males to ensure equality, scientists found.

Having a penis does not determine gender.

>thinly veiled plea for men to save women from their own idiocy once again
>never stated outright so women never have to put their name to it and can whine later about how violent men are

are they retarded? of the two genders women care the least about terror attacks, theyre just "love trumps hate" and shit. men are the ones who want to do something about it, jesus

>fuck off Jamal.

>Exposure to ISIS media is detrimental to one's mental health and increases ISIS anxiety beyond one's level of general anxiety.

Let's shut our eys and cover our ears cus the women are scared.

I'm enjoying the positive effects terrorism is having on female behavior desu. Worst case scenario: women are put back in their place.

Is that why they're voting for more Muslims to come into their countries to perpetrate more terrorism?

Men are also less likely to be afraid of the dark, or dogs.

This is because women are children.

>women leaders want more refugees becuase muh feelings
>women constantly shit on men all day every day 24/7
>men begin to not give a fuck
>women suddenly facing the brutality caused by their stupidity
>complain about how men no longer care about them instead of focusing on getting rid of refugees that will kill them

>Women are the voices of pro immigration parties
>Men are the voices who warned them of immigrants possibly having ISIS ties
>Women ignore and call men bigots and racists
>Men shrug and are like 'fuck it have it your way then'
>Women getting raped by the immigrants they invited in
>'wtf why arent men defending us'
Because you stopped being worth defending as a group

There are individual exceptions but as a group? Fuck women


its usually 50/50, woman dont vote differently . i think in france most woman wanted le pen

Fucking cunts deserve it.

What faggotry. Men care about the threat of Islam, that's why they're more likely to vote against immigration. It's women beg the refugees to rape and murder them


Yeah but bit when we do something against isis we are called islamophobos. You cant make it right

Women overwhelmingly vote left wing. The left wing is pro-ISIS and pro-Islamic in general.

Do the fucking math, Daily Fail.

How about the cunts quit voting for parties that bring more sand niggers in?

To everyone posting they deserve it.

They do and you are weak for abandoning them. You would let the meek suffer while you sit comfortably, wretched selfish cure.
They spit on me in the past and they might spite on me in the future yet i will fight because i'm strong and they are weak, i will do it for myself.

Aren't le empowered womyn supposed to be immune to fear?

Funny because it's true! And noooooooow I'm sad again.

Guess these women must need some kind of help. I wonder where they're going to find it? It's almost as if they need a hero...

>Terrorism is patriarchy! Women are literally shaken by terrorism
Trips of truth checked.
>vote in Globalist scheming cunts to power
>assume said cunts just want drum circles and global liberal utopia
>bask in the glow of positive feedback from your government regarding the 'positive response' to your welcome rapefugee demonstrations.
>get raped
>apologize for being well off and white
>daughter raped and killed
>testify 'he a gud boi he dun dindu nuffin' don't depot poor Memhet!
>go to sleep with supreme sense of satisfaction over your 6 million pro-antifa tweets and that nazi you thought about punching
They deserve far worse than night terrors and anxiety.

It's amazing how long it's taken for Western women to realize that Islam will completely fucking destroy every right they have.

If women are so scared of Isis why are they fighting to let them in their country?

Because they are weak and stupid and they must remain so.

What kind of weapon is that in the sandnigger's hand?

at the end Islam is the west is nothing more than a false flag to erase women rights and they wanted it

> be a man
> complain about terrorism
> women accuse you of judging a whole "race" of people by the actions of a few
> told this is a symptom of white male privelge
> told you have toxic masculinity

>be male
>don't concern yourself with terrorism. Go about your day
>told by women that you ignorance of this danger is a result of your white male privelge
> be diagnosed with toxic masculinity



What a bunch of fucking racists. REFUGEES WELCOME, remember? :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

Some sort of scimitar or weed whacker I would say

>be a man
>complain about terrorists
everything after that is irrelevant once you stop caring about what people think of you

And you have to look on the brighter side, women now want white men to start using maple blackjacks to crush shitskin skulls and start fighting back for our lands, white men now have motivation to fight when the women are backing us up as well.

You're right. Just laughing about their hypocrisy. But glad the ladies are waking up

>Women, known to be more anxious, show greater signs of worry

The entire article should have just been about this.
It doesnt matter what it is, they worry more.

He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Baguette Knight.

How dare you imply there are only 2 genders. My wife's son identified himself as a boytogirltoboy teansisiton. You appologize to him right now!


thats how they cope, if they don't post some shit about #prayfortoilet and their friends don't do the same they get fuckign scared

That terrorist is wearing a lot of eyeshadow. Pretty sure thats a girl.

>Exposure to ISIS media is detrimental to one's mental health and increases ISIS anxiety beyond one's level of general anxiety.
We're hitting anxiety levels that shouldn't even be possible.

>Women are more afraid than men


>holding sword backwards.
What are you, peasant?

how fucking meta is women's stockholm syndrome going to get before they need quantum computers to complain about it?